Apple to call OS X 10.9 ‘Sabretooth?’

“Mountain Lion is the current version of Mac OS X on the prowl,” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple Daily Report. “It’s the latest feline in a series that’s included Lion (10.7), Snow Leopard (10.6), Leopard (10.5), Tiger (10.4), Panther (10.3, Jaguar (10.2), Puma (10.1) and Cheetah (10.0).”

“To me it only makes sense that Mac OS X 10.9 — which will almost certainly be previewed at next week’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference — be dubbed Sabretooth,” Sellers writes. “Any other cat name would seem to be a step down, and Mac OS 11 (or X1 or whatever) will probably leave the feline names behind.”

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      1. At some point, they will need to spin off away from cats. Possibly using something like, Tiger Shark. Then they could start using shark names.

        I believe, Google is using food groups not found in a weight watcher’s diet.

        1. The cats were internal code names, they only started advertising them when they leaked.

          The current internal code names, as I understand it, are wine varieties. Those would be better than cats, and there are lots more of them.

          Even better would be to drop the silly names, and just release the version numbers.

            1. Copyright != Trademark

              Regardless of that, the whole point isn’t valid. The purpose of cat names was for marketing, not for the sole purpose of obtaining a trademark.

              From an IP law perspective there is no downside to just using version numbers. They already have OS X as a registered trademark.

              Using cat names was a way of creating artwork and brand identity for each version in a way that would’ve been very difficult to do with version numbers. That, plus people were calling the versions by the code names anyway.

      2. 10.0 public beta was code named Kodiak

        I like the cat names. It accentuates the feel of PCs for accountants and Macs for creative people.
        (not to disparage accountants).

    1. I guess that as its the last version of the breed it would be rather appropriate, brave if it is really good, probably asking for some ridicule from critics if it isn’t perhaps. Though actually in reality there have been various forms of sabre tooth cat over time that represent the ultimate development of any give species to match the available prey so the concept does keep coming back.

    1. … to recognize that you meant OS 10.11, not OS 11.0 – some people still don’t understand software version numbering.
      Yes. Version 10.11 should be code named “Sabertooth”. Very punny, but so what. You got a problem with puns?

  1. Bad name. Extinct, prehistoric, etc. not gonna happen unless Apple manages to clone a Sabretooth to bring one alive today! Apple is truly in trouble if it opens up itself to that much ridicule.

    1. Yeah… that’s my thought also. I can see the oh-so-clever PC pundits with their headlines now,

      “Mac OS X Sabertooth… dead like it’s namesake.”

      “Mac OS X Sabertooth… extinct on arrival.”

      and so on.

  2. Whatever they call it – one thing is certain. It won’t matter to Wall Street. Nothing will matter until Tim Cook is gone from the company. Investors don’t believe he is the one to lead the company back to where it once was.

    1. Investors and analysts will never accept anyone as the one to lead the company… Unless there is a second coming. Best to show them that their own short sighted ness won’t rock the company or all hell will break loose.

  3. I don’t care if they call it Pussy, as long as it works. Haven’t been particularly happy with Lion and Mountain Lion. And then there are those folks who use Windows 8. Sad. Talk about driving customers away from your product to Apple!

    1. Really I’m surprised having gone from leopard to mountain lion I am blown away by just how improved it is, so much more classy and sophisticated by comparison can’t see how much more it can improve without a new direction which no doubt will come with 11

      1. I believe there will be a lot of new things incorporated into the new one. I think it will be going in the new direction you’re talking about. I believe it will be a drastic change. Let’s hope for the better.

        1. Actually, I have upgraded every single time. As far back as we can go. Just didn’t find Lion and Mountain Lion that good. Anxious to see what’s coming Monday. Obviously the focus will be on IOS from now on but I still expect to see OSX go to new places.
          Eventually the line between IOS and OS X will be blurred until it becomes one. But actually it’s services where Apple needs to step up. They are sorely lacking in those areas. Google puts them to shame as much as it pains me to say that. Because as we all know ………….. Google is evil. But not stupid. Apple isn’t stupid either. And with all their money and resources there’s just no reason why they shouldn’t be number one in services. People may want to use different things for excuses but that’s just all they are, excuses. You either win or you fall by the wayside. Ask RIMM. Apple’s future is in services and monetizing all of those iTunes accounts. Not in hardware. Hardware will eventually become commoditized. We don’t need more Ping. If you can’t build your own services then buy them. By Yahoo. Buy Dropbox. Buy SmugMug. Buy Twitter. Fix iTunes. It’s still isn’t right. Fix iCloud. Or buy somebody who can run it right. Hell, bring back MobileMe and Gallery if you have to. And iDisk. Apple has too many damn services that should work but just don’t. There is no excuse. And I’m tired of waiting for my damn Mac Pro too Tim! I just have a feeling that WWDC isn’t going to be that impressive. If you own AAPL …………….

          1. Was talking not to you (your comments are fine nonetheless) but to spyintheskyuk, who went from Leopard to Mountain Lion. Quite the intercontinental trek…

    1. I’ll suggest “Kitten” for 10.9, and if the versioning continues as you fear, there are a clowder of domestic/hybrid cats to choose from—Wiki lists 86 principal breeds, charmingly named: Chartreux, Dwelf, Munchkin, Ragamuffin, Snowshoe. Last in their list is York Chocolate Cat. Yum!

      Jumping from OS X to OS XI (or 11) should entail a jump to another line of apex predators. I predict winged raptors, such as Hawks, Eagles, or Owls. (MacRaven also favours such a family, despite being not a Raptor but a Corvid)

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