New app lets you boycott Koch Brothers, George Soros and more by scanning barcodes

Buycott is a free app that lets you organize your consumer spending to help causes that you care for, and to oppose those that you don’t.

To use, you simply scan a barcode with the Buycott app and it will attempt to identify the product and determine which company ultimately owns it. Buycott traces the product’s ownership back to its top parent company and cross-checks this company against the campaigns that you’ve joined before telling you whether it found a conflict.’

Campaigns in the Buycott app have a goal and a list of companies that it aims to either support or avoid. Users can search for campaigns organized around goals that they share and also create custom campaigns.

Current campaign examples:

• Vegan and Cruelty-Free
• Avoid Koch Industries
• Avoid George Soros Investments
• Support Prop 37 (The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act) Donors

More info here.


    1. Why would we? We need it in order to use the “Avoid George Soros Investments” campaign.

      Remember now, it’s Dems/Libs/Progs who like to try to boycott things they don’t like: Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, FOX News.

      We Republicans are too busy working real jobs to have the time for most of these silly boycotts. This app will help us busy taxpayers to boycott things just like the lazy welfare recipients! Plus, don’t forget, we Republicans actually have money, not just food stamps, so our boycotts are actually effective!

        1. You obviously are clueless as to how the world works. Oil and pharmaceutical companies alone generate more wealth, and pay more taxes, than someone with your myopic insight can imagine. Let’s see, studies have shown that illegal aliens alone cost this country about $113 billion per year. Of course, that doesn’t count the hundreds of $billions of additional giveaways. Compare that to what some oil companies paid in taxes just in 2011, and you get an idea of what a brainwashed boob you really are:

          ExxonMobil in 2011 made $27.3 billion in cash payments for income taxes. Chevron paid $17 billion and ConocoPhillips $10.6 billion.

          1. Those companies paid those taxes based on what earnings? And how much was generated off of public lands and did they pay the royalties they are supposed to? And how much of what they paid was given back to them in the form of subsidies? Your incomplete facts and reflexive name calling would indicate that you’re the one being myopic.

            1. Spoke like a true anti-capitalist liberal, just knowledgeable enough to be dangerous.
              Do you know why the government subsidizes farmers? Do you know why we subsidize green energy companies, even failed ones like Solyndra?
              Do you know why oil companies receive government subsidies?

              We subsidize farmers so we have reasonably priced food. We subsidize oil companies so we have reasonable priced gas. And we subsidize failed energy companies like Solyndra and lose $500,000,000 in tax dollars because, well, that’s another story. But maybe you get the point. Probably not

              And everyone whines about oil company profits, but not one person I have spoken to on the subject can tell me how many $billions the oil companies spend in exploration, R&D, infrastructure, etc.

              You should move to Europe and pay $8 a gallon for gas, where it’s on average 3-4 times more than the U.S. Then maybe reality will smack you in the face.

            2. Who makes the most profit per dollar on every gallon of gas?
              It’s not who you think.
              In my state,even where taxes are not high, it is $42.8 cents of every gallon. No other entity in the supply chain makes near that percentage.
              No, I will not do your homework for you.

        1. Anti-Koch campaign created on March 11, 2013
          Anti-Soros campaign created on May 14, 2013

          Gee, ya think maybe that has something to do with the number of members for each?

      1. @ First
        Why should you comment on or even care about this? People sharing information and choosing not to buy products from companies they don’t like — sounds EXACTLY like the freedom you supposedly love.

        1. Exactly. Where did I say anything negative about this app? It’s quite obvious that I’m defending it, therefore your comment is nonsensical.

      2. Wait, so boycotting buying something takes so much time that it would affect your job? What?!?! But you are going to do it anyway? What?!?!

        BTW, average household income for liberal families is 6% higher than conservative. That is probably within error of whatever methodology was used to determine that. Either way it undermines your simplistic idea that conservatives are busy worker bees while liberals are all on welfare.

        You are an embarrassment for conservatives and people in general.

        1. You don’t think it takes work and time to assemble lists to boycott things in such a comprehensive way? If not, why the need for a barcode-scanning app to save people time?

          Next time, try some logic, you actual embarrassment.

        2. Not really. I know a lot of conservatives who bringing home roughly the same or less than those on Welfare but they are like a previous generation who refused to accept government handouts. They don’t have a free cell phone, nor big screen TV’s like their handout cousin’s get. I know someone who goes into public assistance homes to do work (you know the electrican or plumber type) and he says these welfare houses are pretty damn well equipped with expensive goodies. Better TV’s than he has he said. Sad part is we know people on all the latest aid packages who are completely able bodied, yet make absolutely no effort to find a job (no I haven’t turned them in). I remember years ago when I was on unemployment in the 1980’s I had to report back to unemployment and tell them all the places you went to look for work each week to be eligible. No more of that honesty I guess. We wouldn’t need illegals if the able bodied Welfare people would go pick these crops. It was good enough for my grandparents who never asked for a handout. Some news article said $30 an hour can be made picking strawberries out West and if they don’t let immigrants in no one here will do the job. I’d do it if I lived closer. That’s more than I’m making with a 4 year degree!

          1. No way you make thirty dollars an hour picking strawberries, and even if you did I assure you that you’d quit before you finished your first day of picking strawberries in the hot sun.

      3. @F2014: You ignore the fact that report after report shows that the biggest recipients of welfare and Federal handouts per capita are the republican states and districts. In case you don’t know how to do research, here’s your starter for 10 – from the non partisan Center for American Progress Fund.

        It seems the lazy welfare recipients are mainly republicans.
        Republicans aren’t so good at paying taxes, either. Nine of the ten states with the highest tax paid per capita voted for Obama. So it’s actually our money that’s supporting you lazy republicans.

        1. They can lie by calling themselves ” independent” and “nonpartisan ” all they like, but when they go on to describe their “progressive vision for America” in the very next sentence, it raises enough doubt to discredit the entire site along with your claims.

          If you really think that “lazy welfare recipients” are mainly Republicans, you’re too far past gone with which to bother any further.

          1. “If you really think that “lazy welfare recipients” are mainly Republicans, you’re too far past gone with which to bother any further.”
            Yes! PUH-LEASE don’t bother with him or any of the rest of us on this site again. We’re not worth your great wisdom. Go share it where it’s wanted.

            1. Seamus – just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It’s simply a fact that red states and districts take significantly more Federal money per capita that blue states and districts do. Do the research yourself. Then deal with it.

          2. @F2014 – Didn’t like the starter I gave you? Try this one.
   (that one was even re-published by fox)
            Or this one: Let me quote from the article for you (from a conservative site, no less): “Of course, it’s possible that all or most of these “lucky duckies” are voting for Obama. But it’s more likely that Romney shares the delusion that the freeloaders and looters are concentrated in the Northern, coastal cities that Democratic [sic] dominate. Actually, the states they call home are the heart of his electoral strategy.”

            There’s plenty more. It’s the republican mantra that democrats are the lazy welfare takers that is discredited.

  1. The problem with the app is the first screen is topped with a FarceBook sign in. Zuckerberg is plowing money into a bunch of Reich-WIng political causes.

    Get rid of the FarceBook tie in and maybe there is a use for it.

      1. I know, but anything as offensive as FarceBook being in any way connected is kind of funny.

        I prefer my world FarceBook free- including Mac OS and iOS.

  2. What do you call this sort of story these days? Rant bait? If so, mission accomplished.

    On rushing stampedes of politard sheeple, gangway! I enjoy just sitting the fence (with my anti-splinter leather chaps on) watching the herds at play. I left my cattle prod at home. 😉

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