Is this the front of Apple’s upcoming 5th gen. iPad?

Today we bring you probably the first concrete evidence that the production of the iPad 5 has begun, reports.

A picture that was sent to us by one of our moles [in China] may indeed be the first evidence the imminent release of the next iPad.

The facade visible in this image could be of an iPad mini, but the person holding the part would have to have very small hands, reports. Assuming that this hand belongs to a normal adult, this iPad part is unquestionably the front of a full-sized iPad and probably, a fifth generation iPad.

5th-gen. iPad 5 case? (photo via:
5th-gen. iPad 5 case? (photo via:

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. There is an *extremely* good chance the image shows a very small hand — the glove clearly is much, much to large for that hand. Therefore there is an extremely good chance that this image is of an iPad mini front.

    1. I think you’re right about the hand being very small.

      Now we can look forward to the WSJ claiming that this picture proves that Apple is using child workers to assemble iPads. Then Reuters will use the same picture in a story about how Apple assembly workers are given poorly fitting gloves as a cost saving measure due to falling iPad demand.

      1. When my wife was 18, she looked like she was 12. Or so she says. I met her when she was 30, she looked 20.

        Chinese are small people. I am the smallest American I know, but I tower above many many of the folks here in Singapore.

        Lets not be rash with thinking that hand is one of a child. And let’s continue to attempt to ensure that there are no children working in those factories (wishful, I know)

    2. Shadow, you’re clearly not accustomed to wearing disposable latex gloves; they come in boxes of standard sizes, one-size-fits-all, so they are loose fitting even on large hands. If I stretch my hand to its fullest, my thumb on the bottom edge of my iPad 3, my little fingertip is just short of the top edge, but the gloves that I wear when cleaning chemical tanks on plate processing machines are about the same fit on me. You can’t assume anything from this photo, other than its likely that that hand is likely that of a regular size adult.

  2. Fake or not it is likely the new ipad will copy the minis smaller bezel. The existing one is needlessly big.

    I’d love a 12″ widescreen ipad, as I use mine a lot for Netflix and reading newspapers. The new slim bezel style would stop this being ridiculously large. Also widescreen is much better for games since controls can be put to the side. FIFA on iPhone 5 is awesome.

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