Apple revises retail store ‘One to One’ service, limits data migration

“For reasons that aren’t obvious, Apple has restated the terms of its retail store One to One service to limit how data migration services are offered for new Macintosh purchases,” Gary Allen reports for ifoAppleStore.

“The service is significant, since the company reports that over half of Mac purchases are to new-to-Mac customers, including those with Windows PCs who want to move their existing data to a Mac,” Allen reports. “The U.S. term revisions appeared yesterday on the ‘Details’ Web page for the One to One service, which is offered to new Mac buyers for $99 per year. For that price, a customer can receive Personal Training, Group Training, and Open Training at any Apple retail store, along with initial data migration from an existing Mac or PC to their new Mac.”

Allen reports, “In the latest version of the service terms, data migration can now only be requested within the first 60 days of of the service, instead of any time during the one year service term.”

More info and service revisions explained in the full article here.


  1. Hey, Apple is doing more of this kind of stuff and I think it will hurt them. One example:

    If you buy a new iPhone, and you want the Apple Care + service, you have to buy it IN THE STORE. At the latest within 30 days with proof that the phone is still fine. Otherwise the store will refuse to sell you Apple Care. Trust me on this. On the LAST page of the contract info in the fine print, it details this. I was able to get them to sell me regular Apple care but only by complaining to corporate and by going on line to AppleCare directly. You cannot get regular Applecare in the store either.

    So, there have been some weird moves by Apple lately. Now I totally understand Apple being able to make changes, but the problem is that they are not publicly stating these changes. There is still nothing about this limitation on iPhone AppleCare+ on the main phone web page. Not even an “*”.

    Anyone else notice anything weird like this??

    1. Totally untrue. You can buy it online at time of purchase.

      Stop coming up with weird scenarios……like 30 days after. If you buy online and want it 30 days after you should feel lucky you can still do so. And in that case OFCOURSE it has to be in the store……since they have to check that your phone is still good. Otherwise people would just sign up AFTER they damaged the phone. Do you get to buy car insurance after you been in an accident? No!

    2. Sounds like your experience sucked but that’s not normal. You can buy AppleCare + any time in the first 30 days even after you leave. You can even buy it over the phone buy calling Apple, they just run a diagnostic on you phone. If they didn’t sell it to you then they messed up. You can buy regular AppleCare any time in the first year, no complaining needed.

      1. My wife bought her new iPhone 5 from Old Orchard Apple Store on New Year’s Day and they made her buy AppleCare with the phone purchase. Seemed pretty crappy to me.

        Oh, and try buying AppleCare after the fact for an iPod Classic – no go. I bought her one for her birthday last fall – she doesn’t want music on her phone, go figure – and I missed the window of getting AppleCare when I bought it.

        1. You can buy AppleCare on Apple’s website for an existing Apple product as long as its still within the service agreement, for an iPod, that’s within the first year. you don’t even have to talk to a person so I’m not sure exactly that’s a “no go”. So you’re either lying or you just had a very non typical experience.

          Now when you say they “made” your wife buy it, do you mean they held her down and wouldn’t let her leave the store till she did? You can call apple and buy AppleCare + any time within the first 30 days as long as it passes the diagnostic they send it. If they told you otherwise, they lied.

  2. As a former creative trainer for Apple, this excites me. Nothing was more painful than someone bringing over their nasty file maneagement to their computer and then decide to transfer their files months after. Like who moves into a new place and goes about dirtying it up then want to move in all of their crap on top of the new filth months later. Before all we could do was urge customers to do it ASAP, now, I’m glad it’s a must. Sometimes you have to save people from themselves. That’s why I still didn’t have an issue with them hiding the library and McIntosh HD in Mountain Lion. If you really need it, you’ll know how to get to it and it is not that difficult but to prevent people from being complete idiots, hide it.

  3. what it is with mr. apple lately ?

    they took years to built a strong and loyal following, and customer base, by providing superior and premium products – for which we willingly pay a premium price – and by providing premium service and support.

    so why now, in the midst of a breathtaking plunge in stock valuation, and confidence, would they ever consider chiseling away at, and backing off of, services they have long offered and that has long earned them a sterling reputation in that regard.

    it may be a small thing, but it is like shooting yourself in the foot. in the midst of all the fud out there, this just adds fuel to the fire.

    who the heck came up with this ralph kramden idea?

    have the bean counters now taken control – “hey we can save a little money here…”

  4. Actually, I think it should have been limited at the start. If you buy a computer and want the data transferred , do it ASAP. Otherwise, software versions may change and conflicts could corrupt or destroy data between different software or software manufacture.
    This would add time and complexity for Apple to solve the problem or be faced with an upset customer.
    Buy a new Mac and need data moved. Do it in the first week if possible or a least a week before the return policy expires. That way all parties are covered.

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