Apple iPad, iPhone are doctor’s top choices by huge margin

“As the healthcare industry moves to adopt digital technologies, Apple’s iPad and iPhone remain popular options for access to records on the go,” Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider. “Sixty-eight percent of surveyed physicians and practices chose the iPhone over Android and other smartphones. Fifty-nine percent of physicians and practices said they were integrating tablets into their operations, and the iPad was the most popular option in that category.”

“Just over half (51 percent) of office-based physicians said they use a mobile device to perform independent medical reference and internet research,” Bostic reports. “Doctors, though, are aware of the possibilities inherent in mobile devices: 83 percent said they would immediately use mobile EHR functions to update charts, check labs, and order medications if their EHR vendor provided such functions.”

Bostic reports, “Vendors supplying EHR systems have indicated that they’re ready to move to the iPad in order to address physicians’ concerns: 122 vendors told Black Book that they’re preparing to roll out native iPad versions of their products, while another 135 claimed such a product was on their near strategic horizons.”

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  1. I’m one of those Docs who uses only Mac products. Having said that, the Mac and iOS apps that exist are slim pickings. There are tons of medical apps for patients but I have very few good medical apps that I use regularly. I have EMR software that I use on my MBA but I am using it on Windows/Parallel

    1. I knew I’d read about the lack of apps. Join the club. Dont count on apple to help. They don’t make one killer app that dominates 321. Name one. Maybe iTunes. Which is a player storefront

      1. “Don’t count on apple…” Really? They only provided the best platform to build apps on, an ecosystem that ensures that any apps created will be of quality — not a bad thing when it comes to medical software. Apple has done its part — in spades! Now it’s up to the subject-matter experts (doctors, researchers, scientists, etc.) to get to work with app developers to create the apps they need. And rest assured, the apps that result will be of a quality that the other ecosystems can’t match.

  2. How would Apple go about getting developers to create more medical apps? Is there something they could do to keep the iPad the medical industry’s top choice of hardware? Would Apple have to open up iOS more to make development easier? Apple should definitely do whatever possible to keep the iPad at the top. I’ve been hearing these stories about iPad sales falling off, so Apple should do whatever necessary to keep the iPad in demand.

  3. There are many niche markets that could benefit from

    Apple could improve the iOS platform by providing some focus on specific niche markets. Simply by creating a new set if market-specific categories in the App Store would encourage developers to compete. Medicine & Physician support is a natural.

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