Gazelle: Galaxy S4 spurs trade-ins of other Samsung phones, not iPhones

“In an interview with CNBC’s ‘Squawk on the Street’ on Monday, Gazelle co-founder and CEO Israel Ganot revealed that phone trades are up about 180 percent since Samsung announced its new flagship Galaxy S4,” AppleInsider reports. “Most of that increase has been driven by customers who already own Samsung phones, he said.”

“The details from Ganot support figures cited by Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller last week,” AppleInsider reports. “Apple’s own research has found that four times as many iPhone users switch away from Android, when compared to Android users who have left the iPhone.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Unsurprisingly, settlers tend to settle.

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    1. iRonic…. How the the CNBC screenshot of Israel Ganot links to the Gazelle site…. AND OH!!!! the linked LANDING page!!!!!! displays ALL APPLE PRODUCTS TO TRADE IN FOR A PC O SHite PLASTOXIC Galaxy S4the round file PHONE!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH OUR COUNTRY??? Whatever happened to Patriotism? Apple is an American born company for Fck sake! This just proves how America has been taken over by unethical foreign countries who peddle environmentally unsound products on the inept, uninformed, gullible cheapskates….. FCKIN SAD. Have not heard from Greenpeace for some time… SamDUNG must have paid them off TOO! What a disgrace this country has become. Pathic.

  1. “Who wants to carry around a big, plastic phone that is a pain to use.”

    Those are the exact comments made to me by college students at a recent event. Samdung thought their big screen was a selling point, guess what……not. Maybe for the old folks but not for the kids between 18-25 range I’ve been talking with.

    Say what they want but when you really listen to the kids and what is cool and not cool, Apple is always the bench mark they compare their knock-off to. You don’t see the “it” people with knock-off’s.

  2. Ther’s your explanation for the large number of Android activation:

    Since the best way to upgrade your Android OS is to change the whole phone, Google can count on a regular flow of activations an phone manufacturers can count on a lot of sales. The system feeds itself.

    This also makes most comparisons with Apple’s iPhone completely flawed.

    1. Would we not expect the normal renewal at the end of a contract to be in a similar phone with the same OS to preserve the prior investments that are in the old phone? Including charger cables, car hookup interface, … That is what I do with as many things as I can. (cameras, TV remotes, DVD players, …) Real people know this already.

      Next we will hear that water is wet.

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