Apple donates $8 million, pledges new Apple devices to schools, in Chinese earthquake relief

“A powerful earthquake struck the city of Ya’an in Sichuan province over the weekend, not too far from the site of the larger and even more catastrophic quake in 2008,” Steven Millward reports for Tech In Asia. “Now, with rescue teams already on site, it’s time for donations to flood in to help sustain survivors and rebuild the area. Tech companies are keen to be philanthropic too.”

Apple has pledged RMB 50 million (US$8 million) this morning for the Chinese victims,” Millward reports. “Apple has a memorial image for the quake victims on its homepage right now.”

Millward reports, “According to Sina Tech, the Cupertino company released a statement that also pledged new gadgets for quake-hit schools: ‘At this difficult time, our hearts are with the victims of the Sichuan earthquake. Aside from the cash donation to help the affected people to tide over their difficulties, we are committed to providing new Apple devices to schools in the disaster area, and Apple employees in the locality are on stand-by at any time to help.'”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. Amen! This is exactly the right sort of PR move Apple needed to make, although I’m sure it’s more genuine than just a calculated relations stunt. But it’s the right move to make in this climate, and I’m happy they jumped on it.

      Now watch the rest of the world either ignore this move, or twist it into a bad thing.

      1. Like many things Apple does, or tries to do, I hope this also will be a case of lets do whats right, and do it right. Any positive things that follow from doing whats right is just icing and gravy.

        I hope it wasn’t done to grab a few headlines and PR.

  1. Giving away money to someone besides the poor shareholders who have labored very hard over the years to produce Apple products…. Oh wait, what were we talking about?

    I remember, Apple can’t sell devices, so they are forced to give them away in China cause no one in America will buy them. Just cause it works for Amazon and Google doesn’t mean it will work for Apple. This is going to shoot profit margins all to hell in a handbasket. THINK OF THE INVESTORS! Wouldn’t someone for the love of all thats good and holy think of the investors?

    Or something like that. What was the question again?

    Sincere heartfelt condolences to the victims and survivors. Will MDN put up a donation page for them?

    1. It’s a drop in the bucket for Apple. They won’t miss it. They lose more than that in the vending machine every day. Good for Apple. Shows the world that Americans don’t just think about money all the time.

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