Apple, Current TV paydays help Al Gore get ‘Romney-Rich’ with $200 million after Bush defeat

“In 1999, Al Gore, then U.S. vice president and a Democratic candidate for president, sold $6,000 worth of cows,” Ken Wells and Ari Levy report for Bloomberg News. “The former senator, who spent most of his working life in Congress, had a net worth of about $1.7 million and assets that included pasture rents from a family farm and royalties from a zinc mine, remnants of his rural roots in Carthage, Tennessee. Funds from the cattle sale went to three of his kids, according to federal disclosure forms filed as part of his presidential run.”

“Fourteen years later, he made an estimated $100 million in a single month,” Wells and Levy report. “In January, the Current TV network, which he helped to start in 2004, was sold to Qatari-owned Al Jazeera Satellite Network for about $500 million. After debt, he grossed an estimated $70 million for his 20 percent stake, according to people familiar with the transaction.”

Wells and Levy report, “Two weeks later, Gore exercised options, at $7.48 a share, on 59,000 shares of Apple Inc. stock that he’d been granted for serving on the Cupertino, California-based company’s board since 2003. On paper, it was about a $30 million payday based on the company’s share price on the day he claimed the options… Gore isn’t finished exercising his Apple stock grants. Those 59,000 are part of 101,358 Apple options and shares of restricted stock Gore has amassed, according to company filings, giving his total holdings a gross value of more than $45.6 million today… Gore has remade himself into a wealthy businessman, amassing a fortune that may exceed $200 million. That’s close to the $250 million net worth of 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, whom President Barack Obama and Democrats targeted in ads and speeches as being out of touch with most Americans.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. Oh yeah, the overwhelming consensus among the world’s climate scientists is all just a big conspiracy, isn’t it alen1234? They’re all in Al Gore’s pocket to get paid with those millions for using their credentials and reputations to foster a gigantic lie on the entire world? That’s really what you’re claiming, isn’t it?

        1. I’m certainly not the one who needs educating on this subject at the very least.

          As I’ve been telling you Lib lemmings for years now, it’s the Sun’s activity that has the most bearing on Earth’s temperatures:

          In an interview with Principia Scientific International, Habibullo Abdussamatov (the head of space research at the Russian Academy of Sciences Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in St. Petersburg, and director of the Russian segment of the International Space Station) said results of research from the ISS had indicated a decline in total solar irradiance, which was having a dramatic effect on the global climate.

          The view from Russia is that solar activity, not carbon dioxide emissions, has driven global temperatures. Abdussamatov said global warming during the last decades of the 20th century was due to de-gassing of large amounts of carbon dioxide, released into the atmosphere from oceans, triggered by the increased solar irradiance. He said the lack of any warming for the past 17 years was a result of the decline of the total solar irradiance.

          Abdussamatov said there had been five deep cold periods in the past 1000 years – in 1030, 1315, 1500, 1680 and 1805.

          He said another cool period was due and would come about regardless of whether industrialised countries put a cap on their greenhouse gas emissions.

          “Mars has global warming – but without a greenhouse and without the participation of Martians,” Abdussamatov said. “These parallel global warmings – observed simultaneously on Mars and on the Earth – can only be a consequence of the effect of the same factor: a long-time change in solar irradiance.”

          The full story here: The Australian, May 4, 2013

        2. Ever notice how conservatives ALWAYS have to resort to Ad Hominem attacks on those who disagree with them? I expect children on the play ground to call me names, but not with these republicans – they can’t type a single sentence without calling someone something.

          For the record, I am proud to be a Liberal. You’re not insulting me that way. But I am sure you can think up some other more childish names to call me. Keep it up. You have to resort to it – I can simply stand up for my opinions without having to personally attack you.

        3. All I notice is that F14,T16 provided interesting information that debunks the lie you’ve been told and are so willing repeat.

        4. Do you think I’m impressed with a cut&paste job from the conservative media bubble? I’ve already stated that only CREDIBLE evidence has any value. Really you should learn that just because something is on the internet does not make it true.

        5. Climate change is not only inevitable but it is a given fact. Ever heard of the ice age? The climate is in constant flux. And even if Man made climate change threatens the short term “health” of planet earth then so what. In the end ever drop of water will be burned off this rock.

          But your own science says fear not do good liberals the waste and carbon footprint humans leave behind will be recycled with fire. You could say a dying red giant will sooner or later take out the trash.

          The progressive liberal movement is the modern day pious religious elite who “believe: they know the real truth and are on a mission to convert the lost. Montex you are in danger of becoming the very thing you hate.

