Apple closes OS X 10.8.4 Software Update seed project ahead of WWDC

“Apple on Friday sent notice to developers that it will be closing the OS X Software Update 10.8.4 seed project, suggesting a final version of the maintenance update is close to release,” AppleInsider reports.

“People who have seen the emailed notice believe OS X 10.8.4 could see public release in the near future, possibly at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference coming up on June 10,” AppleInsider reports. “Though Apple has yet to dole out a Gold Master of 10.8.4, signaling an imminent release of the software update, the company most recently seeded the eighth beta version of the software last week.”

AppleInsider reports, “Apple has announced that it will show off next-generation versions of OS X and iOS at WWDC 2013.”

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      1. Not acceptable. Microsoft doesn’t get a pass when it screws up. Google doesn’t get a pass when it screws up. Nor should Apple. Apple isn’t a start up company. They have been around a long time. Certainly longer than Google and many, many other large tech companies. They have more money than the US mint. And can certainly afford the best of the best engineers and employees. They make the best hardware. They make the best software. They do not however have good services. Mail is not the only example. Nor are maps. I just can’t understand how they continue to be mediocre at best in most of their services. And I’m an Apple guy. For decades. Make my living with Macs! So I live and die with everything they make and everything they do. That doesn’t mean fanboy. I’m an adult. I have a life. I give them praise where deserved and criticism where needed. Excuses not accepted. And it pains me to see how poorly they do with services. Because I’m not going anywhere. I’m inside the ecosystem and that’s where I plan on staying. But they have to do better. And I don’t care about management shake up or anything else anyone might want to use as an excuse. All companies have issues. Many much grander in scale than anything Apple has had. Besides, this is Apple. Right? They “make the best things possible”? No they don’t. Not in services they don’t. Executions matter, excuses do not. Maybe they saved the ass chewing that Steve Jobs gave the MobileMe crew a few years ago? It needs to be played in all of the services areas of Apple. Hourly.

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