Samsung delays plastic ‘Galaxy S4’ phone claiming inventory challenges

Shares of “Sprint (S) and T-Mobile’s merger partner MetroPCS (PCS) fell in New York as the mobile-phone operators said they must delay introduction of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 due to inventory challenges at the Korean electronics manufacturer, which Samsung attributed to extremely high demand for the product,” Andrea Tse| reports for TheStreet.

“Best Buy (BBY), which just launched Samsung kiosks, or ‘experience shops’ at its stores, was shedding 1.49% to $23.77,” Tse| reports. “T-Mobile had originally planned to make the Galaxy S4 available on on Wednesday, but due to the inventory delays, it now expects online availability to begin on Monday, Apr. 29. Due to the inventory challenges, Sprint expects a slight delay with its full product launch.”

Tse| reports, “Samsung rival Apple (AAPL) was rising 0.93% to $409.90 after the news broke.”

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        1. Interesting.

          Are you are referring to the iPhone 5S or 6 or whatever follows ‘5’?

          Or are you referring to the actual iPhone 5?

          Why yes! You are referring to the actual iPhone 5 from fall 2012. I now perceive your humorous intention. Brain penetration has been achieved. Laughter commences: 😆 😆 😆 😆

    1. Surprised Samsung doesn’t just wait for Apple to release the iPhone 6 so they can copy that too!

      Indeed, what a terrible Samsung blunder.

      However, you can bet that Samsung’s massive ‘R&D’ budget is busily being spent spying on Foxconn factories in an effort to see what new parts they are making for Apple. I wish I was kidding. (0_o)

  1. Wait. T-Mobile is unexpectedly delaying the release due to inventory issues.

    Samsung claims demand is too high as a reason.

    How does that make sense? Sounds like Samsung doesn’t know how to copy Apple’s operations.

    1. You may have just nailed Samsung’s Galaxy S4 problem on the head.

      In any case, I expect Samsung is attempting to ‘save face’ by restraining themselves from selling a piece of crap that is a little too obviously a piece of crap.

      IOW: Their QA standards were set a little too low for public appreciation.

      IOW: They got some nasty feedback from the first suckers they induced to buy the monstrosity. Gotta fix that quick!

  2. I have absolutely no idea why any one would think a Samsung product is hip or cool and I’m not saying that as an Apple fan. I dot see what is better or different with their products than LG or HTC or any other. Wall Street and CNBC is starting to refer to the products as cool and must have, I really shake my head. It’s ridiculous. Samsung has really managed to fool everyone that somehow the galaxy is cool, hipp and special with Ads and FUD.

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