        6. Sun activity is multi-layer cyclic.

          However, at no point any Sun radiation cycle change ever produced temperature raise that steep that is registered in the last decades. This is why overwhelming majority of scientists worldwide (including the regions that definitely have nothing to do with “libs” and Albert Gore, including China, Russia, Cuba, et cetera) agree that humanity is major factor.

          The temperature raise that we have now does not fit in any cycles model that exists.

        7. I’d be interested to know why the other planets in our solar system are warming up then. Don’t tell me that a global warming earth is radiating energy outward to them.

        8. from what I heard. the accuracy of these “models” fall off really quick after even a hundred years. So the earth is roughly 4billion years old and you have a sun radiation database mapping out solar activity down to a 10 year span. What if the overwhelming majority of you scienttific research turned its head for .001 percent of the time. That would mean you could have missed a few hundred million years.

          And even if solar records are spot on what if this so called abrupt change is part of a bigger cycle that is on a timescale we have yet to identify. Say its a first time event. Even science teaches us its a beginning, middle, and end.

          There was a time not to long ago when the overwhelming majority of theologians “knew” the world was flat. On day people will look at you like you look at them. You are the new religion.

        9. The temperature raise does not correspond to the level of Sun radiation that is tracked in last decades. Even we guess some unknown cycle, then it does not manifest in levels of Sun radiation. Yet the average temperature on the Earth got steep increase. For now, there is no reasonable way to explain this rather than human input (micro particles, emission gases).

        10. I’m probably far more right wing than you are on some issues, but I understand scientific evidence, which you apparently don’t. The evidence is overwhelming that manmade global warming is wrecking the planet.

          Am I a hypocrite? Yes, I drive a gas powered car.

        11. “I’m certainly not the one who needs educating on this subject at the very least.”

          You don’t? Your whole comment was filled with “he said, he said, he said, and he’s smart because he said this and he said that”.

          So I guess that makes you the smart one. You picked the right person to tell you what to think didn’t you?

          Everyone else is stupid because they picked the “wrong” person to believe. You’re truly a special person and brilliant because you picked Abdussamatov to believe. That makes you a genius, doesn’t it?

          I bet if God put the truth about global warming in the form of a bullet in a gun. Real bullet if humans created global warming, and no bullet if it is caused by the Sun. Would you have the courage to recite the words of Abdussamatov, put the gun to your head and pull the trigger? Of course not! –because you told us what “he” said, but if the gun was against YOUR head, only what YOU say really matters, and you haven’t got a clue do you? I know what you would do:

          You’d say, “Shit, I have no idea if Abdussamatov is right or wrong so let me put this gun down and shut my big mouth”. Isn’t that the truth? Yeah, that’s what I thought!

        12. Let me absolutely clear about something. I am not an expert on the earth’s climate. And because of that fact I am going to align my knowledge with the people who ARE experts on the earth’s climate – and that would be the people who have dedicated their entire careers to the scientific study of it. I will not go to Fox news or Glenn Beck to get my scientific information – because they are not scientists. In fact, I will ALWAYS side with the scientists because they have CREDIBILITY. And frankly, I’ve never met a scientist who lied for political gain, yet for your belief to be valid I would have to simply expect that EVERY scientist is a bald faced liar.

        13. And you are? I can see how good you are with cut and paste from the right wing propaganda sites. Pity you cannot form a cogent thought of your own.

        14. The findings of the director of the Russian segment of the International Space Station as reported by The Australian is simply not something from “right wing propaganda sites.”

        15. The problem is, you are implying that one source research that disagrees with consensus somehow invalidates all other research that it conflicts with. Regardless of what ever opposition research you can dig up, the global scientific consensus is that climate change is real and man-made. It’s like there are 100,000 papers in support of climate change for every one against it and you side with the 1 because it reinforces your political affiliation. Do I have to explain to you why that is dumb?

        16. So you chose to align yourself with this expert?

          Also, “I’ve never met a scientist who lied for political gain” – grow up, try climate gate to start.

      1. THERE IS NOT CONSENSUS AND JUST BECAUSE YOU REPEAT THE LIE DOES NOT MEAN THERE IS A CONSENSUS. AGW, Climate Change as a “PROBLEM” is a complete FARCE.. AND the DEMS, Libtards, “SCIENTISTS” do NOT have a solution to this supposed problem. GO TO for your answers, OR DEBATE, But you wont.. AL GORE is a WHORE. WHY in the WORLD is he on apples board? LEAVE IT TO A DEMOCRAT TO FIGURE A WAY TO TAX THE WEATHER.

