iPad mini shipments expected to drop 20-30% in Q213 as consumers wait for next-gen model, sources say

“Upstream sources in the iPad mini supply chain expect a 20-30% decline in shipments for the device during the second quarter of 2013 due to lacking demand in the market,” Siu Han and Alex Wolfgram report for DigiTimes.

“The lacking demand stems from consumers waiting for the release of the next generation iPad mini, said the sources,” Han and Wolfgram report. “Apple has also recently adjusted its reserves for the current iPad mini, which are estimated to be between 10-12 million during the quarter, down from approximately 15 million in the first quarter of the year.”

Han and Wolfgram report, “Apple still hopes to ship 55 million iPad minis in 2013, the sources said.”

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    1. Agreed, my wife could not get mine for Christmas, so I said I will hold of for the upgraded iPad mini coming soon.

      I am blown away. We have not yet seen what a full quarter shipment of the iPad mini is. But these fools are sure it will drop next quarter. Did the get their check from Samsung for that article yet?

      1. my ipad 2 has cracked glass after the kids were fighting over it. i’m not buying any electronics until the fall. waiting for refresh and i want my kids outside this summer

    1. What’s next? Imaginary parts shortages, not meeting WS expectations, panned by pundits, analcysts, and tech ‘journalists’ as not being good enough cause its not_____ and doesn’t have ______, imaginary non-demand, rinse and repeat till AAPL is $350

      And in spite of more record breaking quarters, more record profits, and even more total percentage of mobile/handheld industry profits, somehow it still won’t be good enough. Apple OTOH, will be laughing all the way to the bank, and the buying customers/end users will be smiling!

      1. I’d say the whole Apple v the world thing is Shakespearean.
        An epic story line with the return of the king and it’s rebirth, the rise from ashes to dominance. Throw in back-stabbing, infighting, evil gossip, being beset with naysayers on all sides, infiltrators(Schmidt), the three witches(MS, Google and Samsung)…it’s the stuff of legend.
        Not sure about the cross-dressing though 😉

    2. As it was reported a week or two ago, there is sh!tload of shorts on AAPL out there. This is simply the work of those big institutional short holders protecting their investment. As soon as they can unload their short positions they will be back in the AAPL long business. AAPL has become the route to big trading gains as the stock is manipulated to yo-yo up and down.

  1. Actually, this year if I can afford it, I will probably buy the new full size iPad. I think this time out, the new iPad will cannibalize the mini for a change. At any rate, the year of the iPad , I see both getting great improvements and doing great business.

  2. This is silly. Apple typically has a drop off in sales after a new product is announced (due to major initial demand), and then Apple backs off of the production numbers as it readies the next model for production.

    Nothing to see here, move along . . . .

  3. is it news? this kind of recycle has been always happened. it is not just ipad mini but iphone, and ipad. but here is catch. apple products like above are sold well for next 3-4 months. then that’s all. line is not up anymore especially international market. I don’t care US. apple will experience to lose a big chunk of share from android phones, tablet. why? people find that apple iOS or itunes store is not really advantage of using iphone, ipad anymore. you don’t even have any music, movie, TV shows on itunes store in Korea. literally it is useless. app? android is much better than iOS nowadays. plus, android phone is much cheaper. you can’t beat it. apple should stop pursuing premium price policy. it will fall. people are smart. they don’t just buy apple products anymore in this economy condition. for example, you can buy a good laptop which costs below $1000. it is still very nice. but it is impossible to get mac. do you know how much mac laptop costs in Korea? it is twice expensive than US. nobody buys this piece of crap. nowadays, ipad, iphone sale are not good at all.

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