Apple hints at ‘exciting new product categories’

“Gadget fans eagerly awaiting the next wave of Apple products just got some good news, and some bad news,” Brandon Griggs reports for CNN.

“First, the bad: Based on CEO Tim Cook’s comments Tuesday on the company’s quarterly earnings call, Apple appears unlikely to announce a major new product until this fall at the earliest,” Griggs reports. “If so, that would mean the company, which typically rolls out new stuff every three or four months, will have gone an entire year — an eternity in tech-industry time — without launching a new gadget.”

Griggs reports, “And now the good: Cook also said Apple sees potential in some ‘”exciting new product categories.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: During Apple’s Q213 conference call with analysts, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated, “Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware and services we can’t wait introduce this fall and throughout 2014,” and also reiterated, “I don’t want to be more specific, but I’m just saying we’ve got some really great stuff coming in the fall and all across 2014.”

Cook never said Apple wasn’t unveiling their Mac Pro replacement at WWDC. 😉

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    1. New products also includes new generations of existing product lines, I think. Which, again, isn’t true considering that Apple released the new iMac and a 128GB iPad in the winter. But yeah. Their facts may be wrong, but it HAS been a long wait for new releases from Apple. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait!

    2. No, Apple releases products when they (Both the product and Apple) are ready. Repeating my comment from yesterday, doesn’t anyone remember that Apple ditched doing trade shows so they could release products on their time schedule, not one forced on them by anyone, or anything else.

      1. Ponder this…… MacPro. Made entirely in the U.S.A. I know it’s a stretch …. But … Just Think Different for once in your life people. Just Imagine Apple made in U.S.A. ALL COMPONENTS!

        1. All I can say is that based on that Think Different comment. you have never built anything electronic, have you?

          If you are wondering why Apples build in China, it is because of supply chain. Chew on that morsel, mate.

          1. Its already been confirmed that Apple will make something in the USA. Reasonable, well thought out, and well spoken MDN posters have postulated that the Mac Pro, being a small volume item would be a prime suspect for USA manufacture. If it happens, it will be glorious! (Thanks Worf)

            OTOH, analcysts and pundits will find a way to make it into a huge negative, driving stock down to $250.

            OTOOH, AAPL at $250 would almost allow Apple to go private and fly the middle finger of doom in Wallstreet’s general direction

        2. The WWDC is a logical opportunity to unveil the new Mac Pro. Apple has had several years to develop the new Mac Pro, and it is a low-volume product that is not as seasonally driven as the rest of Apple’s lineup. There is no reason to wait to release it, and every reason to accelerate it and introduce a bit of product excitement into the long wait until the fall.

  1. This seems to be a problem with symantics.

    They roll out upgrades on existing lines very frequently, yes.

    They have never rolled out new product lines every few months.

    I don’t think Cook was saying they are not releasing hardware upgrades until fall. That would be unusual. If the 5S is going to ship in fall, it would certainly be announced at WWDC. That would be in keeping with previous announcements and release dates. But I’m sure some this signal that Tim Cook doesn’t use the right speaking voice and isn’t innovative and is too much/little like Steve Jobs and cares too much/little about secrecy.

    Apple should really focus on putting out every screen size and release products every month to be more like Samsung.

    1. I would love Apple to offer on every device the same latest greatest processor. When the A7 arrives, it should be available for iPhone/iPad/iPad mini/iTv/iTouch. Similarly, memory sizes. 16 Gb/32Gb/64Gb/128Gb to all that use flash memory. Retina screens as well.

      The product line is complicated. Apple could benefit from simplifying it as so…

      iPhone – large / medium / small
      iPad – large / medium / small

      the difference of iPhone and iPad is merely telephone capabilities.

      the size differences refer to the screen size where:
      Large is the current iPad 4 size
      Medium is the iPad mini size
      Small is the iTouch size

      iTouch and iPod names vanish – every device Apple sells plays music, iTouch is a strangely priced product now that iPad mini has arrived.

        1. Some us did notice that, but were feeling snakebit by surly anti-perfectionists here in the turbulent MDN forum, and decided to let it slide. Glad you picked it up, though.

  2. I held out on buying an iPad mini, figuring that the Retina mini might arrive by April. When I saw that there’d be no April announcement I said “Fsck it” and bought one like a week ago. And man oh man, it feels like the sweetest product Apple has ever made. It’s my dream come true, the iPad merged with an e-ink Kindle, and I couldn’t be happier with it. So me personally, my “new product” hunger pangs have dissipated and Tim can take his sweet time…. for about three months.

    1. no doubt – apple has hit that sweet spot sized tablet designed just right – light in weight – powerful – everything the iPad can do and be – same battery life… etc. it is wonderful

      also – iPad mini is ultimately the right travel size

      retina and telephone capabilities would make this the phone everyone hoping for a larger screen happy

      while Samsung has decided to increase the S4 size again to 6.3″ — Apple could easily add telephone to iPad mini and take the trophy as biggest best phone

  3. Nobody but Apple launches new gadgets.

    All have stolen or copied Apple.
    The competition offers nothing new but revision no better than processor increases or size changes. So does Apple.
    Other than Googles Glass, no one has done a thing notably new. Do you agree?

    So if Apple wishes to wait 2 years – and seems they are confident enough – then so be it. I imagine Apple plans on delivering it perfectly right.

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