Analyst: Apple needs a low-cost iPhone, a 5-inch iPhone, and to increase dividend ASAP

“Apple’s to-do list includes returning more cash to shareholders, introducing [an iPhone with a] five-inch screen and creating a low-cost phone, Brian Marshall of ISI Group said Wednesday,” Bruno J. Navarro reports for CNBC.

“On CNBC’s ‘Fast Money,’ Marshall said that Apple also needed to introduce a larger iPhone display to compete with features from competitors such as Google and Samsung,” Navarro reports. “Apple, Marshall added, would have to act quickly.”

Navarro reports, “‘I think they have to migrate to the five-inch screen this summer,’ he said. ‘I don’t think anybody else thinks that’s going to happen. If that’s going to happen, we have to hear about it from the supply chain within the next 30 days.’ Anything [short] of a completely new iPhone would be seen as a ‘disappointment,’ he added.”

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  1. It boggles the mind how many people value their own opinion to the point that they feel they need to spew this kind of garbage. Just STFU. Who really gives a crap what you think anyway?

    1. Except for Apple, most companies really do make dumb decisions on a regular basis that make analysts’ commentary much more relevant. Apple’s continued success and good judgement make analysts look like morons, and when I see an Apple headline from almost any analysts these days I usually expect those opinions to be completely useless.

    2. He is right on one thing… there is a market for a wider iPhone…

      But there is a market for the one hand operation iPhone as well. Which Apple clearly owns…

      In any case… the day Apple releases a wider iPhone, i can hear all the other smartphone makers say, “We did it first… We innovated….” Apple doesn’t have to say anything except thanks for creating a market for us… Apple will build them, and they will buy… i dont know about the technical/software challenges that having 2 seperate screen sizes will cause, but i think the $Billions will make up for it…

  2. Apple doesn’t need a low cost iPhone, and I’m not entirely sure what a dividend is.. but they could def use an iPhone with a screen larger than 4 inches. I don’t care if it’s 4.5, 4.7, 4.9, 5 or 5.2 inches. Whatever Ive feels is best. But there is room for a great iOS device slotted between the iPhone and iPad mini.

    Doesn’t have to arrive this year, however. All good things are worth waiting for.. at least until 2014. Then it better be ready or I’ll.. do nothing and wait longer.

    1. I do not get the bigger screen issue….put a larger screen phone next to iPhone 5…..can you really see any difference in text size in calendar, email, contacts, web browsing…..

      The text under the app icons are how much bigger. Can anyone measure the difference.

      Maybe a few more words on each line but does it really change the way you read.

      The reader feature on iPhone safari makes reading a web page easier than any five inch creen.

      What am I missing. Have used both type phones.

      1. I think those super-sized phones look ridiculous. Cheap and passé. I like my beautiful little iPhone with its amazing display and interface. Androids need bigger screens because they suck.

        1. So far, there’s no concrete proof that EVERYONE wants a super-sized smartphone. Only time will tell if that’s true. A couple of years would be a good time period to see if many consumers migrate back to smaller smartphones. I’m always reading about how so and so has a large smartphone and swears they will never go back to a TINY iPhone. It’s odd because human eyesight hasn’t degraded to the point where reading on an iPhone is intolerable. I’m sure there are people who like larger smartphones but stating something like Apple can’t possibly be successful without them is really too much to take. If Apple really wanted to make super-sized smartphones, what would be stopping them. I’m sure Apple could make awesome super-sized smartphones certainly as well as Samsung.

          I still think there’s some sort of ergonomic sweet spot in usage size and the 4″ iPhone falls well within that area. Plus Apple has a lot of third-party device vendors it may not want to upset by drastically changing the size of the iPhone case. Either way, I’m sure Apple has weighed out all things necessary and come up with what they think is the best size, shape, or whatever.

          Android vendors are numerous, so they all have to do something to appear different from one another and therefore anything goes. At some point even Samsung is going to have to settle on a maximum display size for their best-selling smartphone line. It’s just inevitable because they’ll not want to mess with something that already works.

      2. Juan, the display on the iPhone 5 (4″ diagonal) is larger than that on the iPhone 4s and its predecessors (3.5″ diagonal). So, the iPhone display already got bigger without substantially increasing the exterior dimensions of the handset. You apparently like the newer, larger iPhone 5 display.

        If you are happy with the iPhone 5, then that’s great. I can understand that. However, some people want phone displays larger than 3.5″ or 4″ and Apple has room to fill out its iPhone product line, just as it did with the iPod. In addition the existing iPhone versions for the contract market (currently the 4, 4s, and 5), Apple needs an iPhone version for the prepaid market (the so-called low price iPhone) and should consider a larger iPhone. The low-priced, prepaid iPhone version may just be a rejiggered iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s.

