Grandstanding U.S. Senate panel expected to castigate Apple CEO Tim Cook for leading U.S.’s largest corporate income taxpayer

“Members of the United States Senate are expected to sharply criticize Apple’s global tax tactics while questioning the company’s chief executive, Timothy D. Cook, at a Congressional hearing on Tuesday,” Charles Duhigg and David Kocieniewski report for The New York Times. “Apple, one of the most profitable companies in American history, has shielded billions of dollars from tax collectors around the globe by moving revenue to offshore subsidiaries and taking advantage of tax loopholes, according to company documents and tax experts.”

MacDailyNews Take: Prove it, yellow journalist swine.

Duhigg and Kocieniewski report, “Apple has more than $100 billion in cash assigned to foreign subsidiaries, where it is not taxed by the United States. Some of those subsidiaries, though technically lodged in Europe, are fully controlled by Apple’s executives in Cupertino, Calif.”

MacDailyNews Take: Again, where’s the proof of lawbreaking, you ham-handed hacks?

Duhigg and Kocieniewski report, “When Mr. Cook and other top-ranking Apple executives appear tomorrow before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, lawmakers are expected to question them on Apple’s use of tax loopholes and shell companies to escape paying corporate income taxes on much of its profit.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Operations International (AOI) is not a shell company. The existence of AOI does not reduce Apple’s U.S. tax liability.

Duhigg and Kocieniewski report, “Mr. Cook is expected to tell lawmakers that Apple is the largest corporate income taxpayer in the United States, according to a copy of his testimony posted online by the company. Apple, according to that testimony, paid nearly $6 billion in federal taxes last year, and ‘does not use tax gimmicks.’ Moreover, Mr. Cook is expected to call for a sweeping reform of the federal corporate tax code. In particular, he will call for lowering rates on companies moving overseas earnings back to the United States. ‘What he’s asking for is a reward for having gamed the system,’ said Edward D. Kleinbard, the former chief of staff at the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, and now a law professor at the University of Southern California.”

MacDailyNews Take: Or, Cook is simply be asking for a sane, logical corporate tax policy, as opposed to the pile of shit buried under a mountain of red tape that the U.S. currently offers those who power the economy and ultimately the obscenely-bloated, unsustainable U.S. federal government itself.

Duhigg and Kocieniewski report, “The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, led by Senators Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat and John McCain, an Arizona Republican, has been investigating technology companies, including Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, for years over complaints that such firms are taking advantage of an outdated tax code.”

Full article – Think before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: How much have these oh-so-important “investigations” (campaign commercials) cost taxpayers vs. how much, if anything, they have generated in additional tax revenues for these myopic ignoramuses to blow on pet pork barrel projects that are designed primarily to get them perpetually re-elected?

Term limits. (Oops, now we’ve done it – better get the esteemed Senators some new shorts.)

Oh, BTW: The U.S. Senate investigation found no evidence that Apple did anything illegal in avoiding taxes.

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    1. Pro-smaller government and/or advocating for states rights is not “anti-government.” It’s just common sense. One size doesn’t fit all. Your tax dollars can be better, more efficiently, more effectively utilized by those closer to the those who the monies are intended to benefit.

      1. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to decide to live in any state of the union … Union … and have equality of education, roads, parks, etc.

        Be careful about “states rights”. Advocates want this because they don’t want their money going to another state in a federal program.

        The passage of any bill in current forms that increase states rights would do exactly why the confederacy wanted. What ‘we the people’ fought so hard against.. A UNION. A place where we can call “home” where equality and standards for much of the necessities of life are consistent across a large and rich landscape.

        Yes there is huge federal waste. Yes there are huge inefficiencies.(I have stood in long lines). But when states get involved its much worse (look at voting practices for wvidence).

        I love our government. I love the protections and liberties it offers.

        If you don’t like it, GET INVOLVED.

        Love yourself, love your neighbor, live the fact we can all argue about this without going to jail.

        I currently live in a country that if you speak publicaly, the police will come take you to jail. In this regard, I miss my homeland.

        Be careful what you wish for.

  1. I’m sure all of the Senators on the committee will have volunteered to pay higher tax rates, never legally sheltered offshore gains, never took advantage of any “tax loopholes” (otherwise known as the U.S. Tax Code).

    Let the hypocrisy begin . . . .

