Ireland in letter to Senators Levin and McCain: We did not cut any special tax deals for Apple

“Ireland says it didn’t cut any special tax deals with Apple and that the country is not a ‘tax haven’ for multinational companies looking to reduce their tax bills at home,” Connie Guglielmo reports for Forbes.

“‘Ireland’s tax system is set out in statute – so there is no possibility of individual special tax rates being negotiated for companies,’ Michael Collins, the Ambassador of Ireland, wrote in a letter yesterday to Senator Carl Levin and Senator John McCain, who chair a U.S. Senate subcommittee that has been questioning Apple and other U.S. companies about parking their cash offshore in order to lower their U.S. tax bill,” Guglielmo reports. “‘The tax rates attributed to Ireland are wrong and misleading.'”

Guglielmo reports, “‘I fully recognise that the purpose of the hearing was to examine the options for reform of the U.S. tax code, in which Ireland has no role,’ Collins wrote in the letter. ‘All tax resident companies in Ireland are liable to corporation tax on their chargeable income at the rate of 12.5 percent on trading income and at 25 percent on non-trading income. The tax rates attributable to Ireland in the [committee’s] Memorandum appear to be calculated by reference to the companies’ entire profits, as if those companies are tax-resident in Ireland. This is despite the fact that the Memorandum clearly states that the companies concerned are not tax-resident in Ireland.'”

Read more, including Collins’ complete letter, in the full article here.

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  1. FROM: The Leader of the Republic of Ireland.
    TO: The Left Wing Dimwit in Congreas, Mr. Numbskull Levin

    Dear Numbskull Levin,

    You’re a crock of shit who knows nothing about the tax laws in Ireland.

    As the Irish would say “Go F*** yourself numb nuts.”

    Yours very truly,
    The Leader of Ireland

      1. McCain, right wing?
        You have just demonstrated for everyone your factual acuity.
        Sadly I think many (dare I say most) of your leaning have a similar grasp of the facts.

  2. “I’ve got a letter here from Ireland!”
    “Who from?”
    “No Ireland. Like the country.”
    “The whole country of Ireland wrote you a letter?”
    “Yes, yes they did.”

    1. Now you’re asking way too much of our wayward political shoot-them-first-research-it-later Senators. Never couch questions in intelligence, only emotional rhetoric for political effect and, heh, personal gain.

  3. So, it took Congress how long to wonder about the Ireland connection, Steve set it up in 1980, carry the five, 33 years to question it, seems about right. Granted, Steve did nothing wrong.

  4. Right. There are no special tax schemes in Ireland. Those idiots from Apple, Google, GE and many other big corps have been fooled. Surely they will all pull thier funds out of Ireland now they realize they have been hoodwinked. Dam fool CEOs. Or not.

  5. The luck of the Irish.

    I wonder if they’ll investigate why The Bank of New York / Mellon has so many offices in Ireland (Guild House for example)… I doubt it though, once again the banksters get away with it.

  6. The government sure has the balls to criticize corporations with their offshore tax havens, when they themselves have Guantanamo Bay to shield from the Geneva convention rules. Shut down Gitmo and show by example.

  7. Due to Apples Ireland dealings all products ordered from the online store are shipped from Ireland to the UK. Thats two or three extra days transit to the which is annoying… Having said that, Irelands economy is weak and every bit of help from a company like Apple is good.

  8. Carl Levin and Senator John McCain have certainly made themselves look like fools and I think they still believe they are right. I recommend any one interested in this to go back as read what Carl Levin wrote and said before the hearing with Apple. It was the accusation after accusation about tax haven, special deals, moving profits, deception. Incredible. And even respected Bloomberg is wrong in much if its reporting about taxes and they should be able to count if any.

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