Apple CEO Tim Cook resets 3 popular, and wrong, Apple rumors

“Three comments this week by Apple CEO Tim Cook should have led to a reset of popular iOSphere rumors about the upcoming iPhone 6, iPad 5, and iPad mini 2, but probably didn’t,” John Cox writes for Network World.

“Cook made the comments during Apple’s Q2 earnings call with Wall Street analysts on Tuesday,” Cox writes. “He was responding to analysts’ questions, which themselves reflected several persistent strains of Apple rumors.”

Three popular rumors reset by Apple CEO Tim Cook:
1. Apple will be announcing new iPhones and/or iPads in April, May, June, July, or August.
2. Apple is flailing and failing in innovation; they’re copying rivals too much or not copying them enough; they’re losing market share; they should have cheaper phones and bigger-screened phones because the completion offer these.
3. Apple needs to release an iPhone with a 5-inch screen, because big-screen phones from rivals, especially Samsung have been so successful.

Tons more in the full article – recommended – here.

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  1. Cook said that new products will be introduced in the fall and during 2014. He didn’t say that no products will be introduced before then.

    It’s classic Apple misdirection. I’m sure that new products will be released before the fall. They will release them once they’re ready and with minimal advance warning. If customers knew for certain that products would be available on a certain date, they would stop buying the current product and wait for the new one.

    It’s better for Apple if customers and rivals do not know when to expect new products.

    1. I concur. As I recall, Cook has also alluded to the concentrated release of new Apple products last fall as a bit of an error in judgment. Apple lost a lot of the “wow” factor by spreading public (and analyst) attention too thin across too many new products. You have to pause and absorb the appreciation, then build anticipation for the next thing. SJ had an amazing talent for that on stage…drawing you in, sharing his mystical sense of awe regarding the new magical product and its holistic design, then one-upping with just one more thing.

      I believe that Apple will spread out its releases a bit more. At the same time, I believe that Cook now better appreciates the need to avoid gaps between old and new versions of products, as well as the advantages of releasing products no later than September or October heading into the holiday sales season.

      I also believe that the Mac Pro is due sooner rather than later, and will be the subject of the next hardware release. The only issue that may cause a delay is the switch to U.S. assembly of the Mac Pro – that adds risks that may result in a delay.

      Close behind the Mac Pro are the AppleTV and the Mac mini. Next are the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPad mini.

    2. Apple got burned with failures to supply the latest iMacs. Tim Cook will be certain that enough new products are crammed in Apple stores and warehouses before announcing their existence.

  2. 5 inch screen phone isn’t the big seller. And isn’t what everyone wants. I want a phone that can fit in my pocket. I don’t want to have to carry a backpack for my cell phone. Apple is the only innovator in the market and everyone else copies Apple and that’s a fact. Another fact is you don’t come up with innovative products that wow and amaze every quarter. The real flailing companies right now would be Microsoft and Dell not Apple. See how good there doing.

    1. Apple could make the handbag for males popular by releasing a 5.5″ phone….
      I hope they don’t though. I actually hope they release a new phone with the form-factor of the 4S at some point.
      If I want something iPad-Mini sized, I’ll let them know early enough.

      1. Dear Santa,

        I want an iPad mini with retina and telephone capabilities.

        Dont care if you call it the big iPhone or a Phablet or what – Apple just do not ignore this amazing opportunity to out due Samsung.

        iPhone is fine but its too small to use the amazing Apple apps like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, iPhoto and Garageband. I do a bit of work on the go and its better on iPad. Yeah, I could use the Mac book air but it too has no telephone capabilities. And carrying two or three devices is – well come on… advertising I have money? Or a blind lemming willing to buy anything Apple? No, you have a perfect sized product here, iPad mini. My iPad is so comfortable in the living room the pc for roaming room to room on wifi.

        Please, please, please, I have been a good and patient lad all; year, please… make it retina and with telephone capabilities.

  3. I had no idea I had to sell my stock to immediately stop Apple’s stock from dropping like an Anchor. Gee, if I’d have known that I’d have fallen on my sword to save my comrades at $600. No need to thank me now.

  4. The reality is, Tim Cook can no longer play with semantics.

    His code word for new products is “refresh”.

    Aside from a ridiculous, expensive, and completely unnecessary $45 iOS device adapter, Tim Cook has not been responsible for one solitary innovation at Apple under his tenure.

    However, his blunders are legendary and too numerous to recount here, but suffice it to say he is totally and comprehensively not qualified to lead a company like Apple.