        I have long been a proponent of adding cellular capability to the entire Apple lineup of mobile devices, both laptops and iOS devices. In my opinion, everything mobile ought to have the ability to be connected and have access to ubiquitous services, such as GPS. I admit that I was not willing to pay an extra $129 for cell capability and GPS on my iPad. But it was not for lack of wanting those capabilities. I just did not judge them to be worth the extra money since I never planned to use the cellular part.

        1. Agree agree size does not fit all.

          I used a larger Android for almost 3 years and thought the iPhone 5 screen might be too small…..but I use it for ESPN live, Slingbox, and MLB as my TV while using the iPad.

          I use Verizon hot spot on my iPhone 5. With LTE coverage most anywhere I travel….I have hi speed Internet for iPad , iPhone and laptop. Works great.

          I would like Apple to introduce a larger screen as an additional device for those that want it.

          1. It’s possible that what Apple has to invest in tooling for a larger sized iPhone isn’t a way to hold up profit margins and overall returns for a larger smartphone might just not be worth the cost. Maybe they see it as a gamble if they’re just targeting the largest market of smartphone users in terms of display size.

          2. I agree too. I would like a bigger iPhone. 4in iPhone 5 was long overdue. I do think the 5in screens are on the big side but like 4.5 or something. They learned one size doesn’t fit all in the iPad as the mini is a hot seller. I don’t understand why people think apple should only make 1 size.

            As far as a cheap phone when the 5s or 6 or whatever they call it comes along the iPhone 4S will be the free one. And the 5 will be the $99 one and the 4S has Siri so that will help sales of the free iPhone.
            So not sure apple needs to come out with a cheap phone since they already have one.

      3. I work with a guy who is over 7 feet tall and has enormous hands.

        His new Samsung Galaxy IV fits his hand and looks perfectly OK.

        When the odd big man and the NBA players all have a big phone, who are you going to sell the rest of these freak phones to?

      4. What you are missing is that tens if millions of bigger screen phones are being sold and a lot of people buying a nn iPhone cite that as the main reason they didn’t buy an iPhone.

        While I agree w you, a big segment of the market wants big phones. Apple should have a model that caters to it, same way it has different sized iPads, MacBooks and iMacs, and iPods.

    2. It is important for Apple to chase after whatever the pundits say and follow whatever other companies are doing. That is how they grew to be great, right? If people want faster horses, Henry Ford should have installed spark devices under the tails of horses to make them go faster. Forget about the assembly line and the car. Just focus on chasing the market.

      1. Chasing silly fads is a bad idea but form factor is not something to get bent out of shape about. Fact is lots of iPhone fans like me will welcome a larger iPhone. When they raised it to 4 inches was that a tragic mistake?

        Your ford analogy is silly.

        How does making a phone bigger to sell millions more to others that want them compromise apple in anyway? Stubbornly failing to recognize that screen size is important is foolish. A smartphone provides a visual experience. Screen size is a fundamental feature.

        1. According to your take, Apple did all the research on hand size and one handed use for nothing. Keeping the screen size uniform across the entire platform must also be a mistake then and Apple needs to have developers test and develop for every single size that someone like you may want just like Android devices. Keeping the costs down by having fewer SKU’s is also a bad idea according to your thinking.

          The bottom line is that people don’t have the smarts to know what they want. They are sheep and want whatever ‘the other guy’ has. If you had your way, Apple would have just copied the Blackberry and never developed the iPhone because that was what people wanted then.

  3. Still won’t satisfy the wolves. It will never be enough. Even if Samsung and Google folded, and Apple makes a personal iTime Travel machine device It still won’t solve the meatheads at Wall Street.

  4. Analyst needs to wake the fuck up, get head out of ass and STFU.

    Low cost phone? The kind of phone that would impact Apple margins and cause these gibbering assholes to shit their pants even more?

    A 5″ phone? The kind of pointless fad device that isn’t selling as well as Apple’s old models?

    Returning cash to shareholders? Returning? Apple’s cash comes from customers buying Apple products, not hedge funds moving around the stock to game the system. Is Apple higher now than when you bought it? That’s your return. Take that and you dividend and go away.

    1. For one, there is no evidence that big smartphones and phablets are failures and fads. If you’re going by those Flurry statistics from yesterday then realize that the 1stGen iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3 were lumped in the same category. We know they’re anything but the same with more than an inch difference in screen size. There is no way to tell anything from those numbers unless we get further individual breakdowns.

