WWDC: iCloud – big changes ahead

“Apple, Inc’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is fast approaching, and while Apple CEO Tim Cook has allued to having no new hardware arriving until this fall, software will be the big focus for Apple’s annual developers event,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP.

“A new version of Apple’s mobile iOS and desktop OS X software is going to be shown, but perhaps more important than these fundamental pieces of Apple’s ecosystem is iCloud,” Reschke writes. “The future of computing, how we access and manipulate data is rapidly moving to server-side solutions, or “cloud” architecture, and Apple has been falling behind its competition at a rapid rate.”

Reschke writes, ” The most woeful experience iCloud has delivered is to Apple developers. Apple’s iCloud “just works” system for developers is called Core Data Syncing, allowing developers to deliver push solutions within their own applications to multiple devices, is flat out broken. The bugs and/or broken API’s developers have have to work with (or work around), have driven many to the brink, and the lack of support Apple support to fix problems has pushed many to simply give up. Since it’s launch in 2011, Apple has done little to fix Core Data’s issues. If ever there was a time to address iCloud’s inept abilities for developers, WWDC would be the venue.”

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      1. I wonder if the fact that they Outsourced much of their Web and iCloud work to WiPro has anything to do with all the problems they are facing now. Maybe it is time to bring the work back in house?

      2. What?

        What are you, some kind of Apple expert-come-lately? Jeepers. The last thing in the world Apple needs right now is to start changing its top dogs just because every single investor hasn’t made a million bucks yet, while the company itself continues to do very well and will continue to grow into the foreseeable future.

        You must not have been born yet, but back in the middle 90’s this is exactly what happened to Apple sans SJ. It was one numb skull after another with zero vision, zero passion, of any kind for the company, doing nothing but caving to the group think of the day on how Apple should be run and what it should produce, and how and when. Those were the days that Apple really was doomed.

        Let Apple be what it is – Different.

        Very worst case scenario is Apple is a great medium/long term investment and and excellent part of any good portfolio.

            1. Way to go, Cool Hand Luke. Usually botvinnik’s critics find themselves pulling back bloody stumps or mangled fingers. Especially his hapless chess opponents.

            2. I enjoy reading the rants but I’m well aware that I should never take any of the bait offered up. There’s a certain reckless arrogance about his style that I admire, but I have interest on participating.

              With that said I do know how to set him off should I need entertainment.

        1. “A touch! A distinct touch!” cried Holmes. “You are developing a certain unexpected vein of pawky humour, Watson, against which I must learn to guard myself.”

  1. I use Safari Bookmarks sharing and PhotoStreams and seem to work ok. Bookmark syncing was buggy in the beginning, but has been stable for a while now. Wish you could view the photos online at icloud.com and delete them and stuff and a more of a dropbox style setup. I put in an enhancement request to have an icon and window background kinda like AirDrop is setup in the side menu and stuff and give users manual storage space. On another note I want to be able to plugin an IOS device and have it mount as an external drive and show as an OS X Home Directory setup so I can manually move photos, music, messages, voicemail, etc on and off of the iOS device manually.

  2. I want the ability to host my web site from Apple servers back and to be able to publish easily from the old, but still usable iWeb application. Publishing to anywhere is a pain.

    Right now, the only place I could find to host with sufficient “free” storage is some island off the coast of Australia that is often associated with hackers and malware. I admit it, I looked for a “freebie” rather than pay for web hosting for a personal, non commercial web site.

  3. “Apple CEO Tim Cook has allued to having no new hardware arriving until this fall, software will be the big focus for Apple’s annual developers event.”

    When I think of software, I don’t think of iCloud. Software interfaces with the cloud solution. If indeed software is the focus, then I hope Apple does something with Aperture. As for iWork, I know many people are calling for an upgrade. I’ve pretty much left that behind some time ago.

      1. If so, that’s really too bad. I left Pages and Numbers behind, but still use Keynote. It’s a pretty robust presentation package. Lightroom 4 from Adobe caught my attention when I realized how much I could accomplish without several plugins. Once Lightroom 5 beta hit the streets, I have stopped adding any projects to Aperture. It has really fallen very far behind in terms of some important features. At the same time, I keep hoping beyond hope that Apple would do something that makes Aperture competitive again.

      2. The world is full of choices and if you don’t like Apple software you are free to find something you like better. Unfortunately, even in a large business like Apple, decisions and priorities have to be set which some may not like and perceived as Apple is doing nothing. No one is forcing you use Apple software. I happen to like what I use by Apple and am content (currently).

      3. Recently I was wrting an academic paper in Word. The footnote numbering started getting discombobulated and no matter what I tried I could not get the numbers to behave.

        I opened the doc in Pages and all the footnotes were fixed!

        I saved the Pages doc as Word, and lo – they were fixed in Word too.

        I promptly switched to Pages!