    He could probably manage a cupcake shop or even a bath house in west Hollywood, but running an iconic technology company like Apple requires a visionary leader.

    If Tim Cook is a visionary leader, then Sarah Palin is a genius.

    1. Careful Randy, those facts will make you unpopular here.

      The hypocrisy of the faithful is evident: the mini iPad is seen as a good thing, but a family of iPhones is somehow viewed as unnecessary (or just a ludicrous, a multi-year design exercise) because High Priest Cook says so.

      One would hope that Cook doesn’t wait until the iPhone has a minority market share before he realizes the need for a full family with a decent range of screen sizes and capabilities. Pull the thumb out of your derriere, Cook!!!

      1. Dear Mike,
        Posting Apple hating rants do not make it fact. Sorry you missed out on that fine point. 🙂

        The “faithful” are just smarter people that love hardware and software that are integrated, useful, beautiful, and last for years longer (ifixit survey – iPhones 3x more reliable than Samsung). So that puts you in the troll area, right?

        And Market share is the word that those that cannot understand reality use to put down Apple. PROFITS, 70% of WORLD PROFITS in Computers, smart phones, tablets, and mp3 players……… you know actual money and not land fill scrap.

        So, take your samsung troll money and ……… er ……. do what ever you do to look your self in the mirror.


        1. Mike makes no reference nor wrote a word about Samsung.
          Mike made no negativity towards the other persons comment.
          There was no direct personal verbal attack at Randy.
          People are passing judgement, jumping to conclusions, making abrasive remarks against his reply and view point with way way way off topics.

          So, who are the trolls here?

            1. nope – wrong yet again silverhawk1 down again

              Dan, Dougless, WaterFalls, Duddley Do-Right, WaterLily, the Spaceman spits, Sweet Jesus, Derrick Carrey, Sam Spade just to name a few…

              and your point is?

            2. read the posts silverhawk1, read them carefully

              none of the aliases I chose to comment as,
              are of inflammatory in nature, nor meant to provoke other readers to respond emotionally through a disruptive manner.

              several people are jumping to conclusions being extremely judgemental, in fact one poster, claims its a good thing to be the troll of trolls, somewhat to police and label others, however, his efforts are merely a catalyst evoking only further issues

              so read carefully scott

            3. It might come as some surprise to you, but pretty much anyone can post here under any name. This poster has only ever posted under his own name: Mike. Being a popular name, I have noticed several others using it as well. Seems to me that free speech using one’s name is a fundamental human freedom to celebrate, not to denigrate.

            4. I believe Mike has consistently posted as Mike…
              his views are valid and are of his own opinion – his opinions do not seem ANTI-APPLE nor are the replies he has gotten call for such outbursts.

              I admit, I have and continue to post under several aliases, mainly by choice due to the harassment I have gotten in the past. I go back as far as 2005 or 2006 commenting on MDN.

              I do not tolerate or appreciate such behaviour.

            5. cheers Mike,

              If Derek Currie, had never carelessly decided to judge me as a Troll for no apparent reason, I would not be here defending my belief that all here, have the right to comment and have opinions here. He is a contradiction to his own profile. The nature of this blog allows for freedom to comment but not to purposely attack other in a disrespectful manner due to the fact he does not agree with their view point. It has been handled in a immature and insulting manner all for the joy of his own righteousness and fun — its wrong and does nothing positive as he claims.

            6. And the freedom to privacy is also respectable – after all not to isolate or complain of silverhawk1 – but your name my not even be scott as your profile points out. Not that I care or feel is important, but that anything is possible on the net.

        2. So you deny that iPod and hence iTunes store profits were increased when Jobs expanded the family to multiple models?

          Profits today are great. Problem is, profits tomorrow are strongly influenced by market share. I recommend to read up on the trend in Mac market share in the early 1980’s. Sculley may have accelerated Apple’s near death experience, but it was mismanagement of Mac market share that nearly killed the company the first time.

          Now Cook, in his infinite wisdom, is slashing margins on the iPad mini in a play for more market share, but allowing the iPhone to be outmanoeuvered in the marketplace by oncomers from all sides. The iPhone does not need to be all things to all people, but Apple should be competent enough of a company to deliver a range of phones to this diverse world of ours. Selling last year’s iPhone alongside the current model is not a winning strategy.

          1. agree – there is a way to sell a lower cost phone if Apple wishes, it could be an iWatch… cool but may be limited on battery life and limited to apps. Nonetheless, a lower costing phone.

