Why Apple’s new iPhone can’t lose; as with all iPhones, next-gen likely to become best-selling smartphone of all time

“Apple fans have high hopes that the next iPhone will introduce some long-awaited improvements, but even if it turns out to be just an incremental improvement over its predecessors, experts say it’s likely to be the best-selling smartphone of all time,” Quentin Fottrell reports for MarketWatch.

“After six versions in six years, and despite strong competition from Samsung, ‘Apple has set the bar so high, it’s even difficult for them to keep up with expectations,’ says technology analyst Jeff Kagan,” Fottrell reports. “Regardless of what features will (or won’t) be included, the next iPhone will likely be better than the last one. And, analysts say, that’s all many consumers really care about. ‘Already, the iPhone 5 has sold more than the 4S,’ says Brian Colello, an analyst at Morningstar.”

Fottrell reports, “Of course, there are plenty of rumors that the iPhone 5S could have that ‘wow’ factor. Brian White, an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets, wrote in a research note— after meeting a component supplier during a tour of China and Taiwan — that the iPhone could include a fingerprint security scanning feature. That, analysts say, would create the kind of buzz that greeted the introduction of the voice-activated search engine Siri — as long as it doesn’t have teething problems like Apple Maps did. ”

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  1. only quadcore processors and a wireless charging system IMHO… The “S” versions are only “superior” version of predecessor… not a “design” breaker

  2. I’d be satisfied if the iPhone 5S, assuming that is what it will be called, comes with 128GB of storage.

    Personally, I prefer the 4S form factor – the heft, the weight of it, is perfect. I consider it to be the best phone Apple has made to date.

  3. Talking to T-Mobile on line sales rep yesterday re iPhone5. He said strong interest “in the millions”. In any case best news said I could replace my feature phone on my existing plan with 4GB data for only $15 monthly data charge including tethering. Hope he’s right.

  4. Apple cannot be complacent. There is a bell curve. iOS is at the moment the most popular platform for developers, but if Android continues to grow, and begins to dominate, history will repeat itself. As Microsoft gained dominance in the 90’s developers grew closer and closer to them making the Mac less and less relevant. So let’s not kid ourselves, Apple cannot sit on their laurels and expect no one to pass them by. Ask Microsoft.

    1. Fragmentation on the Android side is still Apple’s friend and be a thorn in the developer’s side. So few there have the latest and greatest with 50% still on an Android OS 2-3 generations back. And then looming on the horizon is Google dissatisfaction with Samsung taking the limelight and lion’s share of Android profits. Plus the fact Shamedung is developing their own OS, Google needs for their Motorola acquisition to kick butt and there are breakers ahead for Android.

  5. Whatever Apple introduces in the way of an iPhone, it will evoke a lot of yawns and plenty of complaints. Tech pundits honestly can’t be impressed by anything that is practical or useful to the common man. They’re always looking for something that comes from the next century. I really love tech, but I’m happy to see refinements in products. I have enough sense to recognize concept models and production models. They’re never the same thing. That’s how it is in practically every industry.

    Why should Apple be required to do more? Changing merely for the sake of change is just plain stupid. I honestly don’t see how Apple can improve an iPhone enough to satisfy a tech pundit. Bypass the carriers using some special frequency? Ten day battery life when watching videos? I almost dread how terribly the next iPhone is going to get panned by the critics because Apple didn’t include every feature that’s found on the Galaxy S4.

    1. Seeing how shamefully easy it is to create great products that are outlandishly innovative (which is why all these tech pundits have immensely successful smartphone companies of their own), it should be no problem to make the 5S a transformer that turns into a car, a plane, a train, a spaceship, a satellite, and a manufacturing plant for future iPhones (workers included). I mean…how else can they compete with something like pausing video if you look away OR tilt scrolling?

  6. I have no doubt the next iPhone will iPhone will brilliant in design and build quality. I upgraded from iPhone 3 to 4s the decision was a no brainer in view of the greater performance and functionality. Question is what would induce me to upgrade from the 4s to a 5s ? The new iPhone must provide a compelling reason to spend money. Improvements in performance though desirable is not sufficient, when I purchase a new iPhone I want new functionality or significant improvements in the hardware like for instance a much better camera with better functionality and image quality. Better sound quality , better or faster WiFi . Bigger screen with higher resolution. Improved battery life.

  7. I will probably stay with my iPhone 5, unless they come out with a larger screen. The stock has been in a tailspin ever since the iPhone 5 not being bigger. I don’t see any “wow factor” that would move me to upgrade, including fingerprint sensor, NFC, camera, colors, etc. I mainly daily use the LTE on my unlimited plan (and want more screen real estate.).

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