Apple reportedly plans ultra high-res Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV resolution revolution

“Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, once advised students to ‘join the dots,’ but it seems Apple’s future plans include making dots seem to disappear as it focuses on delivering the highest possible resolution across its product range,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“I’m talking about an interconnected platform across Macs, iPads, iPhones and future devices we haven’t seen yet; a platform capable of creating and consuming the highest available resolution video content,” Evans writes. “This focus on resolution is central to the company’s plans. Why else have Apple executives chosen to point out that the iPad actually boasts a higher resolution than any HDTV? Apple tends to keep to plan, and those mentions should be seen as prophetic to what the company hopes to achieve.”

Evans writes, “When you connect this vision to notions of future Apple televisions, Apple displays and Apple devices, things begin to make sense. Now this week there’s been a series of hints at this element to the company’s future plans to out-innovate its competitive followers.”

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  1. The 1st Bad @$$ Apple TV box not the panel IMHP In My Honest Prediction 😉Will include a killer 4K capable Apple custom designed obviously, ARM with at least 2K but most likely 4K ultra powerful smooth gaming. Not to mention all the other included capabilities, iRadio, Netfilx a w/4K library & of course iTunes also with 4K content.

    1. Who the f— cares about stupidly high resolutions? My eyes aren’t that good that I can see micro pixels. My patience isn’t such that I’ll wait for huge downloads (even on my HDTV I still download the SD version from iTunes). And I don’t want to buy new larger hard drives to store massive files. This is quite simply a dumb idea that smacks more of feature check-off than something usable by real people with real lives.

  2. Too bad much of what Evans was reporting relied on ideas from DigiTimes. You can probably dismiss his whole article if that is the quality of his other sources as well.

  3. In the last few days Sony announced a “4K UHDTV” (really just a UHD TV, not really 4K) for $4,999 for a 55″ and $6,999 for 65″. It will be difficult for Apple to come up with a sellable computer or monitor for less than that (and extremely few people are going to pay $5,000 for a computer monitor or iMac equivalent).

    The second generation of Thunderbolt that will natively support UHDTV and 4K at decent refresh rates and color depths won’t be shipping until the end of 2013 at the earliest and likely not until mid 2014.

    I’m guessing the revolution to 4K class systems won’t happen until 2014 or later. It will happen. Just not in 2013.

  4. 4k will only happen when the chicken & egg conundrum is solved: media content has to be available for users to justify the purchase. Apple can’t even reliably distribute 1080p content with full color spectrum and high definition audio today.

  5. First iphone, then ipad, then MacBook, iMac next, then 4k Apple TV. I think it makes most sense to do it in order of viewing distance. A retina iMac makes more sense than a TV as it will be useful straight away, 4k streaming will take a while yet.

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