Apple’s WWDC 2013 tickets go on sale worldwide on April 25th at 10am Pacific

Tickets to Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference go on sale worldwide on April 25th at 10am Pacific. WWDC 2013 happens June 10-14 at Moscone West in San Francisco, California.

To buy a ticket, you must be a member of the iOS Developer Program, iOS Developer Enterprise Program, or the Mac Developer Program as of the announcement of WWDC (5:30 a.m. PDT, April 24, 2013) and at the time of your ticket purchase. Developers between 13 and 17 years of age must have their ticket purchased by their parent or guardian who is an eligible member.

Ticket purchases are limited to one (1) per person and five (5) per organization. The same credit card may be used up to five (5) times to purchase all of the tickets for your organization. However, each team member must sign in with their own Apple ID and purchase their own ticket.

WWDC 2013

Each ticket costs $1,599 USD or in local currency where available. If WWDC tickets are not available on your country’s Apple Online Store, you will be directed to an online purchase form and you will need to make your purchase with a credit card that can be charged in USD. By purchasing a ticket, you agree to the WWDC 2013 Attendance Policy.

MacDailyNews Take: How long will the hottest ticket in tech last this year? 15 minutes?

Tickets sold out in just 12 hours in 2011. And only 2 hours in 2012.

Let the reloads (good luck, everyone!) – and the parsing of Apple’s invitation text and graphic – begin!

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  1. Very colourful graphic, as Apple normally plants teaser clues for each year’s WWDC I’m carelessly leaping to the conclusion that the colours either refer to the choices of iPhone nano or perhaps the introduction of the iWatch.

    1. After having a second viewing, I don’t think it’s coincidence that Apple is using roman numerals (as used on many watch faces), therefore it’s pointing in the direction of a colourful selection of iWatches.

      1. Reminds me of an iWatch mock up interface I saw somewhere, incorporating a spin motion to dial down to an app.
        Could also be a new way to multiprocess or the colours indicating the number of processes running…so might not just be an ‘wearable’ device interface…
        ‘jus dreamin….

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