    2. To be fair, about 99.8% of all climate scientists in the world — included all of the regions like China, Russia, et cetera, that are certainly not influenced by Gore, agree that climate change does happen.

      Also, by far overwhelming majority of scientists agree that humanity is a significant factor, considering that average planetary temperature raise in the last decades was dramatically, incomparably more steep than in any period of climate fluctuations that geology could possibly track within millions of years back. Neither sun radiation cycles, nor any other theories for now can explain the incredible steepness of average temperature raise.

        1. The article you cite does not prove your point at all. It does not even address the key issue which is the temperature raise steep we have now is beyond any Sun activity cycle model, so there is no way to state that in the latest decades Sun is responsible for “the most” of climate change.

          So the article you cite proves the obvious that no one disputes: Sun has multi-layer cyclic activity changes that usually regulate climate change on the Earth. However, it is totally irrelevant to the issue of unparalleled steepness of temperature raise that we witness in the last decades — never witness within millions of years of of climate fluctuations data scientists have.

        2. Fwhatever, you are a fool and a tool. Obviously the Sun’s irradiance is the major energy driver in this thermal system. Changes in solar output, even to the extent of a greater or lesser number of sunspots affecting the solar energy reaching the Earth, can have a significant effect on climate. Similarly, any variable that influences the energy balance of the Earth by either reflecting or trapping more of the Sun’s energy can also have a significant effect. The system is apparently far more complex than you can comprehend. I suggest that you keep your closed mind out of the way and let the scientists figure this out.

    3. Yes. Global warming made a TV network and apple stock valuable. You’re a complete idiot. Go home, you’re drunk.

      Clearly, he’s an amazing businessman.

  1. The way Al Gore made his millions is a lot better than the way Mitt Romney made his. People are better off because of how Al Gore contributed to both Apple and Current TV than how Mitt Romney decimated the middle class with Bain Capital.

    1. Another Move-On More-On comment of the brain dead version of the Low Information voter!

      Benghazi is just getting good folks…

    2. Wow, I have been looking for anyone that knows why Al Gore is on Apple’s board. You know what it is that he has done at Apple? How did Al contribute to anything at Apple? I have know idea why he is there.

      1. What does any board member do that’s unique? All I know is that the human race is better off for what Apple has done than for what Bain Capital has done. Period. If Al Gore had a hand in Apple’s contribution to humanity, then we’re better off for his involvement.

        1. So, you have know idea of what Al Gore has done for Apple. Other than helping to tank AAPL value when he sold 59,000 shares of Apple Inc. stock. You have know idea about why Al Gore is on the Apple board.

          Clueless postings with know real information or knowledge. Just warn fuzzy feelings for Al Gore and Hope!

          Another dead end. Good night!

    1. You don’t get it, do you? We don’t begrudge Mitt Romney being rich – we begrudge him doing it by being an enemy of the middle class and an enemy of the American family. That’s the difference between him and Al Gore.

      1. Romney had a “sterling” reputation with Bain. Bain saved many sick and dying companies from disaster thus saving thousands of jobs here in the US. Did some of the companies outsource to keep alive? Sure. Just like many other companies in this world economy. Oh, and you know who said Romney had a “sterling reputation”? Bill Clinton.

        1. Conveniently timed to try and divert attention from his comments in the 47% speech. Otherwise, we never would have gotten them. And donating 30% of your income to “charity” still isn’t worth a damn if you earned that income in evil, Satanic, anti-family ways. Besides, most “charity” donations are donated to institutions that really end up benefiting the giver anyway.

        2. I didn’t vote for him, but the 47% speech was right. Why should some people take MY money and not pay taxes at all?

          (BTW, I’m voting DOWN all of the anti-global warming posts, because NONE are giving scientific evidence for their side.)

        3. The 47% speech was an attempt to, behind closed doors, paint everyone who would never vote for him in a million years as lazy, leeching, worthless scum, by claiming they have a sense of entitlement and refuse to take responsibility. What he found was that, when it got leaked that he said that, the people who were never going to vote for him were able to demonstrate that they take quite a bit of responsibility…for ensuring he didn’t get elected!

          I was never going to vote for Romney, but I am hardly irresponsible and entitled. If anything, Romney is the entitled one, thinking he deserves to squelch the middle class for his millions. And for the record, I didn’t vote for Obama either – I voted for Jill Stein because Obama didn’t do a good enough job of standing up to the Republicans.

        4. For those of us who don’t have $250 million stashed away I kind of need that 30% to feed my family and pay the mortgage.

