Apple petitioned to add a native Armenian iOS keyboard

There are millions of users all around the world who would benefit from having an Armenian keyboard. Currently Android is growing in popularity because there is no Armenian keyboard available from Apple. With this in mind a petition has been created at iTechnology:

In recent years Apple products have become very popular amongst the million and millions of Armenian in Armenia and the diaspora around the world who use this 1600 year old ancient language . Devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are now used in all spheres of life – especially education and communication, which are critical in modern societies. We hereby request that Apple provide their loyal customers with a native option to use Armenia.

Sign and read the petition here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Todd Fabacher” for the heads up.]


  1. That surprises me, since Apple has even made Serbian language option for the iOS, even though the iPhone itself is still officially not available on any carrier, nor is there an iTunes or App Store for Serbia. Meanwhile, Armenia has had the iPhone for quite some time.

    I’m sure this is a trivial change to iOS to implement one more keyboard layout.

  2. Famous Armenian chess players:

    – Garry Kasparov (World Champion 1984-2000). Highest FIDE rating ever. Considered the best and most brilliant Grandmaster ever, next to Robert James Fischer of course.
    – Tigran Petrosian (World Champion 1963-1969)

  3. Surprising…Steve Jobs’ adoptive mom was Armenian. Best man at his wedding — Avie Tevanian — is also Armenian. I’ve heard Steve could speak a little Armenian — Western dialect — which is considered an endangered dialect by UNESCO. Western Armenian was spoken in Eastern Turkey before the Genocide by Turks in 1915.

  4. I am an iPhone users and I like it so far but if Apple continues to be ignorant to the reality than I may switch to android. I don’t believe that iOS can not support unicode. If that is the case than iOS has no future.
    I do believe this is an internal poor decision which intentions are not know. How can it support complex script (unicode characters) for Hebrew, Arabic but not Armenian? CAN YOU HEAR ME APPLE? WE NEED ARMENIAN KEYBOARD ON iPhone!

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