AT&T Mobility adds $0.61 per month administrative fee to all users

AT&T Mobility “has started billing customers $0.61 per month as a mobility ‘administrative fee,'” Electronista reports.

“The new charge came into effect May 1, and has been applied to all consumer bills, in addition to business accounts where the user pays the amount due,” Electronista reports. “The new fee will add nearly $500 million to AT&T’s coffers in a year.”

Electronista reports, “Other carriers have similar charges.”

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  1. My Gas Utility “National Grid” does the same thing. They charge customers a $.65 “billing charge”. Imagine that, they charge me an additional fee for sending me a bill.

    These charges should just be part of doing business and included in the cost of the service. It’s just another way of saying “we take advantage of our customers”.

      1. On this case it’s a weasel way to avoid jumpers- this fee is not considered a price increase, so one cannot switch to another carrier without penalty like one could if it were a price increase.

        1. Don’t they have a contract with me that sets prices? Unless I renew the contract by getting a new phone, then this seems to me to be a breach on their part.

  2. ditch them all – I switched to Straighttalk. If you pay the full year unlimited everything is ~$41 per month. I have gone up and down eastern coast – no issues. Just a thought….

  3. They’re using this to push Samedung phones / tablets over iPhone and iPad.

    My local AT&T store uses huge, bulky anti-theft systems that include a large phallic-shaped protuberance on the back of iPads, making it impossible to get a feel for their weight and thinness. It is so blooming obvious what AT&T is up to.

    As for iPhone, their displays are waaaaaaay back in the corner farthest from the store entrance.

      1. There is an  Store about an hour away by car, but as an owner of AAPL, I get pissed off seeing AT&T do their damnedest to denigrate  products.

  4. Actually, if it’s not a governmental fee that they’re passing along to their customers, there’s a good chance that, within the meaning of the agreement, that it IS a unilateral change on AT&T’s part. I would suggest that AT&T customers call them and demand that this charge be removed from their bill, and threaten to cancel your service because AT&T has unilaterally changed the terms of service without your agreement, and that you do not agree to this change. Also mention that you will NOT pay any early termination charges if they “force” you to cancel over this.

    Don’t be a sheeple.

    1. Good luck with threating to leave them. They don’t care and drop your ass in no time. I went to all different levels of support service in a similar case and just stonewall you. The only thing you hear is “we are sorry that you feel that way, now pay up or get the f**k out of here.

  5. ATT is just like another 3 letter organization that rips the public off, the IRS. The cell phone carriers are only doing what the cable companies have been getting away with for decades. They make up a name and in small print add a nominal fee. What we are paying to internet, cable and cell should be a crime. The Europeans put us to shame. If the Washington wants to boost this economy, why not chase down the AT & T’s and Time Warners of the world to stop these unfair fees. No, they’d rather bring Apple to Capital Hill and grill them on how stupid our tax codes are. BTW, Apple pays more corporate taxes than any company in the U.S. Just another example of how our congress has no clues what they are doing.

      1. Actually, you can. Some posters here seem to be very happy with the taxation scheme in Singapore, for example. Alternatively, a comparison of taxation in France reveals they pay about the same overall rate as the US, but the expenditures seem to benefit the citizens more directly (health care, public education through university). So we are quite voluntarily selecting the IRS as our taxing authority, assuming we have skills that will make us attractive as immigrants to other countries.

          1. Best you’ve got, huh? Must be early there.

            If corporations can be citizens of the world, why can’t people. It only makes sense the best minds would go to where their opportunities are maximized. A lot of them think it is the US, and I’m choosing the IRS as my taxing authority, right now. But we do have the right to expect better performance from our Government and the current crop of posturing blowhards is bringing the country down, IMHO.

  6. I just arranged to go to Canada for 12 hours, and AT&T says that if I want to use my phone a minimal amount while I’m there, it will cost me $70 on top of my already huge monthly bill. Without that, it will cost me $1 per minute for a phone call, 50 cents per text message, and $15 per MEGABYTE for data. Maps uses a Megabyte every five minutes, so to use Maps, it would cost $180 per hour without the plan. They suggest turning the phone off between waypoints, and when you get to a fork in the road, turn it on to figure out which way to go. I did my best to tell them where to stick it, while arranging for this trip across an imaginary line.

    1. Put the phone in airplane mode as soon as you get to Canada, then turn wifi back on. If you need to make a call go to a coffee shop and use Skype over wifi.

      1. We have 4 phones on a T-Mobile family plan, two of them iPhone5s with data plans, and two of them dumb feature phones (teenagers) with only WiFi. The monthly cost, including financing the 2 iPhones is about $150. After 24 months the iPhones will be paid for, and the bill will drop $40.

  7. I can not hold back any more.
    These idiots are insane and is in no shape or any form putting the costumers first or threats them right. Soon they will even Allow users to to use FaceTime over the mobile network… It’s insane… If I have data I use it for what the hell I want. But AT&T and a data plan is an oxymoron if there ever was one.

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