All not so rosy on the Samsung front

“TSMC’s 20nm process is apparently ahead of schedule,” Nermin Hajdarbegovic reports for TG Daily. “Focus Taiwan reports TSMC will open its first commercial 20nm facility, dubbed Fab 14, on April 20. This is a couple of months ahead of schedule and the new process will allow TSMC to maintain its lead for quite a while.”

“In contrast, Samsung is still struggling to get its 28nm process off the ground,” Hajdarbegovic reports. “Samsung’s first 28nm SoC, the Exynos 5 Octa, already seems to be behind schedule. As a result most Galaxy S4 phones will ship with Qualcomm processors instead. But this time next year things could get much worse for Samsung. The Exynos 5 Octa is a very competitive chip for the time being, but the next crop of A15 and custom core SoCs from the likes of Nvidia, Qualcomm and other players could show up in roughly a year and many could use TSMC’s new 20nm process. Apple is also said to be looking at TSMC’s 20nm offer and it is looking to ditch Samsung wherever possible.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gee, that’s too bad, isn’t it?


    1. You should be able to do so!

      28 nm is 2.8 million times the width of the broad side of a barn!

      (Just for those who don’t know… a barn is a unit of area that is 1e-28 square meters. The “broad side of a barn” is the square root of that, or 1e-14 meters.)

      1. @Shadowself: Fascinating unit of measurement. But, after looking it up, I see that it isn’t as simple as being just a plain (no pun intended) unit of measuring area, but rather cross-sectional area of probability. Supposedly, the ‘barn’ measures the probability of interaction between small particles. So, it depends on what kind of incoming particle is potentially interacting with the particle in question.

        So, the measurement in barns for an approaching truck would be different than for an approaching car, as well as different for a Mac or PC versus an iPad. 🙂

    1. Do you think we could pay a gang of kids to go to their Korean HQ, rappel down the north face and paint a big red and white target?

      Let Kimmie Jongle Un-derwear take target (heh-heh) practice?

  1. This isn’t quite as bad for Samsu g as the article states. Samsung has always bought chips from other makers for its own devices. While they do want to sell chips, and use them themselves, their chip making business is a small portion of their overall sales. We need to remember that Samsung is more than phones, tablets and Tv’s. it’s Samsung Heavy Industries, and they are at least 25% of the entire S Korean economy.

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