“Recent criticism of Apple’s iCloud has exposed just how fractured the brand actually is behind the scenes. Developers are having problems with some of the technologies bundled together under the name and it’s causing some confusion,” Matthew Panzarino reports for The Next Web. “The truth of the matter is that there are really two iClouds, which couldn’t be more different.”

“There is the iCloud that powers consumer applications like backups and Mail, and there is the developer-facing aspect of iCloud which powers things like Core Data syncing,” Panzarino reports. “There are really two iClouds, one that services Apple’s consumer services, and one that is offered up to developers to integrate into their apps.”

Panzarino reports, “The iCloud that is used for apps and services like iMessage, Mail, iCloud backup, iTunes, Photo Stream and more is built on a completely different technology stack from the developer APIs that are causing problems. iWork actually does use developer APIs, but only the (still rough) document syncing, not Core Data, which has been causing the most issues.”

Much more in the full article here.

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