China slams Apple’s ’empty and self-praising’ response to warranty complaints

“Chinese state-run newspaper The People’s Daily has called Apple out for its ’empty and self-praising’ response to recent criticism regarding warranties for its iPhone range,” Aaron Souppouris reports for The Verge.

“Apple published a press release on its Chinese portal after state broadcaster CCTV claimed Chinese consumers weren’t getting the same level of service as Americans,” Souppouris reports. “[Apple] said its warranties are ‘roughly the same’ worldwide, noting that while Chinese law requires a 30-day warranty on repairs, it offers either 90 days or until the original warranty is up, whichever is longer. It also clarified its policies on replacing and repairing iPhones, explaining that while iPhone 4 and 4S models can often be repaired, most iPhone 5s will be replaced.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. So who speak’s Chinese?

    Who can register on China’s “Twitter” like service and post rebuttals to this trash and lies?

    Tell them, we don’t have two year warrantees, they have the same level of service as all Americans, our blood is red too.

    1. Firstly Chinese consumers pretty much knows the governmental media true color and that their claim against Apple is lying. The recent scandal ‘820 Event’ speaks it all. (more details here:
      Secondly, government itself also knows what they are saying is bullshit, a lot of government officers’ children, family members use iPhone too and they won’t use it if the service is bad. They just has an agenda and a marching order.
      Lastly, Chinese people has developed a habit of interpret whatever government media claims reversely. If the media claim someone is bad, then that someone must be good! So it’s actually a good PR for Apple.

    1. If you think about it, these semi-official government attacks on Apple are the result of the success that Apple is having among Chinese consumers.

      For crying out loud, the Chinese consumer is paying up to a 60% premium on the gray market for iPhones and iPads. They aren’t doing that for any Chinese product/s.

      All Apple has to do to win this war of words, is continue doing what Apple does best.

  2. What makes the Chinese think they aren’t getting the same warranty deal? And why can’t they search and see that for themselves this is a non-issue with worldwide warranty parity? Could it be… Hmmmm… Some kind of disingenuous anti-Apple campaign?

    1. Kinda hard to search when your government censors the search engines and only allows you to see what they want you to. It is the “People’s” Republic of China after all…

  3. Whatever Apple’s service is in China, I venture its a lot better than that provided by the Chinese clone phone makers and Samedung. I’m sure those phone kia=osks are going to give you a 2 year warranty or a new replacement phone. Not!

    1. The more free enterprising democratically governed companies work in China, the more that China learns the values that will bring about the ultimate demise of totalitarian communism.

      Apple is our best hope.

  4. Haha, funny thing coming from the Chinese. I’m dealing with them spineless thieves every day. Factories give “tail light warranties” all the time (warranty stops when the the guard at the factory gate can’t see your tail lights). As soon as there is a small problem all the factory sales people magically disappear. The bosses are impossible to find too. A product fails SGS test and the factory keeps saying the product is good, they will not return money or products, and the importer has a warehouse full of grap he can’t sell. Sales contracts are meaningles and IPR problems, even products are registered in China, difficult to go after.

    The Chinese government should really go after those slime bag factories, but wait, they are too busy counting their own money as being they are the richest bunch of officials in the world.

  5. Empty self praising response. Telling the truth is empty and self praising? Sorry China press but you aren’t going to get anywhere with your empty non-factual press. If an iPhone can be repaired, it will be. If it can’t and it is under warranty it will be replaced. Same situation for a phone that is out of warranty. Only difference is that you have to pay for the repair cost or replacement cost.
    Backs on iPhone 4 and 4S can be replaced without replacing the phone. No, Apple won’t replace an iPhone anywhere if only the back plate is damaged. You will get that back plate replaced and that’s it. That goes for anywhere, not just in China.

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