Microsoft’s Surface tablets said to fall far short of predictions

“Microsoft Corp. has sold about 1.5 million Surface devices, people with knowledge of the company’s sales said, a slow start in its bid to crack the fast-growing tablet market to make up for slumping personal-computer demand,” Ian King and Dina Bass report for Bloomberg News.

“Microsoft has sold little more than a million of the Surface RT version and about 400,000 Surface Pros since their debuts, according to three people, who asked not to be named because sales haven’t yet been made public,” King and Bass report. “The company had ordered about 3 million Surface RTs, they said. Brent Thill, an analyst at UBS AG, had initially projected that Microsoft would sell 2 million Surface RT devices in the December quarter alone.”

MacDailyNews Take: Idiots.

King and Bass report, “By contrast, Apple Inc. sold 22.9 million iPads in the quarter that ended in December… Brendan Barnicle, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities, reduced revenue estimates for Microsoft’s current quarter, citing weak Surface demand. He projects the company will sell 600,000 tablets in the period, down from an earlier prediction of 1.4 million.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Captain BallmerBallmy’s sweating even more profusely than usual.

Wonder if the usually-delusional bast age has got that sinking feeling? If he doesn’t, he should.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tayster” for the heads up.]

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    1. The same secret buyer that bought 1m BlackBerry Z10’s. In other words, dummy corporations set up by companies like BlackBerry and Microsoft to buy their own goods to inflate sales numbers. When BlackBerry announced that the 1m sale was with an established partner, they weren’t lying. It was the same dummy corporation they set up to buy their stupid tablets. They weren’t lying.

  1. The understatement of the century. The only way anything tablet mobile from MS will “move” is if they are sold from free to $99 ala other tablets before they disappeared from the market. Sure you won’t make any money on them like XBox started out but eventually a few nickels & dimes will dribble in. Or get Zuned & “slam bam thank you Ballmer-girlie-man”. Maybe a more effective use of Microsoft money is to either start a bonfire or flush it down the crapper.

    1. I’ll buy one for $99 for my wife to watch her Korean soaps, so I can get my Ipad back. I did buy sh*t brown Zune once for a $100 at CompUSA. Bought it for the 30GB drive and the FM radio and listening to audio books which I ripped from CD’s fom the public library. It has been retired for a long time..

  2. Do they sell them in Australia? I haven’t actually noticed anybody using them, not even at my university. I’m surprised I haven’t seen them at my university as I see just about everything else there. Then again, should I be “surprised”?

  3. Windows 8 (and Surface by extension) is typical Microsoft thinking: Features, features, features!

    Never mind that they work well or are at all well-conceived in their function. Microsoft was first to market with “tablets” and early to market with Windows Mobile . . . and Windows 8 will be known to the history books as the first “full featured” touch tablet OS. Problem is, no one wants something so bloated and painful to use (let alone bulky and ugly to lug around).

    Apple will eventually meld the desktop and touch versions of OS X. I really do believe that. But I also believe it won’t happen until:
    • CPUS/GPUS and other hardware features are both powerful and power efficient enough. They also have to get smaller.
    • Battery technology improves so that the devices can last a minimum of 10 hours while running the extra bells and whistles of a full-fledged OS.
    There will be day that comes when our phones and tablets can be the one device to rule them all, but it will be elegant, beautiful and make sense when it happens. And it will probably be done in a way most of us aren’t yet able to imagine. In short, in won’t look anything like Windows 8 and Surface.

  4. Balmmy looks handsome. Any 18th century women would love to have him lead the house hold. However he would need to lay off the drink, and pipe. He would need to leave the dog alone. Stop all his hunting and fishing. Take up a towel, and put the dried dishes away for once. As a matter of fact. Put down that newspaper, get off your fat ass and do something, anything.

  5. Apple only sold 22.9 million, thats a big slow slump in sales, supported by the many reports of lowered parts orders, and of course combined with the recent stock drops, its obvious that Apple can in no way compete with Microsoft in the tablet arena, which MS invented and championed in the first place.

    Or something like that… What was the question again?
    OH Shiny Thing!

    1. darnite that figure is just for Christmas sales, not for the whole quarter. Microsoft may have invented the tablet as you point out but I still haven’t seen anybody using a Microsoft Surface, let alone poking a stick at one.

  6. This sort of stuff is reminding me of the three monkeys, see no evil (surface) hear no evil (zune) and soon to come speak no evil (Balmer won’t be doing the sweaty monkey dance anymore).

  7. Deckhand “Ahoy Capt Ballmer, iceberg dead ahead!”

    Capt Ballmer “Do not alter course, stoke up the engines full steam ahead, do not doubt my winning strategy”.

    1. Actually, it’s been said that, had Titanic hit the iceberg head-on, she would have been crunched at the bow but she would have survived. Because the captain swerved to miss, she was gashed so badly that the wound was fatal. Titanic is such a good analogy for Microsoft.

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