Apple patent application details iOS devices with flexible displays, housings, even flexible batteries

“A new patent application from Apple was discovered in Europe this morning that reveals advanced iDevice flex display features. Apple’s patent application covers a lot of ground including both flex screen designs and flexible components to make these designs work. One such component is a unique flex battery design,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Apple states that future flexible electronic devices may include flexible housing members and flexible internal components. A flexible housing member may include a flexible device housing,” Purcher reports. “Rigid and flexible internal components may be mounted in the flexible housing. Flexible internal components may include a flexible display such as an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display… Flexible internal components may include flexible batteries such as batteries having rigid and flexible portions, batteries formed from multiple rigid portions joined in a flexible joint, and batteries formed from flexible battery layers.”

Purcher reports, “Flexible electronic devices may include flex sensing components for sensing deformations of the flexible electronic device. Deformations of the flexible electronic device that are sensed by flex sensing components may provide user input to the electronic device. For example, twisting a flexible electronic device may change the operating mode of the device, may be interpreted by the device as a command to an electronic gaming system, may turn the device on or off, etc.”

Much more, including Apple’s patent application illustrations, in the full article here.

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  1. I hear more details could be coming later. The patent hints at gaming features. I also think it shows another take on the iwatch wristband idea that they revealed weeks back.

    1. yes – a closed device that reveals specific time and date – or notification on the curved side… to me – its pointless – a device that needs to be closed? most people leave the cellphone uncovered – similarly the iPad – always ready

      curved surfaces – bendable ? nah

      1. Samsung CEO is so hyped as if he created it himself… wow it bends — but what for? oh wow here is a more practical example — do i want to cover my device?
        no – flex screens – roll in into a tube

        as one can see the screen is not foldable – it has a bendable limit — yet the idea of a phone and tablet — is interesting…

        thats why the iPad mini/phone with retina
        screen (the phone-let) will be here sooner

        1. lets see how this might play out:

          – the guy hands her his device before she asks – zip
          – we should have coffee sometime, uhmm we are at a coffee shop
          – wowwwwa, amazing, she is so easily impressed from what quick and stiff the screen comes out; wait until she realizes how flexible it is – lol

      2. oh Slamdung what big – thick – 1970s looking junk – sorry no sell to me – though i do like the concept of a phone/tablet

        iPad mini is the right form factor and size for daily use

        iPad mini with retina & phone capabilities will be the one and only device people want.

        an iPad mini with LGs flex screen could benefit iPad from – accidental drops – allowing it to flex and twist – and spring back to position

      3. My comment was poking fun at Samsung who slavishly copy Apple at every turn and then claim that they don’t. For many readers or MDN, this would have been considered sarcasm even though it doesn’t have the \s tag.

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