Analyst: Apple to update iMac lineup with Intel Haswell CPUs in June or July

“Apple’s all-in-one iMac desktops will receive a refresh this summer, gaining Intel’s latest generation Haswell processors in June or July, according to one analyst,” AppleInsider reports.

“Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities expects thew iMacs with Haswell processors could arrive as soon as this month. In the third quarter of calendar 2013, he expects total shipments to reach 1.1 million units,” AppleInsider reports. “In all, he has called for iMac shipments for the full year to hit 4.7 million units, which would be up 31 percent year over year from 2012.”

AppleInsider reports, “Monday’s note from Kuo offered no suggestion that new Haswell-powered iMacs will be unveiled at today’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. Instead, Apple is expected to introduce new MacBooks alongside its major software offerings: iOS 7 and OS X 10.9.”

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      1. Great point. Why divorce the top of the line power users who only want to keep using their Macs. These are the people that have been loyal users and need to be able to upgrade their machines. I am not in that crowd but I would hate to see any of them leave the Mac ecosystem for a windows platform. I say Made with a Mac is still a very relevant and powerful statement.

    1. You’re angry at Apple because you ordered new hardware the week before WWDC?

      I’m all for getting computing power when you need it, but I also believe in making informed purchasing decisions. And in the world of Apple, where secrecy prevents us from making informed decisions most of the time, WWDC is certainly a leading indicator of what to expect in the near term.

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