Engadget reviews Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Air: Stunning 12+ hour battery life

“From the outside, the mid-2013 MacBook Air refresh is again a very minor one indeed, with no new display and (virtually) no exterior modifications,” Tim Stevens writes for Engadget. “On the inside, though, bigger changes are afoot. New, faster SSDs and a selection of power-sipping Haswell CPUs from Intel have created a device that’s all but identical to its predecessor yet is, in many ways, vastly improved.”

“It’s no Retina, a fact that can be confirmed with a quick glance. Still, this remains a great-looking LCD, making the most of its 1,440 x 900 resolution,” Stevens writes. “Viewing angles are as good as ever and brightness does not disappoint. Color reproduction is spot-on and the LED backlighting is both good for your battery and the environment.”

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Stevens writes, “There’s one area where the performance has really gone off the charts, and that’s battery life. Apple rates the 2013 edition of the MacBook Air for up to 10 hours of battery life playing video or 12 hours of wireless web surfing. Our standard rundown test, as it happens, also entails playing video and last year’s machine managed just over six and a half hours before expiring. We were, then, skeptical that this new edition could manage nearly twice that longevity — but it actually did better. This year’s Air survived 12 hours and 51 minutes on a charge. That’s a stunning number from a laptop this thin, achieved with WiFi enabled and without any external batteries.”

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    1. iOS devices are built around power-efficient ARM processors already. The Haswell line from Intel is just allowing the OSX machines to play catch up in that regard, since the Mac is built around an Intel architecture.

  1. Again, fools and pundits are fooled by the design. To then it has to look different to be different. Just as they failed to notice a difference between 3 and 3S, 4 and 4S, 5 and the coming 5S… If it looks the same it is the same failing to see the major innovations on the inside. If Apple were to release a 5 but with a larger dissplay but nithing elae changes as ther next phone they would think “the all new iPhone” is amazing. Even though its the same. Fools indeed.

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