            I have suggested before a Simpler Smartphone, perhaps a device with less screen, focused on the four main functions and all Apple apps only. A phone A browser A music player still and a Camera… and built with great quality… just not open to 3rd party apps. In fact better it can only use core pre-installed apps and receive upgrades… nothing more.

      2. “the need for a full family with a decent range of screen sizes and capabilities” <<< This fragmentation F*@K UP is called Android.

        "Trying to have a conversation with you would be like arguing with a dining room table."

        Do not quit your job selling fries at McDonalds.

        1. Do you feel justified in bashing, trashing, stomping on other people comments with personal insults?

          Once again, your diversified misunderstood slanted view point chooses to attack first on a directly personal trajectory, simply because you disagree. You are the agitator not the positive being you think others may seen in you. You propel in the wrong direction. Seek help. Your addiction is curable. Stop being the Troll.

          the iconic, three-eyed radioactive Simpson fish
          now posts as thethirdshoe — Derek Currie.

        2. Apple has three screen sizes.
          4″, 7.9″, 9.5″ — these sizes are scattered in several category called iPod, iPad, iPhone. The basic functionality of all three are actually the same. All Browse, All play and can purchase Media such as: movies, apps and music, All can be used to communicate via text or voice, iMessage or FaceTime hence have a camera, ONLY iPhone can use a carrier network to make cellular calls in the obvious way – telephone. Yet all can still make voip calls through cellular data plans except the iPod touch. So though this is not the same fragmentation of Android, one can argue or agree “mike” is right. Apple has a product line complication here. Is it pricing? Why does iPod touch not offer cellular data chip? iPads with cellular data option follow the original iPhone design – a black plastic bar on the back near the top. yet purposely do not handle cellular calling to networks like iPhone does.
          is this due to pricing again?

          I agree with QuickSilver, Apple can solve the complexity of its line by offering three screen sizes and two products. iPhone or iPad. Once the 7.9″ screen is available in retina quality – Apple can solve the “fragmentation of its line”. Customers have clarity and pricing will be defined by the amount of flash storage (32, 64, 128) and perhaps by processor. Granting the latest fastest processor to the three screen sizes of iPhone. ie. iPads all get A6 while iPhone gets A7.

          Samsung feels a “Phablet” is the right direction.
          Apple (Tim) doesn’t believe in convergent products yet can Tim ignore the product complexity… there is an obvious solution.

      3. I think ‘Mike’ handle his comment extremely well.
        Allow me to raise your votes.

        ‘Randy’ has a few point that are valued – though stated rather harshly. As Mike said – be careful.

        ‘eldernorm’ you seem to be way off the topic these two are mentioning.

    2. Dear randy,
      Hate Apple much? The adapter costs 39$ or 29$ depending on cable or plug in. So wrong. PS the last connector was different too. And they used it for 10 YEARS.

      He released the iMac before christmas cause it was in the line to be released. Last minute problems caused Apple to hold back so only insanely great hardware was shipped. Want crap, buy Dell.

      Apple’s supply chain is the envy of the business world. So I guess you do not have experience with business.

      PS, how much are Samsung trolls paid these days? I hear they are pretty cheap.


  5. If Android never existed, if Samsung was nothing more than a chip fabricator and Apple had 90% smartphone market share, I would still want an iPhone larger than 4 inches. Most of us who want a larger iPhone couldn’t care less about the “competition.” I just think an iOS powered phone and iPod around 4.7 inches would be a great product to have. Let’s not lump everyone in with Wall Street analysts who cite a larger iPhone as some sort of prescription for a supposedly ailing Apple.

    And let’s remember that any lack of success in the field of larger phones may be due to the lack of one created by Apple.

      1. Already have one and it’s a great device, but I need something more pocket friendly. There shouldn’t be a huge four inch gulf between the iPhone and iPad mini. Apple would be better served having a device slotted in between.

        1. Hey R2,

          If I understand you right, you have an iPad mini and you love it but its too big for your pocket…. So you want an iPhone that is …… too big for your pocket cause 4 inches is too small.

          I am confused. And please remember that if you want an insanely great device, all items have to be coordinated. Pixal size, density, ratio, battery to power, processor to run.., etc .


            1. It would not be a device just for me. I bet that if Apple executed the plan as I wish, having both a 4 inch and 5 inch iPhone on the market together, the iPhone Plus would outsell the regular model. The same way the iPad mini you continuously deemed unnecessary is now outselling the iPad. You are simply out of tune with the market’s desires, but thankfully Cook & Ive are not and will eventually release a larger iPhone.