    1. They certainly are not going to “castigate” Google, even though they, unlike Apple, practice shady tax evasion schemes (such as recently uncovered).

      This is partly because Google pays to lobbyists two orders of magnitude more money than Apple does.

      1. There was an article referencing Google avoiding paying taxes on MDN yesterday. Or did you miss that one? The Senate committee is going after Apple because Apple is the biggest company out there. That’s really not too difficult to understand. So it’s not some conspiracy. If Apple isn’t doing anything illegal it will be so determined. And certainly announced by Apple. But let’s face it, it seems that this is about tax avoidance not anything illegal. Apparently it’s about the extreme means that US corporations go to to avoid paying taxes. Legal but perhaps not popular with the average US taxpayer. I believe this is more of a “shame on you” than anything else. If they were going after Google would you be defending them? Costco? Microsoft? Seagate? Ford? Are you looking at this objectively like an adult or are you looking at this from a fanboys’ perspective?

      2. Apple should have seen this coming. No government can look at a company as wealthy as Apple and not lust for all that money. Apple may be a big dog in the tech world, but against the Feds Apple is outclassed. Apple cannot beat an opponent who writes the rules, umpires the game, and enforced the penalties. Not to mention has a standing army, nuclear weapons, NSA, IRS, and extraordinary rendition.

    2. Agreed!
      ‘What he’s asking for is a reward for having gamed the system’
      Yeah, Mr. And Ms. Congress Person. Kind of like exempting yourselves from all the laws you pass covering the rest of the populace (healthcare,, anyone?)
      Pot calling the kettle black!

  2. They will not be satisfied until they have ground Apple into applesauce and made it into another “Government Motors” (GM). Maybe Apple Corporation will relocate to Ireland after the so-called “testimony” in front of the Pharisees and Sadducees in the District of Criminals (DC).

    1. I still own a Mac tower that was built in Ireland, once upon a time. That can happen again, so I say, Senators, with all due respect, put a Cork in it.

  3. Folks. Read what actually was said. Apple has been using Ireland to avoid taxes to any country. Not just US, any country. In 2011the Ireland-based Apple Sales International, which sells iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and other products to overseas distributors, recorded $22 billion in pretax earnings, but paid $10 million in taxes, investigators found. That works out to a rate of about .05%. Come on guys, think about that. 0.05% Wow.

  4. This is a great distraction from the three scandals of the Obama administration:
    1. Bengazi
    2. IRS harassment
    3. AP harassment

    If “W” had done any of these things, the press would have been screaming about it for months on the front page of every newspaper. Instead they talk about Angelina and Ke$ha and hope for a natural disaster to distract everyone.

    Watergate was a mere sideshow compared to this attack on the press.

      1. The Syrian regime deserves bombing. Syria is like pre WWII Germany. Many new what the Nzai’s were doing but ignored it resulting in genocide, which is in essence happening in Syria today.

    1. No, moron boy-troll. This is news relevant to this site, about Apple Inc.

      Unlike your post, which is nothing more than a festering turd dropped out of yet another nonsensical far-right a$$hole who needs to turn off Fox News and consider a different view than the one being spoon-fed by the Republican Party, who has done everything possible to impede progress since W went his merry way in 2008, laughing at us all for being stupid enough to elect Gilligan to the White House, not once, but twice.

      Have a nice day!

    2. You mean, like wiretapping US citizens without a warrant.

      Like many partisans on either side, you are unable to actually discuss an issue with regard to facts.

      1. wake me when there is a development not already covered in the original report
      2. clearly the IRS overstepped, but no conservative group was denied tax free status…but 1 or 3 liberal groups was
      3. uh…”harassment”?!?! This was a legal search of phone records, ie #’s called, time of call, and length of call. The AP was not wiretapped nor were the parties harassed. BTW, this was done to find a leak that the GOP wanted to find.

      Also, there were at least incidents of 1 under Bush.

