Apple licenses $10 million in patents originally created by Palm, others

“Apple has reached an agreement to license intellectual property from a Japanese company that owns patents originally created by Palm and PalmSource, creator of the Palm OS PDA operating system,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“The licensing agreement for 1 billion yen, or about $10 million U.S., was announced by ACCESS Co., Ltd. and was first noted on Wednesday by Macotakara. Other patents included in the deal were created by Bell Communications Research and Geoworks,” Oliver reports. “The company formerly known as PalmSource is now owned by Japan’s ACCESS and is known as ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc.”

Oliver reports, “The licensing agreement is likely a key strategic move for Apple as it looks to gain some leverage in the highly competitive — and litigious — smartphone space.”

Read more in the full article here.


          1. I owned the original PSION Organizer and then an Organizer 2 around 1987 PSION was first as far as a product, I don’t think it displayed icons though. It had an LCD display that did 4 lines of text.

    1. Yeah sure. I have a Mac SE with OS6 that can display a grid of icons also, so Palm in an ‘inheritor’ of OS6.

      sorry left nut far to much prior art to make a statement like that.

        1. Does your lump of coal display icons in a grid? Are you just being contrary for fun this morning, or did you really miss the concept that Apple might use something familiar like a grid of icons that they had used previously?

  1. Knock Palm as you may, my Palm Centro was a workhorse for me. And it filled a crucial gap during the time an iPhone could not be bought in my state of the Union.

    $10 Million in licensing beats a counterproductive patent lawsuit from a dead platform. It’s a bargain for Apple.

  2. Steve Jobs had made a friendly offer to buy Palm after he returned to Apple. If I remember correctly, the Palm CEO laughed at him. Now Palm is finished and the IP belongs to Apple! Where is the “more blood” headline from MDN?

  3. its a licensing agreement
    not a buy out of the company, “Access” and all its rights.

    Perhaps Apple should buy Access, out so…
    it can gain a more strategic leverage.

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