Steve Jobs’ 256-foot-long super yacht ‘Venus’ glides into West Palm Beach

“The 256-foot-long yacht ordered by Apple founder Steve Jobs before he died in 2011 glided into the Intracoastal in Palm Beach County this week finally to dock at the Rybovich Marina in West Palm Beach,” Jose Lambiet reports for GossipExtra.

“A Gossip Extra reader sent [a] photo of the $140 million-behemoth, a cross between a 100-year-old riverboat and modern James Bond villain lair, as it passed the northern tip of Palm Beach Monday,” Lambiet reports. “Most of the ship’s functions and navigation are controlled by seven iMacs.”

Lambiet reports, “A port source said the ship has been cruising the Caribbean but is supposed to relocate on the California coast over the summer.”

Read more and see the photos in the full article here.

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    1. Yes, that is true but you do not see the “ugly” yacht from the beautiful deck and cabins. Maybe, it is the perspective people have from the dock in their tiny old school boats. Could the out side be prettier, YES. But, in the middle of the ocean, Steve and his family would never see that. Think different. Steve did.

    1. I think its first name should have been “Millennium”. What a pretty boat. I agree it looks more like what SJ should have owned. But SJ got to pick for himself.

  1. I owned a few boats in my life, and I can see easily that this boat would be a joy to ride with it’s narrow styling, and it looks like it was created to give full views of the outside.

    Personally, it may not appeal to most people, but one has top realize that it must have appealed to Steve. He wrote the check.

  2. Steve Jobs was the kind of guy that thought about a clothes washer for EIGHT months to decide on which one was the one he wanted……

    I am sure he thought about this. My guess is that Jersy trader has it right. The way the ship looks from the outside is what others see. the way the ship looks from on deck and inside is what the owner sees. You just do not get to run along side to admire the outside at sea. Had a sailboat for a while. do you know how hard it is to take pictures of you sailing your own boat at sea is???????

    so my guess is that the inside and how it drives is what drove Steve.

  3. I hated it at first, but it is growing on me.

    These new pictures give a much better perspective to see how the lines and design elements serve to actually make it look much smaller than it actually is, where the design objective of most “mega-yachts” is exactly the opposite. (i.e. Russian “bling” that serves to inflate already gigantic egos)

    If nothing else, it is clear that SJ had no interest in a nautical big-d**k comparison.

  4. I think it’s butt ugly. But I didn’t design or pay for it. Steve Jobs did. If that’s what he liked and was willing to pay for it, good for him. Dare to be different! If we all drove Fords it would be a pretty boring world. I’m glad people still want to buy a BlackBerry phone. Why not? You should never follow the herd. If people want a physical keyboard and are comfortable with the BlackBerry system, good for them. I’m quite happy with my iPhone and iOS but that’s just me. I have made a living for decades using stuff that Steve Jobs brought to market. He achieved success and helped provide me with a way to earn a living. The man was a multibillionaire. But obviously money didn’t rule his life. He didn’t indulge in many luxurious things as many of us might have done if we were that wealthy. He certainly didn’t live in a palace, although he could have afforded one. So this appears to have been a pipe dream of his. And considering his fabulous net worth, this isn’t really that much money. I can only imagine how much someone as busy as him must have looked forward the day when he could launch his own craft. It’s a shame that he didn’t get to enjoy it with his family and friends. That’s very sad.

  5. I have been to the yard where Venus I’d docked , the yacht has been there for over a month, in fact the week I was there to snapped some photos, I noticed thru 4 square that a few Apple dignitaries were there staying at the Breakers. I assumed they were there for an inauguration cruise. As I said I snapped some photos and was chased out by some security guards who threatened me with arrest.

  6. While it isn’t a traditional style superstructure, I rather like it. It looks like what would happen if Frank Lloyd Wright designed a ship.

    If I had the money Steve did I would have built an airship instead.

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