WSJ: No redesigned iPhone expected this year, sources say

“This week, Apple Inc will try to regain its shine,” Jessica E. Lessin reports for The Wall Street Journal. “The company’s annual developer conference, which begins Monday, looms as the latest crossroads as the technology icon struggles to maintain its trendsetter status since the death of Steve Jobs.”

“The next version of its iOS software—now overseen by Apple’s longtime hardware-design guru, Jonathan Ive—will have a new look, according to people involved in its development. Apple is expected to give developers an early version of the software this week and release it to consumers in the coming months,” Lessin reports. “The new design abandons Apple’s longtime approach of designing icons and apps to resemble real-life objects, like address books and fabric, in favor of plain solid backgrounds and more white space, these people said.”

Lessin reports, “The new iOS will also include new ways to share photos and videos with other iPhone users, as well as other enhancements, these people said. Apple is also expected to announce a long-expected streaming-music service, new laptops and an update to its Mac operating system… The next iPhone isn’t expected until the fall, with the latest model expected to look a lot like the current one, other people familiar with the matter said.”

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  1. Death knell. The last time then that they’ve made any change to the iPhone that wasn’t marginal was 3 years ago. THREE. So there’s been zero effort made since the iPhone 4 to think about a piece of hardware we all carry in our pockets everyday. But they’re thinking real hard about what color the notepad app is?

    I didn’t want Steve Jobs to be the only reason Apple was an amazing company but every day that ticks by with Apple resting on the past since he passed away confirms that, well, he was really it.

    1. The 5S is coming this fall. Same size as the five. Hopefully iOS7 will enhance it greatly. But a larger form factor iPhone is sorely needed. That’s the only place Apple is behind. And the stock price reflects that. I would guess that we will see a larger iPhone by spring of 2014. But that’s millions and millions of sales that Apple won’t have between now and then. And don’t forget, the smaller iPhone is coming. And that should help expand the ecosystem. Especially in India and China. Don’t overlook the impact that that will have on revenue and margins. Good impact. Why not open up ATV to developers today. If not today it has to happen soon. And then maybe we’ll see the iTV? New iOS 7 and OS X upgrades today should be very nice. Apple is going to get its mojo back. They just missed the boat by not having the larger iPhone. But it’s coming.

  2. “…[Apple] will try to regain its shine.”

    That is not why Apple is doing these things. What motivates Apple engineering and design is making a better product, a product that is easier to use because it is more intuitive and delightful.

    If the WSJ is going to continue to report such hyperbole, Apple ought to stop giving them access.

    1. Just give us a choice when installing WSJ apps or accessing the WSJ channel on Apple TV .

      “Are you sure you want to pollute your brain with garbage?”

  3. If everything in the iPhone was the same and all they did is give me a better low light camera, I would upgrade in a heart beat with a big smile on my face! The iPhone is the number one source of uploaded photos and the indoor and night pictures are embarrassing and in most cases, not worth the effort to take the picture. Really, this should never have been acceptable from Apple. Ever! I think even Nokia advertises that as a feature in their sad little smart phone.

    Step up Tim and the board. This should never have happened or persisted this long. FIX IT!

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