Greenpeace: Apple hiring former EPA chief Lisa Jackson a ‘bold move’

“Apple’s decision to hire Lisa Jackson, former head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, to help oversee the company’s green initiatives was a “bold move” that should help boost its environmental track record, according to Greenpeace,” Connie Guglielmo reports for Forbes.

“‘Apple has made a bold move in hiring Lisa Jackson, a proven advocate with a track record of combating toxic waste and the dirty energy that causes global warming, two of Apple’s biggest challenges as it continues to grow,’ Gary Cook, a senior analyst with Greenpeace, said in a statement today,” Guglielmo reports. “Apple CEO Tim Cook, speaking at the AllThingsDigital conference yesterday, announced Jackson’s hiring and said she will be ‘coordinating’ a lot of the environmental practices at the company. That includes helping to improve its green efforts around manufacturing and products, areas for which Apple has come under criticism.”

Guglielmo reports, ““I’m incredibly impressed with Apple’s commitment to the environment and I’m thrilled to be joining the team,” Jackson told Politico via an email sent using her iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Pfft.


  1. After being keelhauled by Congress, I guess Apple got the message that Washington expects it to take care of the ruling class if they want to do business in this town again.

    1. So true…

      Today children, take note and see how many times Apple is called before any US Government forum again! At least while having a Democrat Washington insider under their employ.

      1. They don’t need to hire a Nazi EPA goon to be a good manufacturer. Lisa Jackson is a corrupt bureaucratic thug whose entire career was built on stopping private companies from doing their jobs, and preventing private landowners from using their land.

            1. Should we assume you have no clue who the actual person (Erin Brockovich-Ellis) is and what was it that she did (and still does) that compelled Hollywood to make a film about her?

      1. She is a bad choice. It will come back to haunt them. She has now retired for life. Although working for the federal government, especially high up as she was, is like retirement anyway. Apple will never be able to fire her. And she knows that. I can only imagine how much she is being overpaid for this job that practically anyone could to. Except that she’s an insider. So Apple has finally decided to play the game too. She’s clear proof of that. She is just a figurehead. A face to make Apple look even more politically correct than it tries to be already. When she finally steps on enough toes in Cupertino they won’t be able to fire her. She’ll walk away with a tremendous golden parachute. Options that she didn’t need to wait years for. She’s a bad choice. She has an agenda and it will end up hurting Apple.

    1. Not completely true, but I get your point.

      “During the American Revolutionary War the French Navy played a decisive role in supporting the American side. In a very impressive effort, the French under de Grasse managed to defeat a British fleet at the Battle of the Chesapeake in 1781, thus ensuring that the Franco-American ground forces would win the ongoing Battle of Yorktown. French warships participated in the battle by bombarding British ground forces.”

    1. Then why are you here? Why don’t you take your own bag of toy soldiers and go home? Come back when you’ve grown up a bit…or at least grown a brain that isn’t full of bias, stereotypes, and hatred.

    1. Letting air out of MDN’s balloon is a “take”?

      A scientist acknowledges multiple facets to every problem, uncertainty in calculation, and limitation to projection. But he presents his objective data for scrutiny.

      A politician takes the side of the richest client and says “Pfft.” to anything that would hint his self-serving actions might not be the ideal course for the long term benefit of us all.

      … and yes, both US political parties are equally guilty on this point. Same tactics, same goals, same corruption. Two sides of the same worthless coin. Whenever Americans wake up to this fact, maybe they’ll be represented again. Instead, corporations have outbid them and are taking over the democratic processes by degrees.

  2. Apparently, Lisa Jackson is in a bit of hot water over claims she used an email alias to skirt FOIA laws.

    And which admin did she come from? That’s right, “the most transparent administration ever.”

        1. Run for the hills if Eric Holder is hired for his “legal expertise”. Apple is becoming the drop zone for Democratic miscreants and liberal reprobates.

    1. The fact of the matter as reported was that she used an email alias (on the EPA system) to conduct EPA business, although EPA policy doesn’t allow for the use of an alias by any of its staff. Which is kind of a dumb policy, because it means that the email inbox of senior officials, using their proper names, will overflow rapidly with fan mail / complaints / feedback from citizens / etc. It’s like sending an email to the President. Do you expect him to read all of them, or would they be handled by staff? So, she (and her Republican predecessor, apparently) had a second email they used to transact EPA business internally.

      Let’s be clear on that: there was a possible violation of a policy that, as written, applied to all employees, even though it didn’t really make sense to apply it to all employees, because one single inbox is probably not a good idea for sufficiently senior officials (like the Administrator of the EPA, the Attorney General, Secretary of Defense, etc.) EPA business was conducted on EPA systems, subject to FOIA and archival. It’s also not clear to me that anyone in the chain of command was aware of that particular policy, otherwise it likely would have been modified to allow for circumstances like this.

      And MacFreek, on what evidence do you claim that she’s corrupt? Because she served in the Obama administration? Do you have any fact-based knowledge of wrongdoing on her part? Would I be wrong in making the claim that you’re a mindless idiot based on the evidence you’ve provided in your posting here?

      Finally, regarding MDN’s “take”: if hiring Lisa Jackson serves to insulate Apple from some of the manipulation regarding Greenpeace, the NYT, and any other fact-challenged organizations seeking to serve their own agendas, I am whole-heartedly in favor of it, and can’t see why anyone who values Apple as a brand – or AAPL as an investment – wouldn’t be.

      1. Whenever an article on MDN touches American politics, even if just ever so lightly, mindless idiots come out in force, posting political nonsense from every direction.

        It is refreshing to find astute, intelligent and reasonable thoughts in the ocean of partisan nonsense. Thanks for making this more interesting.

  3. First, Al Gore. Now, Lisa Jackson. Who the hell’s next? David Axelrod? Timothy Geithner? This is starting to sound like a bad episode of, “Where are they now?”

  4. Very good. I applaud the initiative.
    How ever Apple already have a great track record when it comes to the environment. Not many other companies do what Apple does or as openly as Apple. This hire should strengthen their commitment to the environment even further.

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