Fair trade officials investigate Samsung for paying people to post ‘fake web reviews’ that defame competitor

“Fair-trade officials in Taiwan are looking into reports that Samsung paid people to criticise rival HTC online,” BBC News reports. “Samsung is alleged to have hired students to post negative comments about phones made by Taiwan’s HTC.”

“If found guilty of engaging in “false advertising”, Samsung and its local agent could face fines of up to of 25m Taiwanese dollars (£547,000),” The Beeb reports. “Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission had begun an investigation after receiving a series of complaints, a spokesman told the AFP news agency.”

The Beeb reports, “A local website had published documents appearing to show Samsung had been recruiting students to criticise HTC and praise Samsung anonymously on the web, reported PC Advisor. Samsung Taiwan said it had not been told about the investigation, however the subsidiary put a statement on its local Facebook page saying it had ‘ceased all marketing activities that involve the posting of anonymous comments.'”

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Michael Kan reports for PC Advisor, “The investigation occurs after a local site, called TaiwanSamsungLeaks, accused the South Korean company of “evil marketing” for covertly criticizing rival products through anonymous Internet users. As evidence, the site published documents allegedly from Samsung’s hired marketing firm cataloguing the different forum posts it made last year on local gadget sites.”

“The topics covered included a user complaining that his girlfriend’s HTC One X phone was constantly crashing, and how Samsung’s Galaxy Note phone was superior to HTC’s Sensation XL handset,” Kan reports.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We don’t call them Samscum for nothing.

Don’t buy products from morally bankrupt filth.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. Boycott? Really? I don’t buy them – because they are third rate quality products, as you would expect from a company with such a rich and long-standing track record of dishonest, shonky business practices. Boycotting them would be to give them far too much credibility.

  1. Really, “A local website had published documents appearing to show Samsung had been recruiting students to criticise HTC and praise Samsung”. When do you think they will find the documents that they are manipulating MadMoney, Bloomberg, … Oh, they call that advertising dollars Timmy and the Apple board.

    1. I think Apple’s agency of record has been telling them not to stoop to Samsung’s level, otherwise there would be a lot more focused rhetoric defending Apple.

    1. That definition would make Enderle of “The Enderle Group” in violation of the law, as well. He has been a paid Microsoft shill for many years.

      Even the maximum possible fine is unlikely to be a meaningful deterrent to Samsung. Less than USD$1M? Samsung will consider the FUD that was distributed during this campaign well worth the price. After all, FUD is the gift that keeps on giving. Some people will continue quoting erroneous information for years without ever stopping to verify its veracity, especially if the information was provided by a peer.

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