      For two, since when do the past failures in a device category bear any relevance on the potential of an Apple product that has yet to enter the field? Sub-10″ tablets looked weak before the iPad mini came along, too, and now post-mini it’s about to become the dominant category almost over night. An iOS phablet would instantly be better than any of its Android predecessors based on the operating system alone, not to mention numerous other advantages. We don’t know how well something works until Apple does it.

      1. You are correct R2. Even though it may take another year before all your detractors are proven wrong. And then you won’t hear from them ever again. They’ll forget that they said a larger iPhone isn’t needed and Apple won’t make it.

        1. There you go again brown nosing and grading everyone. Who the hell do you think you are vaseline boy? You can’t possibly have any friends and taste is obviously not anything you know about.


    2. Once again, you manage to bring down the quality of the discussion with your vulgarities. There must be some capacity that you have to put together a few thoughts without resorting to gutter speak. Aspire to be eloquent, polite and tasteful.

  5. More tail wagging the dog…Apple will not be wagged. If it errs it will consider the criticism, as always, but all you taills better get toilet paper because you are so obviously lacking in the most fundemental understandings of Apple.

  6. What you have to realize is that these buys are paid to write. It doesn’t matter if it’s drivel, or if their predictions ever come true. All that matters is how many clicks they get on what they write.

    If nobody read their crap, it would eventually go away. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening. Too much money involved.

  7. I think he’s right about the larger iPhone. But I don’t think it’s coming anytime soon from Apple. I think this summer will bring a 5S. I still have my 4S. Guess I’ll have to wait until 2014 for the larger iPhone 6. If it doesn’t, then I’m wrong. If it does, all these critics about a larger iPhone will be wrong. But it will come. Because people want it. I think Brian is correct about the need for the larger iPhone to help Apple compete. I’m not certain how much the dividend increase will help the share price? If they wait until the earnings call on April 23 to announce it, it may be a waste. If earnings is bad,increasing the dividend that day won’t help the shareprice. And I certainly would be careful about getting into AAPL here before earnings. None of us really know but it does sound like earnings may miss. If you’re still holding from $705, I’m sorry. But you may be about to take a ride down. I hope not.

      1. Hi there. “We” (meaning you) must care because I can see that it really irritates the shit out of you. Good. Make sure you tell me again later how you don’t care about what I think. Well of course you care. You aren’t really that stupid. Okay, close.

    1. But you’d have to establish yourself as a high-flying know-it-all pundit who spreads crap or potential investors wouldn’t believe you and possibly decide to buy Apple stock. Although I’m getting a feeling even an unknown like yourself could cause serious damage to Apple shareholders from the way things are going against Apple.

  8. This article is a clear example of manipulating expectations to ensure that Apple will fail. If you follow Apple’s actions, you would know that they release one update per year and have just finished moving that update from spring to fall of the year. Except for these exceptional changes Apple tends to be very regular in their releases. Based on historical events, it would be prudent to assume that Apple will release the iPhone 5S, which will be an incremental upgrade with most of the changes being internal, during the period late August through early September. Concurrent with that release there might be an update to the iPod line as well.

    On the other hand, I would expect the iPad releases to move back to the late spring-early summer timeframe. This move would spread out the introductions without materially impacting the selling ability of the iPad during the holiday season.

  9. I don’t understand why so many folks who don’t want a larger iPhone keep arguing with those who do. It is illogical to try and tell someone what they want isn’t what they want. I for one want a larger display in hopes of making it easier to read. Perhaps I am wrong and it would not make it easier to read, but I think it would. If I am wrong, please explain.

    1. TS, I’m not sure what all the contention is about either, or what they hope to gain by the arguments. I’m sure a larger screen would be easier for you to read. As for me, I do very little reading on my PHONE. I’m on the other end of the spectrum, as it were. I’ve mentioned before (without being beat up, yet) that I’d like a 4s in a device similar in size to the new Nano. It would fit into the watch pocket of my jeans and disappear. It would weigh next to nothing, be unobtrusive, and make me very, very happy.

      Go Apple!

  10. Apple doesn’t need to do any such thing. They aren’t going to chase the bottom of the market. They will only make devices that they love to use, not devices to sell for just volume and mere profits.

    They also make conscious decisions to not pursue certain markets because their culture can’t take them there. An iPhone 4 with an aluminum back that sells for a few hundred less is a possibility.

    But it has to be beautiful to hold, look at and use. And by definition leaves out the low end of the market. Go ask Motorola or Samsung to chase after volume with razor thin margins.

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