Apple suspends Mac component orders, supply chain sources say

“Apple has reportedly stopped placing component orders for its Mac series products recently and related upstream suppliers so far have not yet received any word about when the US-based vendor will resume its orders, according to sources from the upstream supply chain,” Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“The suppliers originally expected to finish digesting their Mac inventories in April, but are now stranded waiting for further instructions from Apple,” Lee and Tsai report. “Since Apple hardly mis-estimates its shipment forecasts, the sharp order drop may imply that Apple has underestimated the PC industry’s weak status and its iPad products are affecting the PC industry more seriously than it expected.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not enough information to draw any sound conclusion. Could be anything from unsubstantiated rumor to a shift to MacBook Air models with Retina displays (finally!). We’ll likely know more soon enough – on April 23rd during Apple’s Q213 earnings results conference call with analysts.


  1. It is like blinds touching elephant . Each one say different things , but all of them only tells part of the story .

    Search” blind touching elephant ” , u will know what I mean .

  2. Next they will be telling us that people leaving the Apple Stores really only have toilet paper in those white bags they are caring out of the stores. Or that Tim Cook is sending out his resume to other IT companies and “patiently” watching for responses. Ok, I could believe the second one about Tim “being patient”.

      1. Actually it is a case of “So long… and thanks for all the fish” as they will be taking all the Macs back with them. Since there has not been enough humans showing a need for macs, they will be teleporting all of them back on the mothership soon.

        Possibly as soon as Apr 23 at 7:00pm. Just a thought.

        I am going to encase my in aluminum foil to keep them from stealing mine. Hey it works for peoples heads and mind reading,,,,,,, ???????? right??

  3. Apple is stopping the manufacturing of Macs, because it feels that it’s not fair to be the only company in tech that’s selling Macs while the rest of the industry continus to shrink for the last ten yeats.

    Apple has decideed to also give away all it’s cash and IP in solidarity with the losers.

  4. All of this country’s security and crime problems would be solved instantly if only the secret service, FBI and CIA could recruit these brilliant forecasters and their uncanny deductive abilities to serve and lead.

  5. Apple now at PE of 9 (including the cash). Even Dell is at 10!

    What a joke. Just goes to show that the market is run by a bunch of crooks who spend their time working out better ways of manipulating the market to make money.

  6. No use guessing, that’s what everyone else is doing. Maybe these articles are true and maybe they’re not? Why say they’re wrong? Who has proof that the articles are false? Why say they’re true? Who has proof that the articles are accurate? But guess what? We’re going to know Tuesday afternoon. I say we all gather round the campfire about 2:30 PM PST next Tuesday. Then all the naysayers can have a big laugh. All the conspiracy theorists can whoop it up. I’m not taking either side. I just don’t know. Seems like an awful lot of people are saying that Apple is going to miss their own numbers next Tuesday. They’ve been wrong before. But all the bullshit will end in five days. Because then we’ll know the truth. And I can’t wait to see who’s going to eat crow.

      1. I’ll bring the graham crackers. There will be a choice of two chocolate bars: Milk and dark. I get first dibs on dark!

        Seriously: When/if I see any actual reason to worry about Apple, you’ll hear about it. I’m planning on roasting ‘Apple Bears’ over a fire spit.

    1. The whole problem is that even if Apple does beat its own numbers the stock will continue to fall. Apple is pretty much tainted from an investor’s standpoint. By the way Apple is being judged as a company, it can’t possibly succeed against Wall Street.

      Apple can’t beat a generalized belief that everything it does will be quickly replaced by cheaper products. Apple temporarily making money means nothing because only the future matters to Wall Street. So, only Apple building a product that can’t be duplicated by any other company will make the company worth investing in by the big players. All the big money players believe the iPhone has absolutely no advantage over Android smartphones. They’re saying that Apple’s product quality isn’t worth anything. That really came as a shocker to me.

      The share price can never go back up under those circumstances. Dividends will likely increase, but Apple will probably never have a share price like Google. Why Brian White called out for $1,001 price target will never be determined now that the company seemingly isn’t even worth half that much.

    2. GM, you’re right. We don’t know. Neither do they. But what I do know is that the track record of “sources from the upstream supply chain” is dismal to say the least. So just going on that I choose to think that it’s the same old game.

    1. But the real question with Apple stock is… music please… “How low will it go? How low will it go? How low will it go? How low will it go?…”

      Wonder if anyone here wants to take the MDN posters brilliant stock pickers advise that at $400, AAPL is a steal and people should buy, buy, buy! Probably the same that said that at $600.00 and at $500.00. Makes me wonder if THEY ever took their own advice?!

      I’ve gotten out of AAPL while it made me some money, although sure would have loved that $300.00 per share more when it was $700.00…

  7. April 23rd can’t come soon enough to hopefully put the anal-cysts in their place. I can’t believe simple component order changes now have become doom ‘n gloom as the naysayers glom on to anything that could be construed as a disingenuous negative.

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