’s new ‘Why iPhone’ page touts iPhone superiority

“After years of all but avoiding any mention of its mobile competitors, Apple has launched a new site that highlights iPhone’s advantages as a smartphone, similar to its ‘Get a Mac’ campaign that took on Windows PCs,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The new site, linked to a ‘Why iPhone‘ menu on the iPhone web site, is headlined ‘there’s iPhone. And then there’s everything else.’ Apple has also drawn attention to the new site in an email campaign,” Dilger reports. “Apple notes that iPhone has, in “every study since the first iPhone was introduced,” been ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Consumer Smartphones” by J.D. Power and Associates in a series of eight studies, based on criteria that includes ‘performance, physical design, features, and ease of operation,'” Dilger reports.

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Does Apple expect millions of Android users to actually read this, slap their foreheads, throw their Androids into the trash, and order iPhones pronto? I think Apple’s real audience are their frantic and greedy stock holders.

      1. Those that advocate cencorship demonstrate the shallowness of their ideas. These people are the least intellectually honest and the most perverse, because they believe that restricting free expression is the apex of enlightenment.

        1. Perhaps they are just tired of hearing your posts, Freek, which are usually crafted to incite Apple/Mac supporters and generally devoid of value. Still, censorship (even of Freek) is not the best solution.

          I continue to maintain that only *registered* users should be able to post in this forum. But MDN has repeatedly rejected my suggestion (they value any type of hits over the quality of this forum).

          1. “Perhaps they are just tired of hearing your posts”

            Yeah it’s that one.

            Kingmel, if posts got grayed or removed (with the option of seeing the removed post by clicking “expand”), it would be great! People will then still be able to see his repetitive negative Nancy postures if they deem it necessary (once again, by clicking “expand”). I don’t like censorship at all. But some user-moderation (as mentioned above) would definitely improve this site AND not cause concern for censorship.

          2. You can always not read my posts if you really want to, but it seems this is exactly what you choose not to do.

            Who determines what criteria will be used to register these chosen people? Gay or straight? Left or right? Agnostic or religious? Black or white? Urban or rural? Who made you the arbiter on who has the right to post? Seems that you have all the answers who should or shouldn’t be permitted to freely participate. We have a name for people like you: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, PInochet.

    1. No, they’ll throw their POS Androids into the trash sooner rather than later anyway, because they crack, scratch, stop changing orientation because they got banged or fell, because of App lack, or because Android just can’t give the same feel and experience that the iPhone does.

      Never had it never will – Android.

      1. Apple stockholders all get their products for free, because they’re in for the long haul, which means their investments keep growing and paying for their purchases…

    2. I mentioned a few days back that Apple needs to develop commercials similar to – PC GUY vs MAC GUY.
      Then the confused learn the advantages of iOS over Droid.

    3. No Apple expects users who read the crap that is spread by Samsung in what we now know is a paid propagander program will make a decision based on facts.

  2. Just because it’s great and just because it’s the best doesn’t mean it couldn’t be a lot better. I wish Apple would/could provide bandwidth directly and break the price-inflated cellular hegemony.

    1. Apple does not have to do much except… build an iPhone with a wider screen…

      That itself is a feature that i notice talking to former iPhone users that now use a Galaxy or Note…

      Like the iPad mini, a market has been established… so no point in ignoring that market.

      It wouldnt even matter what Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc SAYS about Apple being late to build a wider iPhone… People who left iPhone for the sake of a bigger screen WILL RETURN.

      Can you imagine what Apple would be able to stick in their wider iPhone (hardware-wise/battery-wise) based on what they have accomplished in the current 5?

      1. I want a big screen iPhone too, but not in some reactionary attempt to gain back what’s a very miniscule amount of people. There are far more folks abandoning Android for the iPhone than the other way around.

        Apple should make an iPhone with a larger screen because it would be a damn good addition to the iOS lineup, just like the iPad mini. And even if the big screen Android army didn’t exist I’d still see the potential in a 5″ iPhone (and iPod touch). It’s not about the competition, it’s about making the best products.

        1. Then don’t buy one. Ideally, Apple would continue with the 4″ iPhone as an “iPhone mini” of sorts. You can purchase the smaller model.

          Regardless, Apple shouldn’t shy from an idea simply because it personally inconviences you. Who cares about the size of your pockets? If the iPad mini’s screen was “too small” for you to “watch movies,” would you say they should discontinue it? The point is for Apple to broaden iOS across as wide a spectrum as possible. There is a 4 inch gap between the iPhone and iPad mini and it can be usefully filled with a new product.

  3. The target audience is new buyers and/or potential switchers- both to and from iOS. It’s getting ugly out there. Apple has to make some big noise to drown out the lies, stupidity, and far-sightedness- some coming from our own. Right, Andy?….

    1. You’re wrong. It’s nothing new. Completely normal for Apple. Apple’s entire history has been about doing things better than the rest of the market. And its marketing has been about showing that. Mac vs. PC, for example. An incredibly successful campaign. And what should they be worried about? Continuing to be the most successful company in history is pretty worrisome. Just dumb.

  4. Product proliferation has never been good to Apple, of course consumers have shallow memories when it comes to such things. Cheaper IPhones , bigger IPhones would dilute the brand and reduce margins. Steve Jobs once said that 2% of the smart phone market would be fine. All the major players that focused on market share and product proliferation are in no shape to really compete today and even Samsung with its theft of IP is seeing reduced expansion in market share and makes far less per unit than App,e does. I see no reason why Apple should not point out their advantages.

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