Apple searching for Tim Cook replacement? Apple BoD may have begun secret search for new CEO, sources say

“Is Apple secretly searching for a new chief executive to replace Tim Cook? ,” Gene Marcial reports for Forbes.

“Some Wall Street sources close to some Apple executives say such a move is afoot, although there’s yet no available evidence that the board of the once-mighty top tech-innovator is officially in such a game-changing mode,” Marcial reports. “But if it isn’t yet pursuing such a goal, it should, according to some big stakeholders, who have trimmed their Apple holdings.”

Marcial reports, “They assert privately that it’s time for Apple to oust Cook. Under his tenure Apple shares rose to an all-time peak last September, but they have since been cut nearly in half… unless Apple CEO Cook announces something really dramatic in new products or astronomical earnings on Tuesday, the stock will surely decline even more. And so will Tim Cook’s standing with shareholders and investors — and Wall Street. That may finally signal his exit.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Specious.

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    1. Every board of directors should always consider candidates for CEO, the same occurred when Jobs was in charge. However, this does not mean that Tim Cook’s days at Apple are numbered.

    2. fud fud fud fud
      Fud Fud Fud Fud
      FUD! FUD! FUD! FUD!

      FSCK off Wall Street analcyst haters. Thank goodness Apple doesn’t give a RAT’S about your manipulation and demolition of Apple campaign. Go manipulate and demolish yourselves. 😛

      1. BTW Derek, typographically, uppercase is apparently talking loud. While a bold setting can be considered shouting. Screaming would be the combination of the two BOLD and UPPERCASE. – Go figure? 🙂

        Carry on the fight to defend Apple – proud of you.

  1. If Apple is doomed, it is the greed of speculative investors and the spinelessness of the BoD that dooms it. You don’t get world changing developments on demand, they come when they are ready. If you stifle the process you get nothing. Goose that laid the golden egg and all that.

    1. ‘the sky is falling!
      the sky is falling!’

      ‘wow! what if chicken little is right! we might as well kill ourselves right now rather than suffer the pain and anguish of having the sky fall on us! where’s my seppuku knife?!’

      Oh darn. Chicken Little was wrong. What fools we were to believe its ranting. Apple gutted its future for nothing. We lost the greatest company on the planet all due to some dumbass, loud mouth little chicken. FRIED CHICKEN FOR DINNER EVERYONE! 😀

        1. I think we have enough, considering the plethora of ‘chicken littles’ we have pecking around the barnyard called ‘Wall Street’.

          I call first dibs on breaking their necks! You folks can do the plucking. 😉

    1. not just mere FUD, but Magnum Fudus…it may well be the new benchmark that future FUD is compared to..”Hey, Gene, remember back in ’13 when you did the horseshit about Cook in Forbes?” “Boy, sure do, it was my masterpiece.”

        1. ” . . . king of the channel and subvendor control.” Really? REALLY?

          How’d all that “royalty” work out with the iMac release late last year? Had that product rolled out on time and in volume, this meltdown of AAPL would not have been nearly so massive.

          Yeah, yeah, yeah. Master of the supply chain domain, this guy. Gawd protect us shareholders from his like in the future.

          1. Tim is the best in the industry regarding the supply chain… he has proven this many times over – even before Apple.
            He also is a fantastic leader, according to many at Apple. And yes – appointed by SJ, however the war on Apple has risen. Tim is not right for the times. He is not perfect. His passion for Apple doesn’t speak to the masses. And Jony Ives aint the man either. Tim you know who is right – bring him back and step down to handle the supply again.


            1. No. No we don’t want you back Scott. Tim Cook may have his issues but your ass is gone for a good reason. Apparently you didn’t know how to play well with others and share your toys.

            2. Steven P. Jobs never played well with others and certainly didn’t share his toys. Who the hell do you think mentored Scott all these years? Scott and Ive were his favorites. He gave them the power and encouragement to be what and who they are.

              You really think Scott went off the range and changed his mode of operation when Steve Died? I personally doubt it. No way that senior of an exec with the experience he has suddenly goes anti-social. My bet is sour grapes on part of his detractors over years of preferential treatment he received and the attitude that Steve helped instill in him. Steve would not have apologized over maps either.

              There is a reason he had been with Steve since the nEXT days. Like OS X? Thank Scott..Just think you almost got Gassee and Be..Be thankful you had Scott and nEXTstep..

  2. Instead of firing Tim Cook, Apple needs to bring in a crazy visionary as the Chief Development Officer. Cook is the best supply chain and people manager in the industry and compliments Apples complicated manufacturing arrangement very well and he was hand picked by Jobs. Firing him is not wisdom.

    1. As CEO he should step down, and remain as the supply god.
      Cook has done just as poorly as others whom he has fired.
      Jony is ridding on the same design constantly… the bases form and shape and styling is established – the engineers are the ones who make it so.

      Greed has returned to Apple… it started with Cook.
      Steve was a very sick man during his last years, he depended on Cook to manage things – but that was the SMOOTH SAILING times… things are heating up and Cook just hasn’t got it.

  3. A Source close to the BoD at Apple has stated that they are looking at joining Samsung as a subsidy. Although, no evidence indicates this and planning is possibly afoot. In other stock manipulation and bogus news, Windows 8 copies selling faster than production line’s capacity

  4. It’s analysts who we should be ridding the world of. As soon as the iWatch/Apple TV/whatever else comes along everyone will have forgotten about this blip.

  5. Find a stretch of water 50 meters long. An Olympic size pool will do. Make the potential Apple CEO candidate take off his shoes and don a pair of Jerusalem sandals and saffron robes. Shaving of head is optional.

    Make him stand at one end of the pool. Ask him to walk across the pool lengthwise without any aids.

    Anoint the person who reaches the other end with dry robes.

    1. The way to do it is by freezing the surface of the pool. But that would incite accusations of cheating. Even if the candidate fed 5000 stock market analysts with 5 loaves and 2 fishes, there would be complaints that the loaves weren’t New York Pumpernickel and the fish weren’t smoked.

  6. Totally speculative. Since when does innuendo become news? Don’t let facts get in the way of a story, heaven forbid.

    As a scientist, I have a sense of responsibility to NOT say something that is not based on fact as there are consequences resulting from such unprofessional actions. THe public is misinformed, other scientists chase something hopeless, etc etc.

    Am getting so sick of these people.

  7. Once mighty? What are they basing these things on . . . Every number other than the stock price says Apple is mightier than ever (and mightier than any technology company in the history of the world).

    I use profanity sparingly and in doing so I believe that when I do it packs a punch. Fuck you, Wall Street.

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