        5. Romney only released 1 year of tax returns, and one year of “estimated” taxes. His father released 20 years of tax returns when he ran for President, but of course, you neglect to mention that fact. Also, donating to the Mormon church – tithing which is required by his church – is hardly charity. But you go ahead and pick and choose which pieces of information you wish to acknowledge.

        6. As a Mormon myself, I can tell you that for him to pay 10% in tithing to the church is hardly impressive – it’s a requirement to be in good standing with the church. For him to turn around and use that to make him look good is political opportunism at best.

        7. Romney released two years worth of tax returns, liar. Two more years of tax returns than did FDR during his four runs for, and terms of, the U.S. Presidency.

        8. You really have to go all the way back to FDR, huh? Timely.

          Romney Senior released 20 years. Romney Junior only 2. Did you know that 20 is greater than 2? Any why only 2? Because he’s hiding something.

        9. Hey Montex,

          Both campaigns agreed ahead of time on what was to be released. Then afterwards Obama changed the rules. Just as he did before saying he would comply with the Campaign Finance rules and then went back on his word.

  2. Al Gore is a shameless huckster who latched onto the “Man-made Global Warming” farce in order to prey upon mindless pawns of the world who accept and do whatever they’re told so that he could selfishly enrich himself in order to “get back at the world” for what “they” did to him by not electing him to a position he thought he deserved, but failed to win.

    He should have never been on Apple’s BoD in the first place. Even Steve Jobs made mistakes.

  3. The liberals did not have a problem with the fact that Mitt Romney was wealthy. There are liberals who are worth more than Romney. The problems were that:
    1) Romney paid only 14% federal income tax, while middle class Americans pay a much higher rate.
    2) Romney released only 2 years of his tax returns, while other presidential candidates released many more years. Al Gore for example released 8 years of tax returns and Mitt’s father George released 20 years of tax returns.
    3) Romney had unknown quantities of investments in foreign countries such as the Cayman Islands, for reasons that can only be speculated on, but clearly aided him in avoiding paying taxes in the country that he wished to lead as president.

    1. 1) Do they have a problem with Obama paying only 18.4% federal income tax in 2012? Do you think Obama paid his fair share?

      2) Romney only released two years of tax returns because of S.L.O.P. (Shitty Liberals Or Progressives). See the Left wanted ammo for character assassination only and to divert from their own problems i.e. the economy and Benghazi. The Chicago way of slimy politics. Why did Obama pay to have his college transcripts sealed from view? Why did America elect a pothead?

      3) I’m still waiting for how Obama managed that sweetheart land deal to get extra land for his home despite zoning laws.

      1. First of all, I don’t know why you’re bringing up Obama, when this article is about Romney and Gore.

        1) Yes, liberals do have a problem with Obama only paying 18.4% federal income tax, but there is plenty of YouTube video that you can find where Obama campaigned to raise his own taxes. He frequently included himself when he said “those of us who can afford it should pay more.” In fact, with the new tax law that was passed last year, Obama succeeded in raising his own taxes.

        2) You may make as many excuses as you want for Romney only releasing 2 years of tax returns, but opposition research goes both ways. Obama released 12 years of tax returns, which fueled some of your exact complaints about him. There was plenty of opposition research into Al Gore’s tax returns when he ran for office. Romney should have subjected himself to the exact same scrutiny as any other presidential candidate.

        3) Beyond these two points, your questions about Obama’s transcripts, marijuana use and sweetheart land deal have nothing to do with this thread which pertains to Al Gore’s wealth. Let’s try to stay on the subject. Shall we?

    2. Rich people like Romney and Buffet generally don’t have high taxable incomes. I know this is hard for the Low-Info voter to grasp but most of their wealth comes from capital gains which is taxed at a lower rate. The campaigns agreed ahead of time on releasing info. Obama changed the rules afterward in an attempt to play gotcha politics. His people trashed Romney and enough of the trash talk stuck. Romney ran a clean campaign and didn’t resort to dirty Chicago politics.

      1. Are you claiming that Romney’s 2011 income of $22 million is not a lot? Really? Must be nice to live in a world where that kind of money is seen as pocket change.

      2. I’m just waiting for you to make the claim that Acorn stole the election for Obama AGAIN in 2012. Come on, you know you want to say it. 😉

    3. 1) Romney was taxed at the Capital Gains rate. Duh.

      2) What’s the law on U.S. Presidential candidates and making tax returns public? Individual income tax returns – including those of public figures – are private information, protected by law from unauthorized disclosure.

      Franklin Roosevelt, the idiot who began this entitlement mess in the U.S., did not release ANY tax returns before or during his presidency.

