U.S. House passes Apple-backed cybersecurity bill; Obama threatens veto

“The House of Representatives passed legislation on Thursday designed to help companies and the government share information on cyber threats, though concerns linger about the amount of protection the bill offers for private information,” Alina Selyukh reports for Reuters. “This is the second go-around for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act after it passed the House last year but stalled in the Senate after President Barack Obama threatened to veto it over privacy concerns.”

“The bill, H.R. 624, drew support from House Democrats, passing on a bipartisan vote of 288-127, although the White House repeated its veto threat on Tuesday if further civil liberties protections are not added,” Selyukh reports. “The bill’s supporters say a new law is needed to let the government share threat information with entities that don’t have security clearances. ‘If you want to take a shot across China’s bow, this is the answer,’ the House bill’s Republican co-author and Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers of Michigan said on the floor on Thursday. While groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union remain displeased, House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer called the new version of the bill ‘a significant improvement from what was passed last year.'”

Selyukh reports, “Still, the future of cybersecurity legislation in the Senate remains unclear, given Obama’s veto threat and lack of action so far from Senate Democrats that control the majority there. The White House did not immediately comment on the bill’s passage. It was quickly welcomed, however, by many industry groups that had supported it. Backers had included the wireless group CTIA, the business lobby U.S. Chamber of Commerce and TechNet, which represents large technology companies such as Google Inc, Apple Inc, Yahoo! Inc and Cisco Systems Inc.”

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    1. Not true – he cut my taxes (and most of other American’s) during his first four years, because we were in the middle of a recession. Those tax cuts expired at the beginning of this year – it felt like a tax increase, but if you check the numbers, it was really just returning to the pre-Obama tax rate. While it sucks to be paying the higher tax rates, keeping a tax cut like that around indefinitely is irresponsible if you care at about the deficit.

      1. No one can support Obama and talk about the deficit. Bill Clinton spent 18% of GDP while Obama soared the speeding to over 24% of GDP. There is no way you can talk about taxes and responsibility and the deficit and step over that enormous ballooning of the federal government.

          1. And of course, the war stopped immediately and there were no additional troop deployments the second O’Bama was sworn in as President. AND Cuba is now just an R&R station for troops who are recovering from long stints in Hawaii. Oh, and all the banks have had to pay back those special loans while cutting the ludicrous pay checks to the elite employees.

            It is Corporatocracy – the corporations own both sides of the isle and the Federal Reserve owns the money that everyone is paying interest to use.

            Study and learn the reality of what is happening. It is not about Democrats vs. Republicans. Yet, as long as there is division, no one will wake up to see all of our freedoms are gone. No matter your political persuasion.


        1. Your self-righteous snobbery is indicative of someone who feels it is more important to spell check and make sure proper grammar is used rather than listen to what is being communicated. Sure, some people use an excess of profanity. If you are as saintly as you make yourself to appear, you might be able to overlook an individuals vocabulary and ascertain the message behind the words. maybe someone is frustrated with the situation and is having a difficult time rending a “properly” elucidated message. Be forgiving and supportive. Unless you feel more empowered castigating strangers.

    2. Romney was no different and do not insult the iPod by making it a stand in for Romney. Wake up people Romney Obama no difference. Bush, Clinton,bush Obama all the same. Each one tries to claim they are good but they have all been pro tax pro war and so on.

      This bill was nothing more then an attack on our freedom. And for the person who said we need taxes. You really believe that? Please you can pay your taxes but I will fight to keep 100% of what I earn. I earned it not the govt. we didnt need taxes before 1913 yet we had roads and everything. And each time there has been a tax increase there is an increase in spendin and the deficit goes up.

      1. All personal income taxes go to paying the Federal Reserve the interest American citizens supposedly owe. Federal taxes are voluntary for individuals. They are required for corporations.

        Study and learn. If you have the gumption to read the budget for fiscal year 2014, no one dime of individual taxes goes to pay anything but the interest to the Fed.

        Ain’t it grand! And it doesn’t matter who you elect, it will remain the same. Oh, and you cannot pay off the debt to the Federal Reserve because you have to pay interest on the money you are borrowing to pay the interest.

        You want to talk politics. Think on that for a while.

        1. Oh i know. And the only way it will change is electing someone who is outside of the washington club. Personally i liked Ron Paul. Maybe not every idea but i liked a ton more of his ideas then obama or romney. Besides anytime you elect the status quo you get the same thing we have always had.

    3. Amusing analogy. What we need to do is change the term from “Tax and spend Democrats” to “Spend and tax Democrats”. Because now we are borrowing 40 cents of every dollar and running the deficit up $trillions. This will have to be paid for in the future, and tax increases will be a LARGE part of it, no doubt.

    1. “part of the Bill of Rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. It was adopted as a response to the abuse of the writ of assistance, which is a type of general search warrant, in the American Revolution.”

      Why do you think that there were amendments? Perhaps they got something wrong or forgot something that needed a change? The civil war is done and the world has changed. People need protection from criminals, thugs, terrorists and malcontents. The state needs laws to allow them to take these people out of society to protect us.

      1. I think you need protection from yourself.

        Don’t be so naive as to think this has anything to do with protecting you, it doesn’t.

        It is an unwarranted power grab and assault on privacy. It is Orwellian in nature. Not good..

  1. Do your research!!!

    There may be some positive aspects of this bill, but many are questioning it from a privacy standpoint. Private companies need to be held responsible for safeguarding our private info. It seems this bill dilutes some of that responsibility.

  2. You people with a job need to stop posting on MDN and get back to work ASAP. There are MILLIONS of people on welfare who are relying on you! Seriously. How else will the Bamster give out the free money, free healthcare, free food and free phones? Oh and you might as well turn in your guns while you are at it and give up on voting or speaking your mind.

  3. The name of the bill is CISPA:
    Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.

    It was written by our Corporate Oligarchy as a tool for surveilling and prosecuting customers who steal and trade their media. THAT is the source purpose of the bill, NOT ‘cybersecurity’. All the ‘security’ jabber is whitewash poured on top to hide its actual purpose.


    Fine, ISPs etc toss the Feds anonymous data that looks suspicious. Uh oh, the new #1 movie in the USA is being traded via BitTorrent. Gotta stop that!

    But then comes the moment when that anonymous data has to be connected back to an actual US citizen: DARN! That data was collected WITHOUT A WARRANT! Therefore, all of that data is INADMISSABLE IN COURT and those who collected it ARE TRAITOROUS CRIMINALS. The same goes for the constitutionally literate bastards who pretend this bill is ‘constitutional’, when any grade school kid can determine that it is NOT.

    It’s that simple. READ the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution and understand:


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