Steve Jobs’ widow sets philanthropy goals

Laurene Powell Jobs [is] “famous because of her last name and fortune [and] she has always been private and publicity-averse,” Peter Lattman and Claire Cain Miller report for The New York Times. “Her philanthropic work, especially on education causes like College Track, the college prep organization she helped found… has been her priority and focus.”

“Now, less than two years after Mr. Jobs’s death, Ms. Powell Jobs is becoming somewhat less private. She has tiptoed into the public sphere, pushing her agenda in education as well as global conservation, nutrition and immigration policy,” Lattman and Miller report. “Just last month, for example, she sat down for a rare television interview, discussing the immigration bill before Congress. She has also taken on new issues, like gun control.”

“The fortune she inherited, making her the world’s ninth wealthiest woman, according to the Bloomberg billionaires index, has catapulted her into the upper echelon of global philanthropists. And that has led to certain expectations,” Lattman and Miller report. “Ms. Powell Jobs has a net worth estimated at $11.5 billion, according to Bloomberg, most of it in shares of the Walt Disney Company. Mr. Jobs helped found the animation studio Pixar, which Disney acquired in 2006 and paid for in stock. With 131 million shares, worth about $8.7 billion, the Laurene Powell Jobs Trust is Disney’s largest shareholder with a 7.3 percent stake in the company, and she has benefited from the stock having more than doubled since her husband died in October 2011. Mr. Jobs also owned 5.5 million shares of Apple at the time of his death, and it is unclear whether she has sold her position.”

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    1. Shouldn’t her children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren make their own money? What did they do deserve wealth. This is America after all – you should be rewarded for hard work – not just a fortunate birth.

        1. You know nothing about Mitt Romney if you think he was a product of privilege. He got his JD/MBA from Harvard while you liberals were protesting the infringement of development on the banana slug’s habitat. Privilege only goes so far. Even JFK Jr. couldnt get into Harvard. Say what you will about Romney but you’re an idiot if you accuse him of not being a hard worker. Don’t be bashing Romney when the person in the Whitehouse ain’t smelling like roses right now.

      1. What most people want is a better life for their children. We can only hope good altruistic values go along with inherited wealth. And the human condition being what it is, the combination is always a crapshoot.

        Hard work is helpful, but not necessarily required to do good in the world.

    2. I imagine it must be stressful, but in totally different ways than it is for us non-wealthy people. They can move huge amounts of money in ways that affect millions of lives. There’s a moral obligation to use those resources to make as much positive change in the world as possible – but with limited intellect and time, one can never really know what the best way to use that much money is. They must accumulate a lot of regrets – we can see huge injustices, and tell ourselves we were powerless to stop it, and thereby not feel guilty. But with an extremely wealthy person – surely they could have done something with all that money at their command.

  1. Beyond philanthropy, Steve Jobs’ imprint on this world had a wider footprint. He freed me from Microsoft’s shackles. That in itself is a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you Steve for the Mac, which started the ball rolling. And a word for Bertrand Serlet too for the Mac OS. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.

    I got my first Apple device, the iPhone 4 because of you. You changed everything, again.

    1. What Steve Jobs had to give to the world was much rarer and more valuable than a personal fortune. Philanthropists can not match Steve Job’s contributions to culture, technology, arts, business, and humanities.

  2. Or tell it to the Kennedy’s… There’s JFK that can’t drive a boat, then Joe Jr. who can’t fly a plane and everyones favorite, Ted who can’t drive a car and apparently swim! Got their wealth getting people drunk!

    1. Prohibition. That’s where their fortune came from. That and somehow getting out just before the stock market crash. I guess he was smart enough to know to take his profit when he was ahead. Most held on and lost their ass!

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