  4. I don’t like it but M$ is going to eat Apple’s lunch with this whole Xbox one thing if Apple can’t make a cloud service that just works. There are too many young people who are going to go to a buddy’s house, see it working (which it will although Xbox had problems, the ecosystem is not bad and quite vast). They actually might have their own halo effect. Apple needs to connect the entire media experience with iCloud. Right now photo stream is about as good as it gets and it cpuld beach more robust. I want to be able to pick up any device at anyone’s house, use my apple ID and have my stuff there. I want to be able to view my media from many sources in one place with one search. I want to have my stuff, all of it, everywhere. I honestly believe this will happen. I believe Apple will make a revolutionary product/service to bring this all to reality. I just hope they so it soon.

    1. But if they don’t, there’s Microsoft; down, but not out; uncool, but trying hard; constrained by legacy, but experimenting; crawling across the Sahara Desert on its belly, but bloated enough to last until the next oasis. Of course, that might only occur if Apple took a wrong turn at El Alamein.


      Microsoft are not going to eat Apple’s lunch with anything, let alone XBOX ONE.

      Everywhere but in the most Xbox fanboi press has trashed Microsoft’s train wreck of a presentation and mad combination of ideas that is their next ‘console’.

      Are they seriously thinking that cable/satellite companies will be happy about plugging their devices into XBOX ONE? Why would they be? These guys are selling pay-per-view and if a user wants to watch ‘The Hobbit’ is the XBOX ONE going to rent the movie from the cable company or from Microsoft’s movie download service?

      Also, the link between XBOX ONE and set-top-box is an old skool IR blaster (that comes in the box), it’s gonna be lame and not work properly — it’s a like a voice controlled universal remote.

      Also, WHY would you want that stuff? If you want a Skype call with your pals whilst watching the big-game or a movie, wouldn’t you do it with your smartphone or tablet? Not shrink the video and put them in the corner of the screen. It’s just a bunch of solutions to problems that do no exist.

      “Xbox go home’, yep, right.

  5. What? “… Apple has been falling behind its competition at a rapid rate.” and “Apple has done little to fix Core Data’s issues.” are incorrect. Is there another hardware cloud service company building as many billion dollar server farms as Apple? They had their California server, then built the one in Maiden, NC. Then The one in Arizona, Hong Kong, Prineville Oregon, … Apple developed Fuel Cell and Solar Panel technologies for them. Know one is even looking to see where the other server farms are being built all around the world.

    Really, Apple is “falling behind” and “done little”? Compared to who? Clueless idiot!

  6. Apple needs to make iCloud more like Mobile Me, where you can store your documents… regardless of what program they were created with.

    I’m not a big fan of cloud computing…at all.. Usually it’s just a money grab… forcing people into “subscriptions” for software and services they could previously purchase, own, and use forever.

    1. Apple and other companies don’t do cloud computing for your benefit. It’s okay for some things and not others. You can pay, and should, for cloud services if you value your stuff. It’s what businesses do. But only because everyone has been forced to use the cloud. Businesses still store valuable information and operate in other ways than the cloud. Because ultimately the cloud can and will fail at times. Obviously the average consumer should also think this way. Use the cloud because you pretty much have to these days. But never give up your old ways or run the risk of losing everything in the cloud. I’m always amazed that a company that can make hardware and software nearly perfectly like Apple does cannot do services better. And they are falling further and further behind other companies. Google may be evil, and they are, but they do services very well. I won’t use them because I’ve been an Apple guy forever. And Google is evil. And I like my walled ecosystem. I don’t use Google search either. Having said that, Google does do services very well. And services is where Apple will eventually make all its money. Not hardware and not software. Tim Cook needs to kick somebody in the ass! And start hiring people for services.

  7. I agree with Jersey, Apple has done a great deal with Cloud Computing, but it isn’t as polished and easy as we have become accustomed to. Or I could say that one app or one feature isn’t exactly perfect or meeting my specific computing needs and say Fire Tim Cook.

    But seriously, I want an iCloud experience that makes anyone say “I’d try the new Samsung Galaxy 8 phone with the 27 inch screen, but iCloud is just too user friendly and useful to me.”

  8. Cloud stuff sucks. All of it. File systems. Browser based junk.

    This shit should be invisible and just work. I don’t want to think about having file access on any of my devices. No rules. No anything. Just open the fucking thing up and dump all the constraints and rules.

    Flickr is giving us 1 TB of storage, Apple limits us to 5 GB or whatever. Charges for more. Simplify all this shit Apple, and you’ll have less problems. iCloud is a commodity that nobody cares about but they just want it to work.

    1. 100 GB of space a year? For what?

      Unless you’re a professional photographer using the photo sharing feature of iCloud, what are you supposed to do with 100 GB! Please tell me! I can’t find any use for it, because iCloud is so horrendously minimal and hobbled!

  9. If Apple will ever take iCloud seriously, THIS is the venue. Let’s make it THAT important.

    At this point, all the syncing iCloud allows within Apple apps is much appreciated! But what else is it good for? Not much else. That’s shocking.

    I’m sitting here with 25 GB of iCloud space, thanks to being a paying MobileMe user. So Apple! What am I supposed to do with that space? I can’t figure it out. I give up. You tell me!

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