            2. There could be a million people like you who want different sized products and are not satisfied with the ones Apple makes. It is not an easy task to make o few of each size and then have software written to address all the differences. If you could do that, you end up with the Android mess.

              Apple researches extensively the needs and requirements of many features and designs a product that is economical to make and will satisfy the majority of its customers. You are obviously not satisfied and will likely continue to not be satisfied regardless of what Apple makes.

            3. You are right about one thing, however. My tastes are subject to change, but then again the same can be said for everyone else. Yes I may one day want a phone even bigger, who can predict the future. But so what? I thought the iPad was perfect when it first came out, now I see it’s too unwieldy and henceforth I’ll probably only buy new iterations of iPad mini. Is that supposed to be a bad thing, to change your opinion? The market is fluid, and Apple will continue to adapt to meet new challenges.

          1. No way would a 4.7 inch screen device be too big for anyone’s pockets. Take at look at the HTC One and Blackberry Z10 if you need a reference. They’re the perfect size.

            1. is the Z10 really 4.7″ I have had it in my hand and used it for about 2 hrs, feels to me its iPhone 5 size 4″ at max. and a pretty damn close plastic copy of an iPhone too. Shame Rim. or BlackBerry.

              BTW i didn’t like it. Messed up UI.
              Swipe up down left right confusing.
              Texting is still better, faster and smoother on iOS.
              Yet Z10 apparently will learn, I believe so will Nokia and Apple – even Samsung Android so… this was a key sales point for the Z10… ouch no sale.

      2. but an iPad mini is not a cellphone.

        Telephone capabilities are somewhat possible,
        yet you need another phone to provide Viber with that number, then use 3G or WIFI networks to make it work… its close – its fairly good – but it’s not quite a iPhone is it.

  6. A) Even if Apple is behind schedule on iOS7 or not — they will showcase some major features as always to dazzle fans – don’t worry !!!!! Many times before Scott has shown us what to expect in iOS. Not providing customers the free update on the presentation date.

    The team is working hard, new appointed rolls and needs to have the OSX team help is all pointless speculation to think it has effected in the delay of iOS. They are attempting to blur the lines more between the two OSes to feel far more united so it is natural the OSX team needs to be apart of this.

    B) Apple copies too much or doesn’t copy enough? Make up your mind. I see three clearly obvious screen sizes. Large / medium / small — Apple could easily streamline the categories it has into a concise and simple manner. iPhone or iPad — each device offered in the three sizes. Take the iPad4 as LARGE size, iPADmini as the MEDIUM and iTouch as the SMALL. That simplifies the LINE as iPHONE l/m/s and iPAD l/m/s and the obvious difference is one option has telephone capabilities. YET of course Apple will decide if its cocktail mix of products is clear or not and what product will cannibalize what sector next. A long evolution to wait for… when Apple definitely 3 screen sizes for iOS already.

    Small 4″ retina
    Medium 7.9″ retina <— still yet to be seen
    Large 9.5" retina

    3 sizes of iPad – Wifi (only)
    3 sizes of iPhone – Cellular (carrier phone service capable)

    The carrier sets the plan type if VOICE or DATA.

    C) iPhone 5 needs a 5 inch screen… nah, the best answer is above. Samsung is moving to a 6.3 so why not say Apple needs a 6.3" screen… because Apple could easily put iPhone into the iPad mini and out do Samsung with a 7.9" retina screen iPad mini or a iPhone of the same. An iPad with true phone capabilities; not Skype or Viber or Yahoo video phone — could provide Apple with the Largest Screen ever. Or imagine iPad mini, a prefect traveling Phablet size already. The best screen resolution and colour is from a Retina Screen. Hands done. 4 inches on the iPhone and 4 " retina on the iPod touch. iPad mini needs the Retina screen badly. The design of both iPod Touch and iPad mini should conclude the iPad5 appearance. How the three sizes translate into iPhone options could be based on the frame and structure of iPhone yet to be seen.

  7. Came here for the first time as a strong Apple aficionado. Unfortunately there are so many hysterical nutter detached from the real world I shall go straight back to the Apple news site I previously read.

    Calm down lads, you’re acting like a bunch of Scientologist nut jobs against whom Apple bosses would probably want restraining orders. Eldernorm you need therapy and a girlfriend.

    1. Please consider coming back, for the wide variety of articles and for MDN’s famous “takes”. I think you could add value to this site with your contributions.

      Sometimes the peanut gallery gets out of hand. To avoid such unpleasantness, avoid articles with more than 39 comments cited under the headline, and any article containing a political trigger word.

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