Apple follower Samsung is stepping into the spotlight – can they handle it?

“Something very interesting is happening and I will be very interested to see how it plays out,” Ben Bajarin writes for TechPinion. “Apple for the past 10 years, or more, has been the unparalleled focus of the mainstream media and for good reason. In 2010 when I started helping on the business side of things at the tech blog SlashGear, I got to have great conversations with nearly all the major bloggers. Throughout my conversations with them one common thread emerged. Every site remarked about how writing about Apple was page view gold. And in a business where page views generate more advertising dollars, over-covering Apple from every angle was – and still is – a business strategy.”

“As of late, many of the same conversations I have had with media influences and editors is revealing a new thread,” Bajarin writes. “Writing about Samsung is now quickly also becoming page view gold. As you could see, there was more content than necessary leading up to the Galaxy S4 event and then even more harsh content and scrutiny of the event itself. Maybe Samsung is getting what they want by being in the spotlight but it comes with a price.”

Bajarin writes, “Being under the microscope and managing the burden that comes with it is something few companies have had to do. It is now one that Samsung must do. It will be fascinating to watch how their management handles it.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Without viable OSes of their own, slavish copier Samsung will always be choking on Apple’s OS X- and iOS-powered dust.


  1. Now everyone knows the Truth that didn’t already. “Writing anything on Apple is PAGE VIEW GOLD”. A bloggers business model, one that Bashes Apple just for the page views it generates and in so bites the hand that feeds.

    1. How many ANALists/Bloogers do you know OF, who actually USE, Macs? In addition how LONG have those ANALists/Bloogers used a Mac? I’ve been using Apple’s since 1978 & Macs since 1985. If they would like a history lesson, I would love to sit their collective sorry asses down & tell them HOW & WHY Apple became the #1 Tech Company in THE WORLD>!!!!!!!
      The FUD, Lawsuits, Bribes, Lies, Cheats, The CORRUPT U.S. Judicial System and the entire BS Global anti Apple Campaign is what is bringing Apple down. NOT their technology and vision. Ponder all the time, money & personnel effort & resources that are expended defending IP Patents that were already GRANTED TO APPLE!!!!!!
      SKULL FCK BS!!! The ONLY saving grace is THE FACT that Apple is and WILL ALWAYS BE an American Born Tech Company. FU Lucy KOH! We need to get and share her email address to share our thoughts. She is a PATHETIC PUPPET. Just take a good look people. SHE IS A BRIBED LIAR!!! The Pinnacle of Political CORRUPTION.

  2. Samsung is only “page view gold” because every article about them mentions Apple!

    The media loves to put the two on the same playing field as though they are peers and competitors.

  3. As Apple has found out, people like to take shots at you when you’re number one. That’s life. I don’t think Samsung can handle the pressure. They don’t have the overall product and software to succeed and stay there. Apple is having a hard enough time itself lately. But the worm will turn on Samsung. Just give it a little while.

  4. It will be fascinating to watch how their management handles it.

    I’ve already watched how Samsung’s management handles it. Last month’s Radio City Music Hall ExTRaVaGAnZa was one of the most infamous FAILures I have ever witnessed, a laugh riot of gaffs, unintelligible broken English and bad taste. That Samsung wasn’t universally skewered over hot coals for the S4 presentation proves just how worthless tech journalism has become in our era of bad biznizz.

    IOW: Tap dancing. The spotlight doesn’t last when your show is all scam and scum.

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