‘Sense of crisis’ at Samsung could affect patent disputes with Apple

“To date, Samsung and Apple have been in adamant opposition against one another in a series of patent infringement suits filed around the world,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “But that could change after Samsung’s Lee Kun-hee recently returned from a three-month trip to Japan and Hawaii, according to The Korea Times.”

“Lee has a history of taking lengthy overseas trips before making major changes at Samsung, including new directions for the business and managerial changes. The chairman has been on 20 such trips since 1993,” Hughes reports. “Sources who spoke with the Korean publication indicated that Samsung’s ongoing patent dispute with Apple is one of ‘several pending issues’ that Lee plans to personally consider.”

Hughes reports, “As part of its anticipated changes, Samsung may also reportedly seek a way to ‘cut reliance on its mobile business.’ Lee met with reporters at Gimpo International Airport upon returning from his three-month sabbatical, where he said he believes Samsung should ‘always have a sense of crisis…'”

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    1. Now throw Facebook Home in front of Google’s Android OS and direct advertisers to FB’s own and you start bleeding Google’s cash cow.

      You got to love it. Screw Google, the freetards and the mole man!!!

  1. i am waiting for the trend of larger screens for phones to retreat. do they not realize how stupid people will look making calls on something the size of an iPad mini? That is almost as bad as watching people take videos with a full size iPads at school concerts.

    I think Apple needs to stay the course. They spent the time and investments researching optimal screen sizes for usage. Don’t fall into the trap of the spec race.

    1. Apple and the world’s retribution against Samsung does nothing but grow in size and scope. In this respect, maybe Samsung’s dickhead of a CEO isn’t so stupid. But you sure are, anonymous coward ‘Mike’.

        1. Your unwillingness to have an actual account here as well as a real name indicates that you’re a TROLL.

          Your insistence upon treating Apple with disrespect and attempting to shove bad ideas down their throat, as well as ours, indicates that you’re a TROLL.

          I LOVE blustering offensively at trolls. It gets them maniacally upset, just as I have succeeded to do to you.

          As for links to toss your way, boohoo, Samsung’s ‘smart’ phone market share, despite their attempts to BUY market share and BUY trolls to do dirty work for them at places like MDN, has crossed its zenith and is now on the decline. There are at least 5 articles here at MDN pointing this out. So go read them, dolt. And of course, don’t expect my respect in the future. That’s entirely deliberate on my part toward ALL trolls. So don’t feel special.

          1. By your juvenile assessment, then, most people who venture online are TROLLS (in capitals). Including most of the people who comment on MDN.

            Constructive criticism is a core tenet of good management. All ideas need to be assessed, whether you like them or not. Your insistence that Apple develop an inbred groupthink culture is the first step toward failure.

            The only thing that upsets me is the fact that your mother couldn’t have raised a respectful child. You attack me personally with your troll labeling because I propose a less passive management at Apple? Hilarious.

            You claim Samsung is on the decline. Show me the data. It seems to me that you’re the one operating without facts or data to support your strong and arrogant opinions.

            No company is perfect, not even Apple. There is always room for improvement. Wake up and realize it, Derek.

            1. Laugh away, Derek.

              … still waiting for any little shred of evidence to show that Apple’s primary mobile competitor is going away anytime soon — or seeing lack of success in any of its many diverse divisions. Got anything there, champ?

  2. Samsung should ‘always have a sense of crisis…

    I am reminded of Dilbert cartoons. The concept is to burn out and kill off your employees before they can start drawing off their retirement accounts.

    What a nasty FsckTard of a CEO. Three month vacations = decision making process. Right. He sure has a sense of crisis. 👿

    1. He’s 74 yo and not in best of health. Give him a break. He turned Samsung from a has been into the worlds most most efficient copy machine and leading patent violator.

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