Some Apple fans are getting restless for new products

“As if a plunging stock price, slowing earnings growth, and customer-service woes in China weren’t enough, Apple hasn’t released a new product since October, when it released the iPad Mini,” Kurt Wagner reports for Fortune. “In three of the past four years, Apple has held a signature new-product event in March, but not this year. Were the company to wait until June, when it typically unveils new gadgets at its annual conference for developers, it would mark an eight-month gap in major releases, the longest wait Apple has inflicted on its customers in 13 years.”

“The March event has seen a grab-bag of product releases, from a new iPod Shuffle in 2009 to the significantly improved iPad 2 in 2011 and a “new” iPad in 2012. (In 2010, the last year Apple didn’t hold an event in March, it unveiled the first iPad in January and a redesigned iPhone 4 in June.),” Wagner reports. “This year, March came and went without a peep from Cupertino, causing concern among avid Apple watchers. ‘It was a surprise. We had expected them to do something in March like they typically do,’ says analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray. ‘We weren’t expecting a ton of fireworks, but the fact that it wasn’t there was incrementally disappointing.'”

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    1. Dennis, that might be the most myopic statement possible. Apple’s very existence as a premier manufacturer depends on it offering new, fresh, cutting-edge products. When the Apple innovation engine stops, then soon the rich margins Apple demands for its products will have to fall.

      This is not acceptable to users or investors, and the stock price shows it.

      1. I didn’t suggest they stop making great new products. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy my iPhone, iPad mini, two iMacs, and my iBook pro, and my future happiness depends upon Apple coming up with something new.

        As an AAPL stockholder, I have to recognize that the stock price has little to do with Apple’s performance,, profit, new products, or much of anything based in concrete reality, and more to do with hedge fund managers, analyst rants, and perception. Now in the category of “perception,” I do think the current management could be doing a better job. I am somewhat encouranged lately, but what all this means to stock price, who can even hazard an educated guess.

      2. When I watch young children, I see them play with something for as much as two minutes and then want something else. Could it be that our society is devolving into self centred spoiled children who can never be satisfied with what they have for any length of time?

      3. Oh bullshit. The rest of the tech industry needs Apple to release new products more than Apple needs to release new products.

        In case this hasn’t yet sunk in, the only people that need the NEW! SHINY! shoved up their ass every quarter are the useless Web 2.0 digital hipster fucks that have the attention span of a mayfly.

    1. mmmm, I have the new 27 inch iMac. And a one-year-old 27 inch iMac. Hardly revolutionary. Hardly a new product or innovation. Both are very nice and I love them but certainly not revolutionary.

  1. Horrors!!!! Apple, who produces more innovation and leadership than the rest of the tech industry combined, hasn’t revealed a new product for a few months. What is the world coming to!?

  2. I’m getting restless for a new CEO.

    Tim Cook hasn’t done a single thing since he took over that would propel Apple ahead of the pack.

    Apple has fallen woefully behind in innovative mindshare. All Cook can do is boringly update the same old stale products and expect to keep the same buzz going that Jobs set a long time ago.

    Take me for instance. I’ve been pining for an iPad Pro that could run a full OS like OSX, as well as become a tablet when needed and run iOS as well.

    That never happened, but I did buy the Lenovo ideaTab Lynx that runs Windows 8 Pro and is lighter than my iPad, but also has a bigger screen.

    I couldn’t be happier. This tablet is a million times more powerful than my iPad. I hardly ever pick the iPad up any longer.

    Cook is blowing it big time, both inside and outside of the bedroom!

    1. Randy, or should we call you pppppoopypantspeterson? Any excuse to bash cook. regarding Lenovo Windows 8, OF COURSE its a bazillion times more powerful, it lifts a lot of dead weight trying to run winblows 8. What a massive mess, and you blowhard Apple basher Cook haters are bitchin at Apple for having nothing new and innovative. How you you can scream for better and then run into the arms of DCW MS is a tragic comedy, so sad yet so funny to watch. Just pass your iPad along to someone not suffering from dementia and be done with it once and for all.

    2. I had no idea that Microsoft had paid shills to promote their ‘partners’ efforts to get a viable tablet. Good try but I think that none of us are fooled today. Come back tomorrow and try again.

