Apple expected to go Rogue with next-gen iPhone’s super-fast graphics

“Apple is expected to begin iPhone 6 (aka iPhone 5S) production this month for launch in summer, and it seems likely this will offer much improved graphic performance with battery life enhancements, as Imagination Technologies extends its range of licensable Series6 GPU cores (Rogue),” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

“iPhones use Apple’s own marque of A-series processors, based on ARM reference designs and equipped with PowerVR GPU cores licensed from Imagination,” Evans reports. “The iPhone 5 uses an Imagination Series5 GPU. By combining these technologies with its own, Apple’s processor engineers can deliver high performance chips that remain miserly on battery life. Apple also builds the OS that runs on its hardware. This means the company can integrate its devices in order to achieve the best possible software performance from its hardware. This is why chip speeds are less relevant when comparing iDevices with those from other manufacturers.”

Evans reports, “In the event Apple does deploy Series6 GPU cores beside the most appropriate new ARM reference design in a future processor will be a big slap against Samsung, which is only now adopting Imagination’s Series5 GPU within its recently announced Galaxy S4.”

Much more in the full article here.


    1. At $99 dollars this would be every parent’s and kid’s dream. Adding a game controller and apps to the current Apple TV would be a monster seller. Surprised this hasn’t happened yet. A lot of low hanging fruit on Apple TV.

      1. Apple seems to be tossing away a lot of low-hanging fruit when it comes to AppleTV. When you compare AppleTV to the Roku 3 it seems ATV3 comes up rather short considering the amount of resources Apple should be putting to use. Apple’s aggressive tendencies appear to be rather low on the surface. Of course, I’m not privy to know Apple’s future plans.

        I’m using a Roku 3 with PLEX client and it integrates my TimeWarner cable, Amazon, Netflix, DramaFever, Youtube, iTunes all my downloaded movies, videos, and TV shows into a unified interface running out of one box and that’s not even counting the few games that are available native on the Roku. Apple really needs to get on the ball and at least open ATV3 a bit more to be able to run a server client like PLEX or XBMC. I’m really looking forward to single box integration of all services and AppleTV seems to be lagging.

  1. “…Apple’s processor engineers can deliver high performance chips that remain miserly on battery life.”

    Really? That would be nice, because my iPhone 5 is by far the worst phone I’ve ever owned in terms of battery life. My 4, 3Gs, and original iPhone all lasted longer.

    With my iPhone 4, I’d frequently still have 60-70% battery remaining when I left the office, and 40-50% at bed time. Now, I can hit the 20% or even 10% warnings before I leave the office if I don’t have it plugged in. It’s the first time I’ve ever really worried about keeping my phone plugged in.

    Don’t get me wrong – the iPhone 5 is the nicest phone I’ve had – it’s beautifully designed, works beautifully, is a pleasure to own and use, and is rock-solid in every way – except for the battery life.

    Anything they can do to improve battery life significantly would be a very good thing in my opinion.

    1. agreed! Apple spends just a little too much effort making each generation of a device thinner instead of balancing it with an appropriate-sized battery.

      My hands are not getting any thinner, and i preferred the ergonomics of the iPhone 3 series which had much more volume for a larger battery.

      Once again we see a wasted opportunity where Apple could be offering 2 different model phones — a thin, limited model and a slightly thicker, better performing Pro model. But what is Apple leadership doing? Sitting on their thumbs?

    2. Wow. I’ve experienced the exact opposite even though I’m using more battery sapping services, for instance, the iPhone 5 is my first phone that I’ve left Bluetooth and WiFi on all the time. All my work and personal calls come to this phone too so it’s used heavily. I rarely hit 40%, normally 50%. GPS drains it FAST though so I’m careful there. Sure you don’t have a bum unit?

      Agree on the size. Thinner is nice but I think I’ve reached my limit. My hands haven’t gotten smaller. BUT, I would love LIGHTER.

    3. Thanks for the feedback, all. I think I’ll take my phone into the Apple store and let them run a battery test on it. The battery life is bad enough that I would have guessed there was something wrong with the phone, but I know several friends with similar complaints.

      I do know push services burn through the battery faster, and way back when I didn’t have that on, but since so many services requires push turned on (Calendar sync, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone/Remote Wipe/Remote Lock, etc.), I wouldn’t think of turning it off.

      I’ll see what they say at the Apple Store.

      PS – Yes, the GPS and Maps really obliterates the battery. From a full charge, I don’t think my phone would last two hours on battery using the GPS and Maps.

    4. If I turn off the Apps I’m not using, mine easily lasts about 8 hours. Sometimes I’m amazed how many Apps I have running, that I just checked for a few seconds and left on. Makes a big difference when they’re shut off.

  2. So next iPhone graphics to go ‘Rogue’… I guess the next iPhone will be named 5s and the ‘s’ will stand for ‘Sarah’ as in Sarah Palin’s book, “Going Rouge”!

    War on Woman to commence in 5, 4, 3, 2…

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