Apple’s ‘Next Big Thing’ will be an innovation, not an invention

“Lots of people are wondering what Apple will invent next. If it’s true to its own history, it won’t invent a new type of product but will improve on one someone else already brought to market,” Larry Magid writes for Forbes.

“I’ve never questioned that Apple is an innovator. Its iPod, iPhone and iPad were all very innovative products,” Magid writes. “But all of them were improvements of other companies’ products or concepts in the same categories.”

Magid writes, “So when thinking about what Apple will do next, look around at products that already exist but could use some major improvements.”

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  1. True, but saying that Apple hasn’t invented anything is also wrong. Realistically, many existing products that Apple is improving upon are based on work that Apple did before those companies may have even existed. Apple has been around since 1976.

  2. The farmer had a mouse problem and after years of frustration and failure he decided to invent a new way of doing things.

    He saw the mouses needs from their perspective and it wasn’t really any different then his own. Have a place of their own, raise a family, provide for them and live happy and together in harmony.

    The farmer decided to build them heaven on earth and after years of work, research and sweat, he developed for them “mouse-ville”.

    He showed the mice that it was much better way to live raise their families in mouse-ville. They will be happy, the grass will be greener, the cheese richer and they’ll be much safer and not have to die a horrible death.

    It took a while but eventually all the mice moved away and they lived happily ever after.

    Not a better trap, a better way of life for everyone.

  3. Let’s see now, “So when thinking about what Apple will do next, look around at products that already exist but could use some major improvements.”

    That kind of makes me think of three products off the top of my head, governments, the stock market and banks, oh and online media outlets, goodness knows those things could used some major improvements like honesty and integrity, honor, vision, that sort to stuff.

      1. For which they paid $1M for a peek under the kimono, plus invented cut, copy and paste, overlapping windows, drag and drop and a whole raft of other innovations PARC hadn’t even thought of.

        And they were making the Apple II several years before Xerox reared their heads. The “Apple stole from Xerox” trope is tiresome and demonstrably false.


      2. Wrong. Apple invented the personal computer well before Xerox Parc — with the Apple II. The popularization of the mouse (based on the Xerox Parc idea) came years later, with Macintosh.

  4. after Steve era, Apple even didn’t come to close for innovation. I don’t need to say ‘invention’ as well because there has been no invention whatsoever. you mean ‘iWatch’? it was invented by Samsung long time ago. innovation? where is it? tell me. apple is done, and over. it has become average company unfortunately. you think that apple could sell premium price of device continually? plus, apple won’t be successful in China with that kind of price system. as I said before, only few Chinese can afford to buy it. do you even know how much salary do people get monthly? you have no idea. apple should change way to approach.

  5. I agree that Apple will take something and improve it. Driving comes to mind. OK, Siri and Maps are replacing buttons and fumbling with my phone. But the Apple dashboard with remote feedback to parents on driving, location, speed, etc. could help make teenage drivers safer. Certainly breatholizers in iPhones, far better route planning conditions, etc. For me, an exclusive Apple mobile network worldwide that plays nicely with AT&T and all carriers but only iPhones can subscribe to would vastly improve network connections. I use Orange in France and Luxembourg and they suck…. Really! The 3G speeds are unreliable, voice quality is inconsistent. This is what Apple should focus next: our own network worldwide.

  6. Yeah. Bla bla symantics. Innovation is creating and changing and inventing and pretty much anything that facilitates a change. Saying that Apple only improves is complete BS. Look, the Spaghetti Monster invented matter about 4 thousand years ago (or whatever the bible lays down as fact). Therefore everything that has happened since is not invention, just improvement?
    The car is really just an improvement on the wheel?
    But I do agree that just because Apple has often been massively inventive does not mean that they MUST invent again. Apple can never be pinned down. Can never be pigeon holed. And is always does whatever they want. To the surprise and confoundment of all!

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