      3) So what? So do I. Anybody with a brain and the means does, too. It’s legal. If you don’t like the laws, try to change them.

      1. 3) What do you think we want to do? What do you think we were trying to do by making sure Mitt Romney _didn’t_ get elected, and by trying to elect a liberal House and a liberal Senate? Now, sure, the Senate is in Democratic control, but even the Democrats aren’t as liberal as they should be. And as for the House, there were more votes cast for Democrats in House races nationwide than there were for Republicans, and yet the Republicans were still manage to foist control due to Redmap gerrymandering. But yes, capital gains need to be taxed more, and the laws should be changed to reflect that.

      2. 1) Yes, Romney was taxed at the Capital Gains rate. And a significant portion of the population (including Warren Buffett) feel that it is unfair for rich people to just sit on their money and collect capital gains, yet be taxed at a lower rate than people who work for a living. Some people argue that we must have a lower tax rate for capital gains otherwise rich people would not make investments, but there is no empirical evidence to support such a claim when compared with different periods of U.S. history when the capital gains tax rate used to be higher.

        2) There is no law that says that presidential candidates must release their tax returns (or their college transcripts — as some people have uniquely demanded of Obama). However, the release of tax returns has become a tradition, which was started by Mitt Romney’s own father. What was odd in the past election was that Romney decided not to. You even had to go back 60 years to find another presidential candidate who released fewer tax returns than Mitt Romney.

        3) Of course it is legal to invest one’s money in the banks and corporations of other countries. Nobody suggested that there was any evidence that what Romney had done was illegal. This is not a question of whether the law should be changed or not. Romney lost the election by about 5-million votes, so apparently the American People believe that even if his investments were legal, that they preferred to have a president who invested his fortune in the United States of America.

    1. Odd coming from a fellow that jumps into every political debate to tell others how stupid they are, never has an original thought, and probably never questioned one fact a ‘teacher’ pushed into his skull.

      Did I say ‘odd’? Sorry, should’ve been ‘typical’….

  4. Just letting me summarize for all the right-wingers, to save some time. I’ll do all your posts in one shot so you all don’t have to bother…

    Pathetic marxist brain-dead lemming blah blah blah!!! zombies blah liars statist assholes blah blah!!!!! socialist blah blah! card-carrying communists anti-family un-American fucktard scum blah blah!!!! … (choke cough spit drool scream of inarticulate rage)

  5. What ever side one is on, be it Dem or Repub, liberal or conseratives.

    Please, explain what would happen of the Sun went out tomorrow. No light or any sort of emissions?

    Please, explain what would happen if the Sun started to produce twice the energy everyday for the next thousand years?

    Would there be any difference in temperature on this planet? Yes or no.

    Maybe we could move the planet closer to the Sun or maybe Further away?

    Maybe, we can agree that the Sun has, is, and will in the future have the largest influence on the planet.

    Genius it is not – understand.

  6. Al Gore is full of hot air. He should be thrown in jail for spreading fase information about global warming. His book An Inconvenient Truth is full of convenient lies. He’s made a fortune on global warming fear mongering. It’s fitting he sold the failed left-wing Current TV to another propaganda outfit, Al Jazeera.

  7. I’ll start by noting I was once a Gore supporter. I still have an autographed copy of his “Earth in the Balance”. But no more.

    After leaving office with little, he started a career as a “green prophet”, parlaying it with a lot of global warming hokum that netted him tens of millions. Meanwhile his mansions carried a massive carbon footprint (George Bush’s home was far more “green”), which he covered with phony “carbon credits”.

    Then he starts a cable channel with a distinctly leftist bent that almost no one watched, selling it to Al Jazeera, whose Arabic broadcasts feature Islamic fundamentalists. (But he refused to instead sell to Glen Beck because they didn’t represent Current TV’s “values”. But Al Jazeera does?!)

    Finally, the mystery of the millions for his “service” on Apple’s board. What value did he bring to the table to merit that? No one seems to know. If he’d at least helped get Apple into the government, well, that might have been something, but there’s no evidence of that. By the time I retired from the Feds our procurement office was rejecting every purchase order for Macs.

  8. Al Jazeera… The Network that doesn’t mind sponsoring terrorist organisations like Al Qaeda by cabling out every damn video they are sent… Yes in some way it’s news but they are doing just as these groups want. They want to get their message out and Al Jazeera is to stupid to realise they are getting used, or doesn’t mind. Al Qaeda could probably send them a puppet show and they would send it out as breaking news all over the world… Al Qaeda got its own TV network. Amazing. I have no respect for Al Jazeera crap. Sorry.

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