    3. Oh yea and M$FT isn’t trying to release a full blown OS no one wants on a tablet form factor. Oh wait they have been trying to pull that one for over a decade. They sure have been innovating over there at Redmond. I mean this is the same song and dance they have been playing. Make a bloated OS that no one wants, but has to use if you want play with Microsoft warez. And it appears the response is the same as the previous decade of bloated Tablet PCs that Redmond has been trying to sell for years. Windows 8 has worse sales than Vista, their most epic nightmare. Only this time, there is competition in the mobile space.

      See: Definition of Insanity.

  3. It’s funny to watch you fanboys get blue in the face over everything! I said this before and I’ll say it again… yet all you guys just blindly defend whatever Apple does.

    It’s delusional.

    So here it is: the reason this is happening is because Steve Jobs isn’t around anymore. He would have NOT spec bumped the iPad 3 half way through its product cycle last year. Right now, at this time, the iPad 4 should be launching. But it’s not. Because they spec bumped it like every other PC maker does.

    March would have seen the iPad 4 event…

    Apple’s leadership and product development cycles are partially run amuck. I will await to see how this year plays out before I make many more judgements.

    1. I’m no fanboy but I do believe that Apple needs to move their product release schedule around. For one, you keep the competition from combating your new releases. And Apple has competition now so they can’t just stick to a schedule as in the past. A couple of years ago Apple knew that the consumers were waiting breathlessly for the next product or at least a refresh. Apple doesn’t own the space anymore. Apple is fighting tooth and nail now for every buyer out there. It’s nothing new, it’s just business as usual. Apple was fortunate to have had the market to themselves for a few years. No one, certainly not Apple, expected that to go on forever. At least not anyone who understands business.

    2. The spec bump was necessitated by the iPad mini being released with a Lightning connector, which the full-size model didn’t have. Plus Apple may have wanted to move the release schedule closer to the holiday season.

      That, and the release of the 128GB model, put paid to any new iPads in March.

      1. Bullshit. The old Lightning connector excuse. They released a full next generation iPad halfway through iPad 3’s product cycle.

        All that buzz generated from product launches is not fragmented out.

        The iPad 4 is merely a spec bump. Yawn.

  4. The only thing Apple actually does regularly is undo the “training” that regular product updates create. It’s the only way they know to combat sales stall in advance of expected releases.

    When the stock ran up to $700+ a whole lot of new “experts” appeared on the scene to report on all things Apple. Now they’re just covering their exits as they move back to the other herd topic de jour. Good riddance!

  5. iWatch with GPS, phone, video calling, texting, and email will fly off the shelves! Not because of functionality, but because of portability and ease of access! uWatch! iWatch will change the game!

  6. Reading all of this, it is quite apparent to me that Apple should liquidate right now and give all the money to those holding stock and just be done with it. There is no hope!! Either they do so or they will join the ranks of Kodak – next week. Too bad we will never see the new building. Oh well. Easy come, easy go.

  7. What we are seeing is no different than when PT Barnum died. PT Barnum had the skill at finding the act that would wow the audience or make them believe it was truly magical. Apple’s resurgence was built heavily around the Steve Job and his team were his cogs. Without Steve those cogs don’t work apparently. Example Scott Forestall. We have been beating up on guys like Scott as the problem when in actuality he was a valuable tool for Steve. Steve was the communication of Apple since everything went through him. Apple is attempting to recreate this through Jony but Jony isn’t Steve nor does he have the authority. We are going to see a decline until Apple can fix its leadership, meanwhile Samsung keeps on chugging.

  8. All the “pc” makers are gonna make Wintel tablets with haswell. Apple has an ARM chip that is not as fast. Am I the only one that sees this as a problem? Apple is King of the tablets now, BUT Apple used to have 50% (more?) of the computer market.
    IF Apple continues to use a “cell phone” chip in their tablets, the pc tablets will run better, faster apps. I want an intel OS x tablet to run final cut pro. But I don’t see how Apple finds a way out. It can use a WEAK ARM chip, or switch to haswell…. I want Apple to stay on top. i OS is not compatable with iIntel. No one would want a rossetta situation. Again, I want the best for Apple, but it scares me to think maybe Apple is kindda stuck. What really botthers me is this MUST be adderesed soon. The first hasswell/wintel tablets are coming soon. As time goes by, and it becomes CLEAR that powerfull apps WON”T work on a “cell phone” chip, then what? Apple could design their own chip, but Intel has the experience. Steve jobs had his design team tell him to use ARM because it had low power. But the haswell will in time, run up to 3ghz, AND be low power.

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