Apple Store Boylston Street temporarily closed following Boston Marathon bombings

Apple’s retail web page for Apple Store Boylston Street currently reads:

The Apple Store, Boylston Street, is closed temporarily.

Our thoughts are with our neighbors in the community and everyone affected by Monday’s tragedy in Boston.

Apple Store Boylston Street is located at 815 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts, a couple of blocks from where the bombs were detonated.


MacDailyNews Note: MacDailyNews has begun a fundraiser via Crowdwise in honor of the Boston Marathon Bombing Victims via The American Red Cross.

For more information or to donate, please click here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RG” for the heads up.]


    1. Has personally involved and as heartfelt as your comment was, and I do honour you for expressing your feelings; IMHO, it doesn’t matter whether it was a pro job or an amateur job – most especially to those who died and were injured.

      What I fail to understand is how someone can take pleasure (no matter how sick and perverted they are) in the personal injury and death of others.

      It has been shown here in Oz that people who take glee in killing or injuring animals will at sometime, if the occasion arrises and there is an inkling of the possibility of not being caught, that those who harm animals without remorse will move to humans.

      As part of investigations here, there is now research done as to the possible connection between the mysterious deaths of animals and people harmed or killed in the area.

      Not sure if it is applicable but the “amateurs” in this case had things pretty well coordinated: black nylon knapsack, pressure cooker containers, electronically controlled detonation, placed and timed for maximum damage. All indicators that it is someone who has either been trained in the manufacture of IEDs or dealt with them in Iraq or Afghanistan.

      And, yes, I hope the bastards are caught and offered to die the same way they caused the deaths. Oh, but we an’t do that because they had a fractured childhood and it may cause them pain as they die. We wouldn’t want that,now would we? How could I even think such a thought.

      My bad.

      (Sorry, I got a bit carried away. I am sad and angry that a great sporting event has been turned into a place of carnage.)

      My heart and prayers go out to all of those who suffered in any way. I can’t imagine the trauma of running along and then waking up with no legs.

    2. Clearly, we need greatly expanded gun pressure cooker control laws in order for us to all be “safe.”

      Nanny Obama will save us all, messiah that he is, we just need to cede all of our hard fought liberties for which our American patriots gave their lives back in the late 1700s and for which our American patriots have given their limbs and lives to protect ever since.

      The world is a dangerous place. Government can’t protect you. Goverment can’t guarantee your health, regardless of how much they destroy the country and the economy to provide shit-grade, low-end, rationed “healthcare.”

      The government is not your mommy.

      Guns pressure cookers don’t kill people. People kill people.

      Smaller government, stronger military, and call terrorism “terrorism” when it’s obviosuly fscking terrorism. End the insidious cancer of political correctness. Protect the U.S. Constitution at all costs. Speak the truth. Stop devaluing life by murdering tens of millions of the unborn for convenience.

      These are the things that will save the USA and the world. Everything Obama and his ilk support and espouse leads to death in spirit and in reality.

      1. Have you always been a fsckhead or just became one recently?
        Why do you take a tragedy and turn it into an anti gun control rant?
        Crawl back into hole you came out of!!!

            1. What’s amazing is that you seem to “think” that name-calling is a substitute for reasoned debate. Try to refute my points, I need a good laugh.

  1. This whole thing has really shaken up our city. If there’s one thing I can say about Boston is that we’re one big fahkin’ family and we take care of each other. <3

    We thank you all for your thoughts, your help, and your support.

  2. Unfortunately there are sick f$ckheads who hate another person or people for what ever reason in their deranged minds give them. We need to learn that we may not get bombed as often as in Pakistan or Syria but that this bombing will not be the last, sadly.

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