The New York Times cashes in on its naked ploy to ride Apple Inc. all the way to a Pulitzer Prize

The staff of The New York Times has won a 2013 Pulitzer Prize for “Explanatory Reporting” for “its penetrating look into business practices by Apple and other technology companies that illustrates the darker side of a changing global economy for workers and consumers,” according to the Pulitzer Prize Board.

For a distinguished example of explanatory reporting that illuminates a significant and complex subject, demonstrating mastery of the subject, lucid writing and clear presentation, using any available journalistic tool, Ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

Source: The Pulitzer Prizes

MacDailyNews Take: Ginning up some “news” = Pulitzer Prize in 2013. What a complete joke. See related articles below.

Steve’s spinning in his grave with this “news.”

So, what’s next? Lard-ass liar Mike Daisey winning The Presidential Medal of Freedom?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]

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  1. Reminds me of that fatass fsck Michael Moore, the lard ass stinking bloated sphincter lib of America. He will die of a heart attack soon enough, the morbid obese asswipe.

        1. Yes, they are.

          Judging by the star ratings of x, althegeo and MacRaven — the hyper MM supporters are out there but remain clueless twit tweets.

          Flame me.

    1. I’m sure that so called “LardAss” as you put it, has done more with his life reporting on what he believes then you have ever accomplished and that’s saying allot!

      At least the impact Moore has made has brought a different light to what the worst side of the controlled paid for whores that we have in the political arena and bad business that only look after themselves, and get fatter with everyone’s cash, oh and that includes your cash also.

      You may find it okay to be bought and sold and made a fool of but most do not.

      I find it refreshing that he has got under your skin and I hope he keeps on doing it for years to come.

      Have a nice day.

      1. right you are!
        the problem with Moore is that Conservative/Republicans hate liberals and judge without intelligence or knowing but discrimination & out of fear for things they will never understand.

        the irony of Patriotism: it is the Crazy Ones (Apple Think Diff campaign) that change anything & for the better…it is those like Moore, liberal or not, the essence of whom is to expose the hypocrisy & try to uphold the foundational principles of freedom, liberty, democracy, to challenge the status quo continually to keep it abreast, not to deviate from it, that is commendable, not to be shunned!!

        if we Americans lived less in fear, of war, hatred, socialism (which is not communism!), we’d wouldn’t be the world’s unhealthiest fattest nation, its most aggressive example, its worst infrastructure-wise in the West, its least educated, economically dire etc.

        let’s stop bashing liberals, let’s start solving problems. we have too many for the 1st time in our young history. should we reach decadence so early?! we can do it, but without self-destructing, competing within our nation! it’s insane. let’s be smart. see other nations who teach us from history we ignore.

    2. What you meant to say was: I don’t like Michael Moore very much at all. Instead what you really said was that you are a poorly educated person who lives in a run down ghetto and managed to log onto a free computer in the library where you go to wash up and use the toilet.

      1. Goodness! First you make anti-American comments left and right and now you are making fun of poor people, uneducated people or homeless people. You really are a prince. Aren’t you?

        1. If everybody conducted themselves like c3pno on this forum, I would never visit it because it would be one boring ass trip down holier than thou lane every time.

        2. Perhaps, but the lane wouldn’t be impassable from the piles of verbal ordure dumped by an overrepresented, posturing herd of bull-headed, horn-locking minotaurs.

        3. Once in awhile I agree there are posts over the top with disgusting language. But he jumps on any words that aren’t suitable in pre-school or an Amish Picnic. I say pick your battles. The one above was no big deal. It’s not like this place is a web-hits hot spot magnet of news for the under 16.

      1. Moore was never proven to consciously lie about anything. He, of course, as any real human being, was mistaken at time on a number of details, but he is nothing like this Mike Daisy guy. Moore is genuine.

  2. apple refuses to do any P.R

    if they had released info about the errors in NYTs and other publications those reporters would look like fools

    but Apple management twiddles its thumbs and let others define it.
    Look at Waze’s CEO today bashing Apple maps, will apple saying anything? If not then the bashes will define it. (Waze is just TODAYs example , the list of bashes is endless because apple refuses to defend itself)

    If you don’t correct errors it becomes fixed in public opinion as TRUTH. Just like right now so many people believe Apple is abusing its workers in China (my accountant, a smart dude, believes it because he reads NYT and WSJ) while the truth is Apple is probably the top 1% for employee responsibility in Asia.

    (not many of the general public read specialized tech news to get the correct info about apple, others depend on NYT, CNBC etc )

    NYT spends all its time whacking apple with lies or mis truths (singling out apple for example without other companies mentioned), apple doesn’t defend, so NYT is laughing to the podium and bank (pulitizers help circulation).

    I’ve seen TV clips of Foxconn workers ontop of the foxconn’s MICROSOFT building roof being described as Apple workers threatening suicide, does apple say anything? NOOOOOOOO…..

    Cook DUST of the PR dude, he’s sleeping long enough or perhaps get your freaking JANITOR to do some P.R.

    your stock has P.E of 9, Microsoft has a P.E of 14, apple’s P.E is less than many of the half dead companies on the stock exchange. P.E is due to PERCEPTION of a company and that shows the perception of Apple sucks.

    ( some peope disagree with me and say apple shouldn’t defend itself , that it shoud be secret… but Steve Jobs defended itself when necessary. At the peak of the net book craze when analysts were predicting apple will fail because it doesn’t have netbooks, Jobs when at length at why Apple can’t build a good laptop for under 500 and netbooks — “piles of junk ” — suck because of too small keys etc. He didn’t just stand and take it. )

  3. “Apple and other technology companies”
    “Apple, Others Implicated in {Transgression}”

    Use of such phraseology, in which a prominent member represents the entire group (synecdoche), in a headline or lead paragraph is completely justifiable, according to The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage.

    It serves the valuable purpose of sharply focusing readers’ attention on a key story element, especially one that motivates their continued reading, at least until the jumpline.

    The construction may only be used if true: i.e. if the members are verifiably in the referenced group, however tenuously.

    In the examples above, it suffices that a visiting employee of Apple, Inc. once had lunch at another company’s cafeteria, or may have had lunch there, or may have had lunch a mere two blocks away, or was thinking about lunch but decided against the Liuzhou snail powder.

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