Detwiler Fenton: Apple iPhone North America sales remain ‘resilient’

“Research director Mark Gerber and his team at Detwiler Fenton this morning issued a bullish note on Apple (AAPL), arguing that the company’s sales of the iPhone in North America have held up better than expected,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

Our latest checks continue to indicate North American iPhone sales remain resilient, despite the high profile device launches from Samsung [Electronics (005930KS)] and HTC (2498TW). Based on our checks, we believe QTD share at Verizon Wireless [of Verizon Communications (VZ)] is only off a couple percentage points sequentially and that iPhone5 continues to garner a larger percentage of iPhone share… We understand that US carriers had expected AAPL to lose more share in the June Q than what has played out thus far. Samsung’s GS4 has sold well but with it only up roughly 15% over GS3 sales in North America, AAPL has been able to maintain most of its share. – Mark Gerber, Detwiler Fenton research director

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    1. “Outdated” Really? I have a three year old iPhone 4 that is still superior to any Android. I know someone with an iPhone 3 that is still superior to anything Android.
      BTW it’s clear that everyone else makes a phone but Apple makes a full-function computer. I max on data nearly every month and hardly use the voice minutes — iOS and OSX give me a seemless multiple-format virtual computer between my Apple iPhone, iPad and MBA, and that has nothing to do with product release date.

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