“Doubtlessly, [Apple’s iPad mini is] beautiful to hold and use, and for the last few months, it has been reported that the full-sized iPad may be treated to similar design traits,” Ben Reid reports for Redmond Pie.

“Following on from the supposed Retina iPad mini case leaks, the first cases of a redesigned iPad 5 have leaked via case maker MiniSuit, which seem to further substantiate the notion of the iPad mini and regular iPad adopting a uniform look moving forward,” Reid reports. “The leaked iPad 5 case is slimmer than that of the iPad 4, and thus as well as looking as though it would house a design reflective of the iPad mini.”

Reid reports, “The sources at MiniSuit believes the redesigned iPad 5 will drop in June. If true, we’ll almost certainly see an announcement at this year’s WWDC, but conflicting reports have pointed to a release date of around October.”

Read more – and see the photos of the cases – in the full article here.