AT&T has fastest LTE service, T-Mobile USA off to strong start

“For the second year in a row, AT&T’s LTE service has proven to be the fastest in our survey of wireless broadband performance across the United States,” Leah Yamshon and Mark Sullivan report for TechHive. “T-Mobile LTE appears to be spreading rapidly, and is pumping out high speeds. Verizon LTE is reasonably quick and easily the most pervasive, while Sprint LTE lacks speed in urban centers.”

“Those are the top-line findings of our most recent study of real-world wireless broadband performance in America,” Yamshon and Sullivan report. “In March and April, we measured the LTE services of the four major national wireless carriers in 20 cities from coast to coast.”

Yamshon and Sullivan report, “In our tests, AT&T’s network averaged download speeds of 13.15 mbps, and 6.45 mbps for uploads. We saw average download speeds of above 15 mbps in six cities: Boston, Denver, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Jose, and Seattle. The average speeds in two of those cities, Denver and San Jose, surpassed 21 mbps, marking the only 20-plus-mbps showings of any service in our study. AT&T LTE clocked average download speeds of greater than 10 mbps in 16 of the 20 cities we tested. AT&T’s average upload speed dipped below 5 mbps in only four cities: Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York. AT&T’s fastest city for uploads was Denver, with an impressive average speed of just above 10 mbps. At that rate, you can upload a 7.5MB video in 11 seconds.”

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  1. Fastest or not it doesn’t do me any good as it hasn’t the last 25 years from AT&T until I switched to Verizon when we got our iPhone 5’s. Verizon is a reception revelation in our area with the advent of 4G and if Verizon could do it why couldn’t AT&T? Too many undelivered promises from AT&T.

    Bah Bye A-lways T-errible & T-orpid.

  2. Due to the arrogance of AT&T when they were the only ones with the iPhone we’ve been with T-Mobile for years now. We just got 2 new iPhone 5s for our family plan the other day. That 4 phones total, two of them with data plans for $160 per month including the two financed iPhones.

  3. That’s “fastest” must mean that in all coverage looked at for AT&T Verizon, etc. AT&T accidentally achieves the highest speed while standing atop one fire hydrant, in the middle of Reno Nevada or something.

    For me it’s a complete crap shoot in Los Angeles. Some places it’s high most places is mediocre, and it sucks if you’re actually moving in a car. It goes in and out and in and out.

    This is on an iPhone, an AT&T 4g WiFi Hotspot, and an HTC One Android phone.

  4. Location Location Location.

    I HAD ATT here in New Orleans, but the services was so bad that when the iPhone 5 came out, I switched to Verizon. What an eye-opening experience! My cell download speeds are as high as 31Mbs… its pretty dang fast. ATT’s LTE service may be FASTER… but if you can’t access it, then what difference does it make? I’d rather have something that I can use ALL THE TIME, regardless of how crowded an event is… and with Verizon, now I can.

  5. I have an iPhone 5 on ATT, and since they’ve flipped the switch on LTE in pittsburgh i regularly get speeds in excess of 40mbps close to my home. On average, tells me i get 39.96down and 17.77 up. My fastest recorded speed was 62mbps down on May 4th.
    I also have an iPad on verizon, and normally in the same area it’s 21mbps. on speetest it teels me 14.43down and 5.06up, fastest being 33mbps on April 30th.
    it is a dramatic difference, but in actual practice i find att’s network to be more responsive for anything data related, while verizons voice coverage is still superior.

  6. My experience shows AT&T with a higher average LTE speed than Verizon- it is actually faster than my Comcast Cable service- and Verizon tends to be more stable on the fly. I have an AT&T iPhone 5 and LTE hotspots from both Verizon and AT&T.

    Your mileage may vary.

    1. But, do their telecom companies make as much money? You seem to think America is about its citizens. The citizens role is to be drones to earn wages to be spent of stuff while the 1% rake profits off the top and pay their toadies in the next 9% to keep sticking it to the rest of the country. Who ever heard of a country with public policies that benefit the actual public.

  7. AT&T is consistently slower than T-Mobile’s Faux-G (4G) and Verizon’s LTE in all markets that I have ever been in where AT&T LTE is available, and the number of markets where Verizon has LTE and AT&T doesn’t makes it a no brained. Verizon or T-Mobile. AT&T marketing will not persuade me to stick with AT&T much longer

  8. That’s it? Telstra here in Australia is great. I usually get around 60Mbps down and 50mbps up. Yep. One speed test using the iPhone app downloading at 5 to 6Mb/s chewed up 80mb for one speed test. Ouch!! That hurt especially when I’m only on a 1Gb/month plan.

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