Google Play game services aims to integrate gaming across Android, iOS and the web; available today

“Google Play game developers and players alike are getting a quartet of game-changing additions today: real-time multiplayer, leaderboards, cloud saves and achievements,” Ben Gilbert reports for Engadget. “And that’s not all — the latter three services will function cross-platform between Android, iOS and the web.”

“The whole initiative is called — unsurprisingly — ‘Google Play Game Services,’ and it’s available today in a smattering of games,” Gilbert reports. “Unlike Apple’s Game Center application, what Google’s offering is backend support for developers rather than a standalone application.”

Gilbert reports, “You can sign in using your Google+ login in-game, and that login will track your identity (including leaderboard scores, achievements and saves) across various games and devices.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gee, maybe this’ll compel Apple to actually fix Game Center so that it works properly for us iOS users at the very least? Game Center was unveiled on April 8, 2010 and launched on September 8, 2010.

Much progress Forstalled.™

Come on, Jony, you can do it!


  1. Lemme get this right: Google wants to know what games I’m aging and what sings I’m listening to, as well as my location at all times, my most traveled routes, what’s happening on my email, what I’m searching for, what’s going on inside the windows of my home, who my friends are and what I’m saying to them? F-that. F-that straight to hell.

  2. Oh the hobby. Even just the leak of letting the app developers make apps for AppleTV would help at this point. Then, get out of their way so they can make Apple the world leader in TV gaming devices in just a few months!

    A hobby is a hobby until you get serious about it!

  3. MK Ultra brainwashing software disguised as innocent games. The Illuminati puppet government is trying to target our nations youth. Dispicable.

  4. Will probably be shut down in a couple of years.

    I got a Google account. It was forced upon me against my will when unregistered for YouTube. It’s some of the lame was Google inflate Google buy creating accounts there when people are registering for other services. So it would be very very interesting to see Google break out the number of users on Google compared to the number of users. That ratio must just look uglier as uglier each month.

  5. Game Center works. I have no idea what the heck is wrong with your devices if you can’t get it to work. Just sign in and BOOM. Maybe you should restore your devices?

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