  5. This is ludicrous!
    In the current tax system, the consumer pays for a huge government bureaucracy that tries to choose the winners and losers – but whose end result only steals from productivity. It’s all about the power government can grab rather than the power of the individual it is supposed to be protecting. Corporations are made up of individuals like you and I, whether it be via our investments, or our jobs, etc. We are all getting taxed multiple times. When the government “socks it to big business”, it is socking it to us.
    There should be no corporate tax. 0%. Then we wouldn’t be chasing corporations from our shores. Corporations stay and we’ll all benefit. Corporations leave and find greater freedom than in the U.S., we all lose.
    As long as we the people want to pass the buck of responsibility for their lives and have someone watch over us and take care of us, we’ll keep on electing government officials with this kind of mentality. We’ll keep living with a false sense of security until it’s all ripped out from beneath us.
    And you can just forget about having corporations that produce products like Apple does at that point.
    Time for a FairTax system (

  6. Senator Levin is in the middle of a press announcement bitch slapping Apple all over the place. Boy, it could really be ugly tomorrow. That tiny run-up that you saw today in AAPL may be a distant memory after Tuesday. Tim had better be prepared for this panel of senators. They’ll be out for blood. AAPL could be hit hard. I can only imagine what the New York Times and Bloomberg reporters will do with this! Oh boy.

    1. Yes Sander Levin of Michigan, home of Guvment Motors the recipient of huge taxpayer bailout and which still owes the taxpayers billions. GM’s 10Q shows deferred income taxes. I suspect that it also has “offshore” cash which has not been subjected to taxes actual payment of taxes. Why not have Samedung testify as to how they have made billions in the US and paid no US income taxes. I doubt they pay much in Korean income taxes either.

      1. The Senators’ research staff and strategic advisors need to be very, very careful in this re-electivity minefield. No sane person wants to open a can of worms, especially grandstanding stooges whose own activities may have been funded in a questionable manner.

        1. You aren’t saying that the senator would’ve done anything underhanded would you? That would make him a hypocrite. Have you ever known a politician to be a hypocrite? Me too.

  7. Meanwhile, the 2012 Presidential Campaign saw more than $2B spent.

    I’m aware the two aren’t really related except for the closeness and the dollar sign and the capital B signifying billions. But it is definitely a head shaker that the most profitable technology company this country has can pay $6B in taxes while two candidates spend a third of that on their campaigns. And some folks whine that Apple should pay more in taxes because it would help build schools and provide for the needy.

    What if, next presidential campaign, a candidate were to raise $1B and instead of spending it on mud-slinging attack ads were to spend it on hospitals for needy and shelter and food? Would doing so garner more press (and more credibility) than the same money spent on ads?

  8. The dividends that Apple has been paying for some months now are taxed at 15% in the hands of a Canadian shareholder, for example. All the dividend related revenue from non U.S. sources is taxed by the U.S. even though over 60% (?) of Apple’s sales are outside the U.S. All the dividend income is shown as personal income, not corporate, and is for some reason not included in the discussion of Apple’s contribution to the u.S. federal government’s taxes. Dividends are paid out of after-corporate tax revenues, and are taxed again in the hands of shareholders, i.e. the revenues are taxed twice. This is a good reason for foreigners not to hold U.S. stocks. Apple should split the company into a U.S. and non U.S. based business. This reader’s suggestion is that they base this in Canada, which has lower corporate tax rates.

  9. Precisely.

    The U.S.Constitution is being shredded, AP journalists bugged and opposition political groups harrassed — while the press looks the other way and does its unprecedented best to offer support (polls).

    Ever notice how the press makes excuses and alternative arguments during Democrat administrations and pooh-poohs outrage from the other side of the aisle.

    On the flip side of that coin, they hold Republicans feet to the fire on every minutiae on the front page, editorial page and columnist articles as long as it takes until heads roll …

    1. The U.S.Constitution is being shredded

      Indeed. But don’t expect EITHER of our worthless political parties to stop it. One of my state senators, Kirsten Gillibrand, was a SPONSOR of the PIPA bill, the Senate equivalent of the SOPA bill, which was a blatant attack on both 1st and 4th Amendment US constitutional rights by our Corporate Oligarchy. I joyfully contributed to putting a fire under her stupid ass. UNFORGIVABLE. And no, I didn’t vote for her in the election that followed.

      IOW: Death to BOTH US political parties. Both are bought, paid for, PWNed. ;?

  10. When I’m paid I pay taxes. When I buy something I pay taxes. When I save money and earn interest I pay taxes. When indies I pay taxes. I wonder how long before these politicians will figure out a way to tax us for being buried and taking up space in the ground. I’ll opt for cremation. 😉

    1. “My advice for those who die: declare the pennies on your eyes — ’cause I’m the Tax Man. Yeah, I’m the Tax Man, and you’re working for no one but me.” — George Harrison

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